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  1. We love the suite sun deck on Oasis. While there isn't a pool or hot tub there are a few private cabana type areas and plenty of loungers in and out of the sun. There is also a bar, with a few snacks, towels and restrooms.
  2. I take two fans. One is electric and the other is battery powered. If they take my electric one I have a back up but they have never confiscated any fan from me.
  3. As a matter of fact, yes. When i was a kid my beds were in a "L" shape and used like couches. I had many pillows along the back. On VV the back stays attached to the wall if you want the couch effect and when rotated the mattresses slide under the attached part and it becomes a headboard.
  4. I know someone that has seen the beds in person and has had the opportunity to lie on them. They are the size of twin size beds and are not foldout couches.
  5. Our lobster in CK was served with a vanilla sauce which we did not like. When we got seconds we asked for it to be plain with melted butter on the side.
  6. We always had too many seats reserved and we gave them away.
  7. We asked for seats at Quest and our Genie told us that they usually don't reserve seats for that and he wouldn't have enough red signs. He just wrote reserved with our suite number on a piece of paper and placed them on about 10 seats, there were 4 of us. You could try that.
  8. My son and his girlfriend were not in Star Class. When our Genie contacted us I did ask if he was able to make reservations for all of us? It was not a problem. They did have the dining and drink package, but they had to pay for anything not covered. As far as reserved seating at show, it depended on if other Star Class passengers showed up. No guarantees.
  9. We were in a star loft suite on Oasis. We were booked in a crown loft suite and I was playing on the computer about 6 months before sailing and it popped up. I think someone canceled. We paid just under 9k. We booked another one 2 years in advance, in 2020. For 2 of us it started around 11k but I have gotten a few small price drops and saved about 1k. I have too much time on my hands because I do check or call a few times every day.
  10. We cruised in December, In Star Class for under 10k. There were 4 of us.
  11. If the ship provides one I would just put it inside a clean pillowcase.
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