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  1. Don't know when you last sailed with Ms. Dottie, but on our aforementioned just-completed cruise from Reykjavik to NYC, her horn blasts occurred at least four/four times a day, if not more frequently, whether on sea days or port calls. Noticeably absent from any of those "infomercials" during or after our call in Sydney, NS, where tendering was suspended almost two hours as not one, not two, not three, but four tenders were literally dead in the water at the same time, was an explanation as to the nature of the problem (fuel, electrical, software?), which particularly affected pax with private tours. Sydney was originally listed as a docking port call and we were not informed of the change until we came on board. I'd trade real information and transparency any day for the line-by-line recitations from Currents to which we were subjected.
  2. Plus one as we were, I believe, on the same Riviera cruise as the OP. It was our first cruise with the infamous Dottie of whom many have raved. Her incessant long-winded announcements four and five times a day were indeed very tiresome as she proceeded to read the schedule of daily activities line by line for the next few hours until her next broadcast in addition to the shameless promotion of every commercial activity on board. If the green eyeshade types at NCL corporate are so concerned about the bottom line, they might want to consider eliminating the paper version of Currents and just have all the CDs yammer away. Maybe that's what we can look forward to, given the response another poster received for their having complained about the frequency/quality of the use of the horn. The shameless promotion
  3. Certainly agree it would be useful to have authoritative current info (something more timely than from 2 years ago as policies and practices do change).
  4. The OLife "allowed" excursions were frankly not to our liking in several ports on our upcoming cruise and we had opted for private excursions, so in effect we had OLife excursions left over to "spend." Taking sammiedawg's cue we've gone ahead and filled our quota of Olife excursions (not being big alcohol consumers and being Gold O Club members with sufficient OBC to cover occasional wine purchases the OLife excursion option is the least of the three "evils"). We're in hopes that once on board we can trade in some of those OLife excursions for OBC to be spent somewhere, somehow, rather than just sitting them out at no cost to us. The hypothetical nature of my query to Oceania Miami was apparently reciprocated.
  5. Your experience may be closer to what is Oceania's current practice regarding cancelling an OLife excursion once on board and not rebooking, but hoping for some other "compensation," i.e., OBC. I spoke to someone in Miami today, who was decidedly coy about indicating how Oceania would handle a request to cancel an OLife excursion once on board. The response was that it would be dealt with on a "case by case" basis, without volunteering what the result would be. As we are booked in an A level cabin on our upcoming cruise, he suggested we seek assistance from the Concierge should we have to cancel an OLife excursion on board.
  6. Just wondering how recent was the cruise on which you cancelled an O Life excursion while on board and were able to receive OBC as you didn't rebook something else? I ask because we're struggling to come up with our four O Life allocated tours for an upcoming cruise and would love to "trade" two we would book now in for OBC once on board by cancelling them (obviously before the onboard cancellation deadline) and not rebooking something else. Many thx.
  7. Plus one in principle. Problem on Oceania's "general" board and Oceania Roll Calls is that clearly there is no apparent enforcer of the rules/protocols or anyone putting people on the "naughty list." Just take a gander at the Riviera Roll Call boards where you'll see a plethora of postings of late, particularly touting private tours and/or looking for pax to join these tours, that belong in specific roll calls and not separate listings that push voyage roll calls on to the dreaded page 2.
  8. Plus one. Could not agree more.
  9. Let's try a third side. On one of our 14 Oceania voyages, our team was a convivial and largely non-competitive bunch, although the spouse of one couple insisted on sitting in without/without ever uttering a word or ever making a contribution. As port calls would predictably intrude on the afternoon trivia event, our team's numbers would similarly vary. On one occasion, the CD quiz master chose to enforce a limit of eight members per team. On that occasion, our team exceeded the limit by one. Rather than agree not to sit in (which is all that spouse ever/ever did (again not ever speaking or making any contribution)), the spouse of the team "leader," who in fact made frequent and useful contributions on a daily basis, felt so guilty that she left the game rather than see the team "penalized" for too many members. Meanwhile, the aforementioned "bump on a log" spouse was not moved by the gesture and continued her non-participatory role as before with nary a word of apology or any move to sit out the game. I can assure all that the silence by the non-participatory spouse was not appreciated by anyone on the team, except perhaps her husband, as both received the big O points we participating members earned.
  10. Ditto re January 6, 2019, cruise on Pursuit. Failure to communicate with well-known large travel agencies in a timely fashion about major itinerary changes prompted solely by the notorious "Azamazing Night" is very unprofessional. The "Night" in Montevideo better be spectacular to convince me that it's worth the hassle of rescheduling several private tours. The cynic in me tells me it's just another gimmick to get pax to sign up for ship-sponsored tours and help Azamara'a bottom line. Anyone prepared to defend Azamara's conduct on this voyage?
  11. After 29 cruises on three different cruise lines, including 14 on Oceania, I am well aware of how ships are constructed and that certain compromises must be made. Such compromises should be shared by those in adjoining staterooms, including keeping TV volume at an appropriate level and showing courtesy to your neighbors in so doing. You failed to mention that the metal construction also has an adverse effect on the ship's wi-fi capabilities, which, when coupled with less than up-to-date satellite internet offering to one and all, is another "compromise" we accept when sailing on Oceania (BTW. We've got cruise no. 15 booked for September 2019 and are looking forward to seeing the offerings for all of 2020). Bottom line: Staying home is not an option yet for us; we expect our fellow passengers to be just as courteous toward us as we try to be toward them.
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