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  1. And don't forget to watch for sales -- last year for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, I got the 4-device plan for $26.99!
  2. Just to clarify, for those who don't know -- this VISA event is ONLY for the President's Cruise (not an every-cruise event) and ONLY for holders of the specific Royal Caribbean branded credit card (not just any old VISA card).
  3. Keep in mind that purchasing a shared 4-device plan is usually around $7-$8/person/day, if you want to compare apples to apples.
  4. I was just backing you up -- I ran into it on Mariner, too... they tie everything in to your "credentials" (a combination of room number, last name, and DOB) and only one package can be used per combination. If a family wanted to purchase two multi-device packages (say a family of six needing a 4-device plus a 2-device), they would have to purchase those through two different people, too.
  5. Each person can only buy one internet package per cruise, so if you've already paid for one, you can't take advantage of your freebie/discount unless you go see the Voom person and they manually switch things around for you.
  6. Usually better to use the Cruise Planner price, unless you have two people who will each be getting 24 hours of Diamond freebie usage and you don't need full-time coverage. For example, if you don't need continuous coverage, you can start your usage around lunch on Day 2 (still in port for most of Day 1) and that gives you coverage until Day 3 lunchtime. Use the second freebie around lunchtime on Day 4 and have coverage until lunchtime on Day 5. Pay for one 24-hour period (probably about $24.99) around lunchtime on Day 6 and have coverage until lunchtime on Day 7. But if you want or need coverage all day every day, you're better off purchasing in advance through the Cruise Planner. I buy a 4-device plan, then share it with people from my Roll Call (they give me cash for their portion and I give them the log-in information). This usually gets the price down to around $7-$8/day per device for unlimited Surf&Stream.
  7. My friends and I use different TAs and I'm always able to link us together in the Cruise Planner -- they just have to give me their booking number.
  8. I've seen them in the Solarium of both Voyager and Freedom class, on each side of the Solarium Bar. Back when towels didn't need to be checked out, I think they were stacked with clean towels for people to use.
  9. I was on MSC the past two weeks, and they sell by the MB -- a set price for 3.5GB for the duration of my 13-day cruise, or I could have paid more than double that price for unlimited usage. It was a PITA because I had to turn off auto-update for everything so I wouldn't burn through my data limit, and I had to keep logging on and off the internet connection to keep from using data "behind the scenes"... which of course meant I didn't get real-time notifications of emails and such. I much prefer always-on access.
  10. Can you imagine that kid's face if he gets TWO for Christmas? Sorry I couldn't get this to you last year -- here is an extra, hope that makes up for your disappointment last year! Love, Santa
  11. For starters, the amount of critical care experience for the job is a requirement for applying, not just a personal preference. And as Ocean Boy stated, lots of well-seasoned (😉) folks cruise, with the attendant chronic or acute maladies associated with being well-seasoned. Cruise ships have a morgue for a reason -- ship happens!
  12. Freedom class is my personal fave, which is just a bigger version of Voyager class. My son prefers Oasis class, but he sure never turned down the offer of a cruise on Voyager or Freedom class, either!!!! And especially the "amped" ships -- your son will have plenty to do on a Voyager-and-above ship!
  13. Nobody cares how you fill out the luggage tags... just slap that info on in any order/way you see fit. It's mainly for you to look at to make sure it's YOUR bag you're picking up rather than someone else's. A cell phone number and an email address is enough for "lost" luggage -- Royal isn't going to ship your luggage to the address on the luggage tag anyway -- you have to fill out a claim form and fill in the information on that (ask me how I know!).
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