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  1. That's the same for us. We have never paid full price and my husband and kids drink wine. On our last cruise my daughter mentioned that she really like one of the wines and stuck to that one all night. The next day a bottle of it was delivered to her cabin and every other day after that a few glasses of it were delivered.
  2. We never pre book it. As soon as we board we are approached about all of the dining packages and I always say that I don't drink wine when they mention Chefs Table. They have always replied that they will give me a discount.
  3. Ask for a discount when you book it. Enjoy!!
  4. Has anyone been able to get a courtesy reservation for the second night with the 3 night package? The website says they will make a reservation for night one or night two.
  5. My November 2020 cruise is showing $1499. We are passing on it.
  6. Only one stand out as being unhappy. He had no problem telling us too. We were in a suite that had a lot of buttons so we asked how to use them. He told us they were broken. My husband asked for coffee for the machine in the room and was told the ship didn't have any. He said that his contract was up at the end of the week and he couldn't wait to get home to his wife that had gone back into prostitution. He was not signing another contract. After the second day my girls were scared of him and I found out that he was making sexual comments to them. 13 years old. I confronted him and he admitted it. I reported it and we never saw him again.
  7. On Oasis we had 8 people and we each ordered one entree but they brought out 2 of every appetizer and pasta. It was way too much and most of it wasn't even touched.
  8. Years ago I bought a duffel bag from LL Bean that folds up to about the size of a hoodie. I pack it in my suitcase. On the trip home all of the clothes go in there so I have the suitcases for anything we have purchased . It's big. Right now it's home for a very thick and heavy king duvet.
  9. Yum! I will definitely try. Thanks
  10. I'm using these tonight for cheese steak sandwiches.
  11. I learned my lesson. I think the sauce is awful
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