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  1. Thanks for the wonderful video. Brings back memories of a few years ago in 10000. We were on between Thanksgiving and Christmas and took along our Christmas lights to add to the ambiance. We did have a dvd player attached to our living room tv and we played our "fireplace" dvd. On our last evening we put on our dvd and lights and then told our room steward not to get to excited when she walked in (and saw flames). She said later that she just sat for a while and watched it. Wonderful room and a great experience. We even had our small CC gathering in there one day. Pete
  2. Yes. Those deck 8 aft penthouses with large balcony sit right over the Bliss Ultra Lounge. As much as I love an aft penthouse, I would be leery of booking one of those. Pete
  3. No. We were on deck 10. We were up at the buffet when the food started sliding off the serving trays.
  4. We did three cruises in an aft penthouse on the Pearl and loved it. Toward the end of our Trans-Atlantic we caught the tail end of a Nor-Easter (as it was described) and at that time there was no place on the ship that was immune. My wife is susceptible to motion sickness and she was able to ride it out. Pete
  5. You didn't say what flavor. I've found that many places have the normal red sauce, but I prefer green so I travel with it.
  6. Hopefully you mean that your cruise starts in 47 days, not that you're expecting it to take 47 days. :-) (Yes, I'm just being a smarta--.)
  7. I just did a Google search of "tour rome to barcelona" and found a number of options. Hope this helps and is within the rules of the board.
  8. Sorry - I misunderstood. We would consider the type of room at the President to be a Premier room (larger than normal/nice amenities). Definitely not a broom closet at the end of the hall.
  9. When we did a Christmas market cruise with Prague pre-extension with AMA a few years ago, they had us in the Hotel President which was a definite "luxury" hotel (one of the finest we stayed at in Europe), so I would suspect that the Radisson would be the same level. Enjoy the stay.
  10. The other factor to consider is the wonderful feeling you have when everybody is getting off the ship at the end of cruise #1 and you get to turn right around and take another cruise. (I'm smiling right now thinking of the two times that we did it.)
  11. Yup. :-) From time to time we do have flights that are from one place on the mainland to another, though, and 2 hours is our cutoff.
  12. I'm over 70 years old and 6' tall. I'll only purchase premium economy for anything over 2 hours.
  13. We discovered disposable underwear a couple of years ago. (Think paper hospital garments.) Just do a search on Amazon.
  14. This is THE place... https://hanaumabaystatepark.com/ (closed on Tuesdays, though.) Pete
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