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  1. That all makes sense... but if your cruise wasn't until July and your deposit was non-refundable, like in the OP's situation??? Just seems way premature to be making a decision for the middle of the summer right now.
  2. Why the rush to cancel a cruise so far into the future? If the world is still in lockdown mode, you'll be able to get your money back. If the world isn't still in lockdown mode, the danger (if there is any) will be past. You'll be more at risk in local stores and restaurants than you will be on a constantly-disinfected cruise ship, IMO. Do not let coronavirus panic make you cancel your trip right now
  3. Inspections have NOTHING to do with passenger behavior -- just in crew behavior and sanitation techniques. A scrupulously clean ship can have a noro-infected person board and spread illness to others, simply from poor hand hygiene on the part of the infected person and those who get infected. It's not a cruise line's fault that humans are disgusting animals. They do what they can with Purell dispensers and sinks at the buffet entryway, but if people don't wash their hands, contamination is going to happen.
  4. Apologies, I had a copy/paste goof (those comments were in my clipboard from a different discussion on a different subject), and edited my post and THOUGHT I had removed all that. (you can see that I edited my post immediately after posting it -- that was me erasing (or thinking I was erasing) the goof) All that was supposed to be there was the first part, thanking you for details and commenting on the wrong thread. The "wrong thread" comments are NOT about the thread you posted in response to my request, but rather that THIS THREAD is supposed to be about things that people wished they knew before they cruised... like that you can't get into your rooms right away on the first day, or that you don't need to bring your own beach towels, or that you can request a different table in the MDR if you're seated at a table with a bunch of boors.
  5. Thanks for providing details. (Still think it's the wrong thread, though!)
  6. Link to the Roll Call where people talked about their full refund?
  7. Who said ALL the ports were missed? Did you even read your OWN post in this thread?
  8. Why not? What does that have to do with anything? I was on Meraviglia a few months ago, scheduled to be the first ship to Ocean Cay, and they cancelled due to the island not being ready. They gave every cabin $100 OBC. Insides got $100, suites got $100. I paid less for my balcony room than my friend paid for his inside room, and we both got $100 OBC for the missed port.
  9. I was waiting for someone to ask what ship that was on, and why it wasn't a suite if the room was that high up! LOL
  10. Normally I would agree with you -- the fee was disclosed prior to booking, and the customer was aware, and the agency deserves to be paid for the work they did (because they would lose the commission when the cruise gets cancelled, and therefore lose their payment). HOWEVER, in this instance, the travel agency is STILL GETTING THEIR COMMISSION FROM ROYAL.... they're getting money from Royal AND getting money from the customer. The TA is getting MORE money from a cancelled cruise than they would get from the original cruise. That's just poor customer service, and they deserve to lose the customer in that situation. If the TA were losing their commission, I'd have no problem with them collecting the cancellation fee; this is a special circumstance because Royal is honoring the commission.
  11. Wow, Deck 20? LOL (Fat fingers for the win!)
  12. You should be able to make the booking, but not apply the FCC to it, no? Cancel and get the FCC. Book the Crown Loft and pay in full. Apply the FCC to a future cruise.
  13. agree 100% I agree with this. It doesn't sound like the TA is very knowledgeable at all!
  14. The OP stated and others have reiterated that this is NOT a fee being charged by Royal Caribbean. It's not the nonrefundable deposit change fee -- it's a cancellation fee being charged by the Travel Agent and not Royal. This travel agent charges a cancellation fee even on a refundable deposit cruise -- the idea is that it covers their business costs since they wouldn't normally be getting a commission on a cancelled trip, but they have time / expenses involved in originally booking the trip. However, in this case, Royal is paying the commission even though the trip has been cancelled, so it's just rude on the TA's part to enforce the fee. As to the OP's original questions -- is it fair? Yes, it is fair -- you were informed about the fee at the time you booked the cruise, and you chose to book through this TA anyway. Is it good business practice? Nope, not at all, ESPECIALLY since Royal is protecting their commission on the cancelled trip. For what it's worth, my travel agent doesn't charge me any fees, and often can find me a better price (through group rates he has behind-the-scenes access to) than I can find for myself.
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