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  1. That’s what we’re hoping for. Thanks. Pete
  2. About a week after we signed up for the Iconic Western Med cruise, we got an email from Viking that the schedule had been changed. Instead of having two days in Barcelona at the beginning of the trip, we will be leaving Barcelona at 11pm on Day 1 (boarding day) and going to Palamós (a quaint fishing village) for Day 2. (The docks must be crowded in Barcelona.) Anyway, it's a good thing we're spending the extra time in Barcelona pre-cruise, on our own and with Viking's pre-cruise extension, instead of relying on the originally scheduled days to do what we want. On the positive side, we are looking forward to the gambas (prawns). Has this happened to others? Pete
  3. Thanks all. That's what I figured about the 9am flight and it's a great idea about the extra tour.
  4. No problems with WiFi in the hotels or on the boat. SIM cards would only be needed in a phone or tablet for connection to the cell network.
  5. If I may add a question to this thread... If someone has experience disembarking at Civitavecchia (after coming from Livorno - the Iconic Western Med cruise)... What would be the earliest flight time to easily make at FCO? I'm sort of looking at the 9am non-stop to LAX, and wouldn't be adverse to spending the night at one of the hotels at the airport.
  6. However, on the Iconic Western Med cruise, which these folks will be taking, the itinerary lists their stop at the port of Livorno as, "Florence/Pisa, Italy", hence the confusion.
  7. In Germany I wouldn't hesitate to do a deviation on my flight (if you're using Viking Air) to just arrive a few days early on my own. It's easy to find a hotel and there are enough people here to help with excursions. (And I just noticed that Capt_BJ has the same idea.) Our last time in Germany was for a Christmas Market cruise from Prague to Budapest. We flew into Munich, took a train to Dresden to see their market, train to Prague to start the tour, did the tour, extra few days in Budapest on our own, train to Garmisch for a week, back home from Munich. Fun time.
  8. This can not be repeated too often! 😮
  9. We "took the plunge" for a river cruise between Lyon and Avignon in October 2020 and during the initial planning, did an air deviation to come in to Lyon a day early. In talking it over with DW, we decided to ask our travel agent to add another day (two days before embarkation). I'm sure there will be enough to see and do in Lyon, plus we are dealing with a 12 hour time difference from our home time zone (Ambien will be our friend for a couple of nights - we've done this before). Anyway, is there anybody handy with experience getting from Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport to the middle of town and can recommend a good hotel close to the river boats? The last time we cruised out of Venice, our hotel picked us up from the airport. I don't count on that this time since we want to stay close to the river.
  10. That looks like a lot more fun and more than a little cleaner than the first time we saw something like that... on the Yangtze in China about a day or so below the 3 Gorges Damn. They were swimming across the river and we couldn't believe it.
  11. As I remember a few years ago, the ocean cruise ships weren’t too far away from the river cruises. Here is the website for the port: http://cruiseportwiki.com/Amsterdam If you are on the Celebrity Reflection on July 29, it looks like you will be there. https://www.ptamsterdam.nl/en/cruises-portal (You have to pull up July 2020 to see that schedule.) About halfway to the Central Station is where the river cruise boats dock. If you pull up satellite view in Google Maps, you can see one river boat. As for the ability to leave your luggage, I wouldn’t think it would be a problem. Hope this reassures you. Sounds like fun.
  12. We just booked Viking river (Lyon - Avignon) and then with a 4-day break, Viking ocean (Barcelona - Rome). We'll take the train from Avignon to Barcelona for some extra time exploring. The schedules married quite well.
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