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  1. Our only experience with non diamond guests in the diamond lounge was about 10 years ago. Our kids, all diamond members, were with us. Our son was the only one that was 21 and he had brought along a friend. After the second night the concierge asked me why my son didn't come in and have a drink. I told him that he was drinking with his friend and the concierge quickly said for both of them to come and enjoy the lounge! On that cruise the diamond lounge was empty, so it was very nice of him to offer. I don't think it would happen today.
  2. We have never had a problem with Labadee either and we aren't going to Coco Cay for a while so I don't have any experience on that. I was commenting more that we didn't have to wait until boarding, because we had a genie, to reserve our cabana.
  3. When we cruised in Star Class our Genie booked our cabana at Barefoot beach about 2 weeks before cruising.
  4. What an amazing upgrade! We tipped our suite attendant $200 and the assistant $50. There were 4 of us.
  5. I'm in Florida and the storm moved through so fast. It's been calm and sunny for the last 2 hours.
  6. Our kids are adults now but we always gave them a $70 limit for a 7 day cruise. They could spend it on whatever they wanted and if there was any leftover the cash was theirs to keep. We checked their accounts daily to make sure they weren't overspending and if they were we told them they would have less to spend the rest of the cruise. Two of our kids spent every penny and one always collected her total amount when she got home! We learned our lesson the hard way on our first cruise with the kids. Our oldest became the most "popular" kid in the arcade because he was buying everyone tokens. That was about $300, 20 years ago!
  7. We got free bottled water on Oasis. It was in the suite lounge.
  8. What happens to the crew, especially the ones that depend on tips?
  9. As much as I hate leaving them at home I would not take my dogs on a cruise. Mine are giant breed, shedding, drooling puppies. I can't imagine having the crew having to clean up after them. They are therapy dogs and very well behaved but they don't belong on a cruise.
  10. I don't like Lou Malnati's pizza but I love their salad. Portillo's is great and we now have one in Tampa!
  11. Vintages for the Tapas. I wish we would have found it sooner into our cruise.
  12. We are on the 7 day in November and I'm counting down the days. Loving any review I can read before then.
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