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  1. The Ultimate Dining Package indicates "40% off wine bottles" in the specialty dining venue. I am sure these aere dumb questions but....does that truly mean if they normally charge $32 for a bottle of wine it will now be $19.20 if purchased while dining in that specialty restaurant? Is gratuity based on the $32 or the $19.20? Has anyone gotten the discount at a bar before dinner? Sorry....we don't buy wine bottles but my sister does. She likes to have her wine before (and during) dinner so just curious if she can buy a bottle prior to dinner? Are you limited to one bottle? (Don't judge.😀) It truly is not for me but I know she will ask so I would like to know other folks' experience. Thanks for any/all info and sharing your experience.
  2. What????? What specifically is your onboard complaint? Obviously I am not reading this correctly because I do not see where you identify what specifically happened that needs correcting. Now if the post was about the website or the off-shore call centers I wouldn't need any further explanation! Both of those suck and need totally revamped but onboard service is always impeccable with only an occasional hiccup here and there which is expected in any industry dealing with humans!
  3. I recently saw an archery contest listed on the activities page of the SY on the RC app.
  4. I have no problem with "associates" winning the prizes. They came to the party with you. I am good with that. It is the people that show up early for the next event in that venue or that stroll in just because they see a "private event" sign, etc. When those folks win the prizes and don't even know what Cruise Critic is...that is what irks me. The fact that they realize it is an event for a specific group but then still accept the prize....that is annoying.
  5. We have attended a few that had the "ice breaker" games. I am not a fan. I did participate but I think the time is much better spent just having everyone introduce themselves (screenname and where they are from). Then if I spot someone I specifically wanted to meet I know who to go see. I agree that if there are 200 participants then that is a little time consuming and probably unrealistic. But the times there are 50+ attendees is definitely the "exception rather than the rule". I had not thought of it until replying on this thread a few days back but I really do like the idea of having your screen-name on the prize ticket. That way when it is drawn the name can be announced and then the host doesn't have to remember to ask the screen-name. It also might help just a little on keeping the "party crashers" from winning prizes.
  6. The link to register for the M&M is still working. Quite a few CC members have the link listed in our signature. If you have your "settings" "set" to show the signatures you can see the link and click on it. I agree that the link that listed the party day, date, time, & location went away a year or so ago. I believe the problem with the invitations (for those that registered) more recently has been "mail delivery issues" onboard. On several sailing we had trouble getting "other mail" in addition to the M&M invitations. I agree with another poster that stated it is kind of "sucky" when non CC folks just happen upon the party and win the prizes. I am always happy to talk about CC and suggest folks come to the site to chat. It seems somehow there are always a few that come to the party and win a prize. Then when asked their screen-name they reply "I don't have one. I just saw the party and decided to come in." Maybe a suggestion would be to actually write your screen name on the raffle tickets before they are put in the bucket. That way anyone putting a ticket in would at least know they were "supposed" to have a screen-name to attend the party. (Or a member of their group have a screen name!) Mr. Ski rarely posts and actually does have a "log in" however he prefers just to log in under me and post on occasion. (He knows he better state it is him posting though. LOL) So even though he rarely posts he does have a screen=name but we just always call him "Mr Ski" since I am the one posting 99.999% of the time.
  7. Thanks so much for asking! I have attended many M&M over the years. They used to be very "special" and very well attended. The attendance has dropped over the last few years as the "prizes" and "refreshment offerings" have decreased. 1. Make sure the invitations get delivered to the staterooms in a timely manner. In the last couple of years there seems to be a big issue of folks not getting the invites at all or receiving them after the event was held. (The date and time used to be posted 30 days in advance on Cruise Critic. This stopped a year or so ago so now people aren't aware until (if) they receive the invite onboard.) 2.Ask if there are any announcements that need to be made. Sometimes on the roll call groups have planned other events (slot pull, cabin crawl, bar crawl, etc.) that need to be "firmed up". 3. Unless the attendance is just overwhelming (like it would be on a repo cruise), quickly go around the room and ask everyone's SCREENNAME and where they live. 4. Mid-morning on a seaday (if there is a seaday early in the itinerary). If no seaday early in the sailing, then around "all aboard" time on a port day that isn't formal night. I know not all events can be worked around as far as conflicts, but try to avoid "trivia" and "suite party" timing conflicts. 5. Alchoholic beverages would be a big plus for many folks but at least some type of beverage even if it is just fruit punch/iced tea in the afternoon or coffee and OJ if in the morning. 6.. Some type of food item. (I know...there is food all over the ship. But people like to think they are "special" and a nice food presentation usually makes a good impression. Nothing too over the top in case it doesn't get eaten. A fruit/cheese tray would work any time of day. A tray of chocolate croissants or other specialty pastries would be good in the mornings. Cookies in the afternoon. Ask the Chef to be creative and prepare something that can't be found anywhere else on the ship.) 7. Prizes....wine is usually appreciated. However, folks love to get the certificates for spa, specialty dining, internet, refreshment package, OBC, etc. The logo items are usually appreciated also. (especially the larger ones....like the gift basket from Love & Marriage). Thanks again for asking.
  8. Abe is there March 16th until May 4 or he returns on May 4? Sorry, I am confused.
  9. Wow. We loved Gordon. Haven’t even seen his name in years. Would love to sail with him again. Although we won’t be sailing Spectrum.
  10. Mr Ski is curious...if you purchase “The Key”, how much time / what hours, etc. do you get for the “exclusive” timing on the Flowrider? Anyone that has purchased this program have any details regarding the Flowrider perks on SY for this program? TIA!
  11. Thanks for info. So the other OA class ships have headliner shows but SY doesn't? Wow
  12. Does anyone have "Headliner" options showing in Cruise Planner reservations? I am not seeing them in SY CP that just opened this weekend. Reading here others are saying they aren't seeing them on HY either. So curious if anyone's CP is showing "Headliner" available for booking. If so, what ship & sail date. Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the update! Yep....Royally Consistently Inconsistent!
  14. Getting the survey was your reward! Many of us would LOVE to get a chance to answer those questions.
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