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  1. My stress and anxiety are so high! I start every morning with walking the dogs. They are therapy dogs so they are used to people petting and cuddling them but that has stopped. They don't understand social distancing, but they are learning quickly. It's sad. My house has never been cleaner and I have never cooked so much. That's a plus. The worst part of the day is hearing from my kids. While I love talking to them, I hold my breath every time they call. Our son works for a cruise line so every day that he has a job is a good day. Our daughter is a nurse at a large hospital in Chicago. She volunteered to work with covid 19 patients. Knowing that she is doing this without the proper equipment terrifies me. I really need a cruise!
  2. These people need help but Miami and Ft Lauderdale have enough patients. Why can't they go to other ports in Fl? What about Jacksonville of Tampa ( if they can fit under the Skyway bridge)?
  3. Join the Star class cruisers on FB for more ideas.
  4. Star class is wonderful and some people enjoy it more than others. Ask for whatever you want and most of the time the genie will grant your wish.
  5. I was on hold for an hour this morning but they did answer.
  6. Virgin has trains on the east coast of Florida. Brightline Trains
  7. Pink Agave, the Mexican restaurant, is the favorite from the group I'm getting texts from.
  8. I'm not young, wealthy or skinny and my knees aren't great but I do travel with little luggage and have a strong aversion to swimming pools. I will be cruising on Scarlett Lady.
  9. We have cruised with Claudine, on Oasis, a few times. She is wonderful!
  10. The info that I'm getting is not being posted on social media so I have to believe it's true. There are a few things that are still being worked on but 99% of everything else is great. They are having a great time, especially since it has warmed up.
  11. My son is on the ship now and having a great time!
  12. So true! I was introduced to the game when my college kids brought home about 20 friends for spring break. I loved it.
  13. We are in a suite later this year and our friends are not. We told them that we would include them when we can but sometimes won't be able to be together. They understand.
  14. The reports that I am getting from people on the ship are great. They are loving the food, the public areas and the beds are very comfortable!
  15. A few different people have posted the same pics.
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