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  1. Zero. We do our own thing and the CD or the activities they promote really has no impact on us.
  2. LOL....next someone will want NCL to send a rep to your house to show you where to click and what parts of the travel requirements you should read. Everyone wants their hand held.
  3. .....but that isn't what happened. What happened was a traveler could not be bothered to read even the basics of international travel even though it was at their fingertips.
  4. Then NCL is the loser. They end up with an unsold cabin. Why should they take the hit when it is not their screw up?
  5. I think NCL stretched it a little too far this time and overestimated the amount of people willing to pay for Vibe passes just to have a decent pool experience. It is biting them.
  6. Just because you don't want to hear it does not mean it is not helpful. In my experience....strict.
  7. People today are simply unable to admit mistakes these days. It is always someone else's fault.
  8. I bet this slowly fades away in the near future. The 'hippycrites' will move on to their next cause, probably saving the trees again after the push to go back to paper, and things slowly go back to business as usual.
  9. You will never know when the price bottoms out. Each sailing is different. Nothing says the price won't steadily rise from here.
  10. LOL....they are too dry.....they are too greasy.....only people in the 'cult' like them. This place is awesome, No....it is not some gourmet creation made from ground Wagyu but It is a freaking decent hamburger with loads of options. Night and day better than the previous option and better than I've had from any mainstream cruise line. It doesn't have to be the very best burger in the world to be enjoyable or to compliment it.
  11. I have always found them enjoyable, so has my family and friends I have cruised with. I guess I am glad I do not have 5 star tastes when it comes to a simply hamburger.
  12. LOL....there is so much drama around cruise ship employees.
  13. I just cannot fathom how this is a problem. I cannot fathom how sleeping in a public space would be enjoyable in any way when you have a private cabin available. It would be like sleeping in the airport for me.
  14. Regular cash also work. No limits, restrictions or other red tape that comes with turning real money into Monopoly money.
  15. Luggage locks are nothing but a feel good measure. The zipper itself can be defeated with something as simple as a pen leaving no evidence behind.
  16. I always leave it in my checked luggage. Never had a problem.
  17. The paper copy issued by the state is fine, it is a legal license until the hard copy arrives. I would probably bring the expired one with me just to cover all bases.
  18. People like to complain in the social media world. It gives them the attention they crave.
  19. Everyone tips room service at a hotel. It is called a service charge. That is the reason it exists.
  20. Wife and I topped $800 quite a few times and that was when drinks were less expensive.
  21. When a service fee is added to the price of the food? Not my experience.
  22. Most people are flying to the port in a polluting airplane, then taking a trip on a polluting ship that is guzzling fuel to keep all the bells and whistles going for their entertainment. The demand that food be readily available so they can indulge anytime they want creating an environment with enough food waste to feed a few villages in Africa. They are ordering bottled water by the case because the ships water isn't to their standard. ....but they are saving the world by not using a plastic straw. LOL. We went through this 25 years ago but then it was trees....gotta save the trees.
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