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  1. What are the various methods/companies to get from Madrid to Barcelona? I know the train is an option for others but it won’t work for us as we will have too much luggage. (We can’t travel with less luggage for personal reasons.) Please list any methods/companies, etc you have experience with or researched. please list method, company, cost, time of departure, amount of transit times, etc. Any and all info greatly appreciated!!! rhank you!
  2. Great info JC! Mr Ski ended up with 39 inch Outlaw (no channels). He uses it to carve and spin (360) and it has turned out to be a good board to come from the top. He doesn’t attempt many “tricks”. He isn’t fond of channels. He takes it each trip as RC May or May not have 39 inch a available. It is a very quick board and changes direction fairly easily. He likes it since it is relatively new the edges aren’t “worn” like some of the RC boards.
  3. Thanks for the idea but I checked. To ship the bags would be about $700. That would defeat the purpose of going in to a different airport (to save on cost / air miles). Thanks to all for the comments, thoughts, and sharing of experience!
  4. Thanks but we are not comfortable driving outside the US. Thanks. No way can we handle our own luggage. It is not possible for us to travel with limited luggage. I appreciate everyone’s info. It has told me what I needed to know. No way can we do the train.
  5. Thanks for the great info! I am thinking that while we would love the train, it won’t work. We will definitely have too much luggage to handle ourselves. We would need to “check” luggage and need porter! Thanks again!
  6. JC....he says “hello” back! Thanks to everyone for the info! You pretty much told him what he thought he had heard from others. I guess I had better plan on moving the Liberty booking I had made. He had heard it was horrible and based on your comments....sounds like he would hate it.
  7. Who has flown in to another airport and then take a train or car service to Barcelona? How did you like it? What was the cost? Are there porters available at the train stations? Taxis waiting when you arrive? Pros /cons based on your experience. all info greatly appreciated!
  8. Mr. Ski is addicted to the stand-up surfing on the Flowrider. We are creatures of habit and repeat the same few ships over and over. I am trying to get him to “expand his horizon” and sail other ships. He wants to know how everyone thinks the “wave” on the Flowrider on various ships compare. He is specifically interested in how the Liberty and Allure compare to the Adventure, Freedom, and Symphony. If you are experienced on the stand-up surfing on the Flowrider.....please list your comparison of each ship you have “surfed”. (List specific ship(s).) Thank you in advance!🏄‍♂️🏄‍♂️🏄‍♂️
  9. What is the newest “release date” for Odyssey Med bookings?
  10. That has been our experience on Freedom this week and last. Also, not necessarily delivered to correct section of ship. (Correct deck but starboard rather than port)
  11. We have heard there is a new policy fleet wide that requires any wanting to do the stand up surfing must do the boogie board first. You are required to get a white band and do the boogie board once and then they will give you the blue band for stand up. Has anyone else heard this? Apparently new policy recently implemented. It is in effect on FR. Anyone else on another ship now that can confirm (or deny) that this new policy is felt wide?
  12. There have been a few summers over the last 20 years that RC left SJU without a ship. Most years there is one ship there during the summer...but not always! Agree. Flight prices have increased dramatically over the last 3 or 4 years. We are looking at switching our 2020 and 2021 sailings to depart FL rather than SJU for that very reason. Sad because we love SJU and much prefer the islands you get to from there....but comparing airfare/cruise fare we can do FL cheaper and have a newer ship!
  13. From all of the posts here and the press releases, it looks like SJU won’t have a ship over the summer. That is very sad news if it is true. St. Maarten is usually early or late in a sailing from SJU so Weds doesn’t sound likely for ship out of SJU.
  14. Thank you so much for the fabulous info you always provide. Does Venice have any 2021 schedules out yet?
  15. Has anyone done the “Eggfast”? I had never even heard of it until this week. If you have done it, how much did you lose? How often did you repeat it? What was your favorite “egg recipe”?
  16. Jan....I am the same...down 0.6 this week and down 0.6 last week. Wish it were more but happy it is a down. It it has been awhile since I have checked in, As of this date last year, I had lost 70+ lbs (over a 2 year period I think). Then we hit cruise season, holiday season, other travel season....and I gained. I had gained 17 lbs back by August. So mid-September I decided I had to get back seriously on program! (Since all of my “seasons” start again at Thanksgiving. ) So, I have lost 6 of the 17. I am still struggling with the food demons but trying to take each meal one at a time! Thanks for letting me “be accountable”. Belle....always great to see your creative writing!
  17. Even when I can/could do them online, they rarely showed up,on the ship. Mr. Ski almost always had to them onboard again even though we had done them online.
  18. We have never paid attention to the RC Black Friday sales as we are usually traveling. What is typically included? Just beverage packages? Dining packages, shores, spa, etc? Actual cruise fares? For the “Cruise Planner” type items, is it typically all cruises or just ones within a certain timeframe? What has has been your experience / memory? Thanks.
  19. Agree Royal is famous for not putting info out timely. There have been numerous occasions where I read info here on CC and pass it on to my TA before RC sends it to her. She MIGHT get a 24 hour or 20 minute heads up on new releases but most of the time NOT. RC might announce new ports/itinerary briefly before opening bookings but not much ahead of time. It can happen....but you can’t count on it! I agree the TAs “should be alerted” but it just doesn’t usually happen.
  20. Thank you so much Madflyer! You always provide awesome information! I greatly appreciate you sharing!
  21. Thanks. Thanks. Typo on my part. I meant 2021. Thanks so much! Report post #595 Posted yesterday at 12:46 PM I appreciate all of your info!!!! Thanks. So looks like "no" Athens from early June until early September. Interestting. Thanks to all!!!!
  22. Have any of you "techie" folks "figured out" what dates Odyssey is scheduled for some of the Med ports in summer of 2022. I would love to get a rough idea of what dates and what ports. Thanks!
  23. Yes, I am “assuming” that also. Just thought maybe others were reading port schedules might have a better “guess”. Thanks.
  24. Any idea of ships/dates for RC ships in Venice in summer of 2021? Any port calendar that shows anything for Venice yet? Thanks.
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