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  1. skiiergirl

    Jewel - No Landing Cards

    We did not receive nor complete customs forms at any point during the recent SY TA. My underestanding is that you must request to complete only IF you have something to declare.
  2. skiiergirl

    15 November 2018 Thursday Weigh-in

    Checking in for the first time in a few weeks. I am up 3.4. That is over 3 weeks. We were gone 15 days and I knew I would “endulge” a few times. Must have endulged more than I thought. I had planned on going to the gym everyday. I started out great. Then one day I felt a pull in my leg but thought it was no big deal. Apparently bigger than I thought as by the time we got back home I was in tears from the pain. So ended up on a steroid pack....which, of course, increases the appetite. I have tried to be good since we got back but haven’t really concentrated on “dieting”. Here for another week then off for 14 days cruising. Don’t think I’ll be as bad this time though as not as many specialty restaurants. Congrats to those with losses. Everyone hang in there! We can do it! (With a few ups and downs along the way!)
  3. My question is for a friend and specifically regarding Freedom out of SJU (but info on other ships might assist others). With the refreshment package, are the shakes at JR available to go without dining in and paying the cover charge? (I have read some ships will not honor the free shakes unless you are paying the cover charge at JR.) (Please list specific ship and month/yr of your experience.) tia,
  4. skiiergirl

    Current Captains Continued

    Thanks so much!
  5. Departing Port Canaveral....heading to Miami. Only one more night on this fabulous ship!
  6. This was exactly what I was about to compose. If you book independently you take that risk. Although, I always ask cancellation policies and have never had a company hold me to a reservation if the ship didn’t make the port stop. I also think the compensation has more to do with the inconvenience for the NV repair rather than weather. I am guessing it will be a fairly rough ride from Southampton to LeHavre for the repair. I think the itinerary change has a multiple cause....mechanical and weather. I believe the NV itinerary would have had to change even if it weren’t affected by the weather also. The JW itinerary would not have had to change if it weren’t for weather. I think the pax on both ships should be thankful for the itinerary change. We are currently on SY (much bigger ship than either of those) and have had some tough days on our sailing. We are taking the more southern (“rumrunner”) route rather than the more northern (“circle”) route. We are hundreds of miles south of the storm yet have had very rough seas on Several days. Pools were closed for several days due to rough seas. Flowrider was closed one day due to rough weather. (Had to even drain the tanks.) Shows cancelled for the safety of the performers. Our first four days were mainly chilly, rainy, rough seas, etc. Since we had limited ports anyway, that hasn’t affected us....but think those on the smaller ships should be thankful for the itinerary changes if it keeps them out of the rougher waters. Normally on an OA size ship we laugh that by day 3 we can’t even tell we have left port due to no movement. Our first 4 days on this magnificent lady was definitely different. You needed the drink package in order to walk straight. 😬
  7. skiiergirl

    1 November 2018 Thursday Weigh-in

    Congrats to those that lost. Hang in there to those that gained. Good luck to those dealing with medical issues. No weigh in in for me this week. In the middle of a 12 day cruise. I most certainly have not eaten as smartly as I had planned. My goal was to be 80% “smart” and 20% “less than perfect”. I think I am more like 60% “smart” and 40% “less than perfect”. Just trying to not feel deprived but also don’t want to let myself get out of control
  8. Pools back open and lots of sunshine too!
  9. Another beautiful day onboard the beautiful SY. The crew/staff continue to be amazing. Service in all areas has been at least a 9 and in most cases a 10 with just a small “hiccup” here or there. All employees are super friendly and for the most part very, very efficient. Food has been very nice in all of the venues we have tried so far. (Still lots to try.) The shows have all been very good. Hairspray, ice show, headliners , comedy club have all been outstanding! The loyalty team/Concierge/guest services are doing a magnificent job with such a high number of CAS members onboard. We loved 150 CP. it has been our favorite dinner so far. (This was our first time to dine at 150 since they changed it to “selections” rather than the “set menu”.). We enjoyed Jamie’s but it did live up to our expectations. Wonderland was very nice. It was our first time to visit it on any ship. Tons of events and lots of participation!
  10. skiiergirl

    Current Captains Continued

    Any update on what date Captain Busto rejoins FR?
  11. Currently pools closed. Looks like one is getting some maintenance.
  12. Finally a gorgeous day in the North Atlantic!
  13. Guess I was being too optimistic!😬😬
  14. App not working well enough to depend solely on it. First few day’s didn’t list our shows but then they finally showed up. No Pre-booked MTD times show in my calendar. No booked specialty dining showing. App still needs lots of work!