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  1. Thanks for the picture. While I have pictures taken aboard the ship, I didn't have one of the ship itself. I read a while back that she sank in May of 1999 after a fire on board the ship. Everyone was rescued, no loss of life. You were so thoughtful to posts all these pics. Cathy
  2. My first cruise was in 1986 on the SS Galileo. It went from Boston to Bermuda. I don't know the price as it was a wedding gift from my parents. It was lovely, and got me hooked on cruising.
  3. Happy Anniversary. Loved following all your posts. You are a wealth of knowledge. Thank you for all you have contributed to cc. Cathy
  4. I agree with you completely! Well said! We have enjoyed all our cruises and are grateful to be looking forward to the next one.
  5. Great pictures, she's my favorite of the DAM ships!
  6. I couldn't agree with you more. In 1990, my then 2 yr old daughter was given a 10%survival rate when dxd with a malignant brain tumor. They told me she would only live 5 years. We didn't listen😀 She will be 31 next Friday due to the grace of God and some of the BEST doctors around. Her life has been a challenge, so in 2006 I decided to take her on a cruise. Best decision of my life! I told her when we got on the ship we were just 2 gals having fun. We just booked our 10th cruise. We had to cancel 2 due to medical issues but we always buy the insurance and we re book asap. If my daughter had her way she would live a a DAM ship;) I can't tell you how many amazing memories we have made together onboard . When we do end up in the hospital we always think back to our past trip or make plans for the next. Live you life now, cherish each moment. Luann, your husband is in my prayers.
  7. we've been on the Maasdam 28x over a span of 546 cruise days.. still our favorite HAL ship It was my first HAL ship, will forever be my favorite DAM ship.
  8. Thanks to all, very helpful info. Your help is very much appreciated.
  9. How do you find out exactly what cabins are still available on your cruise? HAL web site not really helpful at times. Thanks in advance for any info.
  10. Looking at my vows from 2016 there was no mention of God and or religion. I do not know if all Captains say they same vows. While I personally would not have minded the mention of God in the vows, the words were very touching and I was so happy we did the ROV .
  11. Cathy and Ali - mother/ daughter cruise. N Statendam 21 day Caribbean B2B Dec 2 -23 2020
  12. I had an SS, upgraded to the Neptune suite.
  13. yes they do. I am just off the Oosterdam and when I went to board the ship they asked me my stateroom number. I happily gave it to him and he replied "no, that is not your cabin. I was staring down at a luggage tag and repeated the same number. It seems that two couples wanted to be next to each other so they gave them my cabin and upgraded us to a Neptune suite. Needless to say, we were not disappointed. On my return I spoke to my TA and he said he had put "upgrade" on my paperwork. I got no call about this, and was unable to find an email or text . I believe my suite became available last minute (they put a sticker with my name over another ) in a note from the captain. I think they knew it was a "win - win" for us both.
  14. We were upgraded to a Neptune suite last month, it was wonderful. Enjoy!
  15. Just off the Oosterdam two weeks ago. My husband couldn't decide between two meals. The waiter told him to get both, which he did. I saw the charge printed on the bottom of the menu, but it never appeared on our bill. I personally was pleased that the portions seemed smaller. I hate to waste food and I usually ask for small portions. I don't think they will do this fleet wide, but some people over do. My waiter told me that there was a coupe who ordered ALL the entrees each evening, they only took two bites of each. I thought this was a terrible waste. JMHO.
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