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  1. Just to update everyone.... I just got off the phone with a very helpful representative. Any Visa points redeemed for OBC....for cruises that have been cancelled so far....the credits are being held. You must call them prior to April 30, 2022 to reapply to another booking . (For sailings prior to Sept 30, 2022.) So it sounds like these follow the same time frame as the FCC policy.
  2. Thank you so much!!!!! Any info you can provide would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!
  3. Mr. Ski is curious as to how the Flowrider is currently operating on the sailings out of Singapore. What has changed? Do they still help you in? (touching crew member?) Social distancing in line? Masks required in line? All factual comments/experiences appreciated. Please do not express an opinion on what you think should be done, only share any experience you have had or that has been shared with you from someone who actually has the facts. Thank you in advance!
  4. Thanks. Both Marriott and Hilton have “family brands” in Rome. Not necessarily “regular” Hilton or Marriott but both have multiple options within the “brand family”. I do very much appreciate your replies.
  5. Thanks so much! Yes...the Vatican is our primary/only plan this trip. We have "hit" all the other "sites" previously. Not sure if we will use points or pay $ but Mr. Ski is fairly adamant about staying at either Marriott or Hilton properties.
  6. In Rome....which Marriott or Hilton hotel do you recommend? Which is nearer to the Vatican? (Specific hotel name please.) TIA!
  7. How do I do that? Who do I contact? I don’t have any documentation other than my initial request showing it was “redeemed” and points taken from my account. I don’t have anything showing it was actually applied. thx
  8. I apologize if this has been addressed elsewhere. I searched but no results came up. If you had redeemed Visa points for OBC and RC then cancelled the cruise....what happened to your OBC / points? I just realized that our recently cancelled cruise had Visa redemption OBC on it. Not sure how to trace what happened/happens to it. Thanks to all in advance!
  9. Thanks so much to all for your advice/experiences! Yes, we prefer to go "direct" from a US connection but some of the cruises we are looking at for next year do not allow that option in the air travel so must look at and consider the alternative options. Thanks again!
  10. When booking flights that have a "transfer" in Europe....how much time should we allow between flights? If coming from US and connecting in Europe to another European city how much time should we allow for the connection? Same question on the return...coming from European city connecting in another European city back to the US? Specifically Amsterdam and Paris...but curious about all. Thanks so much. (I did a search and didn't find any threads on the topic. Couldn't find a specific forum for it so hoping my RCCL friends can help me out!)
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