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  1. Just goes to show how irrational many of our fears really can be... stepping back to look at it objectively makes a huge difference! Glad the Xanax is safe and you can relax and look forward to your vacation!
  2. Of course not. Nobody is bothering to read the facts of the OP's message, and is only spewing inaccurate and irrelevant information.
  3. I was pointing out that the OP is living in Spain, and it's entirely likely that the OP's Venezuelan father is also living in Spain at this time. Everyone giving information pertaining to US citizens and US residents is not being helpful, if in fact the OP's father is a Venezuelan citizen living in Spain.
  4. Given that the OP lives in Barcelona and has tried checking with offices in Spain, I doubt that the father is a US resident.
  5. One caveat -- if you can purchase The Key for everyone in your party, you can be among the very first people off the ship.
  6. I haven't experienced Belize, but I have done the others, so I'd vote Roatan. The water is AMAZINGLY clear. (It's the same reef as in Belize, in case anyone didn't know.) If I were on that itinerary, I'd probably snorkel at all the ports, to be honest. But if I could only pick one, it would be Roatan or Belize.
  7. I would find out from MSC if it's a RULE of theirs or a RECOMMENDATION. Then I would check the consulate requirements for CRUISE PASSENGERS for each country being visited. It is important to note that the requirement for CRUISE passengers is different than it is for AIR passengers for many countries. This is because you're considered "in transit" because you're only there for a day (sometimes two, for overnight ports) and then you have transportation all lined up to leave again. This is different than for people who come by air, where the plane is dropping them off and then leaving without them. Those are the people who are typically required to have an extra six months on their passport, in case they decide to stay longer. Think about it -- US citizens can cruise to most of the Caribbean without a passport, but they can't fly into any of those same countries without a passport. The rules are different for cruise passengers than they are for air passengers, in many (not all) cases. So, I recommend that the OP finds out for sure if MSC has a RULE or a RECOMMENDATION, and if it's just a recommendation, then look up consulate rules for each country (and print it out to bring with you to show that your father's passport meets those rules, if Venezuelan cruisers aren't required to have six months remaining).
  8. Think about it... how many people LOVE to beach (see what I did there?) about things no matter how trivial on this forum? Now, how many times have you seen someone beaching about sharks at Coco Cay? You're an RN... you know about Evidence Based Practice....
  9. Every single consumer advocacy group advises otherwise. Disputing is a Last Resort Only. Also, disputing a charge can get you on the banned list. Not advisable.
  10. I was going to say this same thing. If you're just not comfortable doing Maho on your own, ask if they'll drop you off in town instead of at the ship. Then it's an easy taxi or watertaxi ride back to the ship.
  11. Regarding why free drinks in the lounge were scanned for but free drinks in the casino weren't, it can also be a simple budget/accounting thing. From an accounting perspective, each department has a budget of how much it is expected to spend. If the numbers are out of whack for what the Diamond Lounge is spending on booze, they might track drink usage for a few cruises so they get a better idea of how many people are using the drink perk. If the casino's numbers aren't out of whack (or if their budget for next year isn't being analyzed or whatever), then they wouldn't need to track the free drinks. A lot of times they say it's "for inventory" but it's actually "for accounting". Inventory is something that most people understand... accounting, not so much.
  12. Do NOT do this -- disputing a charge with your credit card company should always be your ABSOLUTELY LAST RESORT. There are SEVERAL different contacts that can be used before reaching that point. You'll also have to affirm to the credit card company that you didn't receive the products, and you've said that you did. When I had the problem with the pool towel charge last month, I just emailed a copy of my statement to royalguestrelations@rccl.com and I got a response back within a few days that it was taken care of. You can also call Crown and Anchor Society for help.
  13. Easy on the alprazolam.... Totally benign, and very small. No worries.
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