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  1. For one person, yes. But generally the price for the two-device Voom is significantly cheaper than the price for two Key packages.
  2. Here's another idea.... how about some magnetic hooks and a shower curtain, and you can sleep in your bed? These magnets are wicked strong, and you could put them on the ceiling between the beds and hang a shower curtain to block the light. Half a dozen magnets and a shower curtain will fit in a pair of shoes in your luggage. Or leave the shower curtain at the dollar store and only bring the magnets, and just grab some extra pool towels to hang from the ceiling. Hubby gets to watch tv, and you get to sleep in an actual bed instead of on the sofa or the pulled-out sofabed. I've been using these magnets for a few years now. They're also great for hanging up hand-laundry or swimsuits to dry, or to hang a small fan from the ceiling, or to hang up hats / lanyards / handbags on the wall, etc.
  3. Except I got my Passport Card back before Enhanced Driver Licenses were really a thing... and I already have it, so why should I bother with an Enhanced DL or a REAL-ID DL until the time comes when I actually have to go to the SoS office to get an in-person renewal of my existing non-enhanced, unreal-ID DL?
  4. If they already have a passport, or if they will never ever fly or enter a federal building, they would have no need for a REAL-ID compliant DL and could save a few bucks and the hassle of dealing with paperwork by getting the old kind renewed.
  5. The passport card being a waste of money is YOUR OPINION. The cards do have limited uses, but those uses are very valid reasons for some people. Just because it might be a waste of money FOR YOU doesn't mean that's the case for every person. In my case, I live in Michigan and regularly travel to and through Canada (to get to New York state, either near Buffalo or Syracuse). My passport book doesn't fit in my wallet, but my passport card does, and I can use the passport card to drive to/from Canada without having to bring my passport book. Ditto for entry into federal buildings or domestic flights -- I already have the passport card, and it fits easily in my wallet, and it saves me from having to carry my passport book (which requires me to carry an additional piece of baggage to carry the passport in, since it doesn't fit in my wallet). I chose to get a passport card when I got my passport because it was a convenient and cost-efficient option that fit my lifestyle. Just because YOU don't have a need for it personally doesn't mean it's a waste of money for everyone else in the country.
  6. I don't think it's so much that people are "concerned" about getting one or not, versus not taking the time and money to get one if they don't need one. For example, when my DL expires in a couple years, I can renew it online or by mail without having to go to the Michigan Secretary of State office (our version of the DMV). Since I already have a passport card that will get me on a domestic flight or into a federal building (and I have a passport book for international flights), I don't have a need to make the trip to the SoS office with paperwork in hand and pay the additional fee to get a REAL-ID compliant DL. When the time comes (in six years) when I do have to make the trip to the SoS office to do an in-person renewal of my DL, then I can go ahead and take in the extra documentation with me to get the REAL-ID version of the DL and pay the additional fee, if I want to. But in the meantime, why should I bother with the hassle and extra cost if I don't need to?
  7. Honestly, I've never seen a mosquito at Labadee -- probably because the ship leaves well before PMT -- Prime Mosquito Time. If you're going to be spending a chunk of time in Haiti, vaccinations would be prudent, but for a simple day trip during broad daylight, it's really not an issue.
  8. The Great Lakes aren't for the faint of heart, that's for sure! Exactly -- one man's trash is another man's treasure. When you're scraping ice off your car's windows every day, water temps in the 70s aren't much of a turn-off!
  9. Sheesh, I was just kidding around... that's what the LOL was for at the end. Sorry if you took personal offense -- it was meant to be a joke. Everyone is entitled to swim in whatever temperature water they want.
  10. And you call yourself a Michigander? Have you ever been in a Michigan lake, or, heaven forbid, a Great Lake? Most of Lake Michigan is in the 50s right now! LOL
  11. There's also a smaller kids-only pirate ship waterpark area that is free, just outside of the big waterpark. If your son is elementary school aged or younger, he'll probably enjoy that for a little bit and then pool/beach time and be good to go.
  12. I agree that Labadee feels more "tropical island" -- I love to just float around in the water and look up at the tree-covered mountain hills surrounding Columbus Cove. Coco Cay is VERY flat by comparison. Both offer free loungers, free buffet, etc. I rarely spend a dime at either one, other than tips for waitstaff. It really is just a personal preference kind of thing.
  13. Not to mention "Royal math" -- it's one night cruise, from Nov 7-14th???
  14. Your son has a reservation -- it's just a different number than the one all the other family members are on. Ask your travel agent to send you the Booking Confirmation from Royal Caribbean for both reservation numbers. This is basically the invoice that shows who is traveling, what room they're in, what dining assignment they have, and how much you're paying for them. I always check the Royal Caribbean Booking Confirmation for accuracy, rather than any invoice that the travel agent may send me, because the Royal Caribbean one is what will be in their system -- anything on the TA's letterhead just shows me what is in the TA's system, and it may not be the same as what is on the RC system.
  15. The thing is, they're highly desirable by families WHO CAN GET BOTH ROOMS TOGETHER. The problem is, when they weren't their own category, people would book a single room just based on location or category or whatever, without noticing it was a connecting room or needing a connecting room. Once someone books just one of the two connecting rooms, the other connecting room becomes useless as a connecting room. And since experienced cruisers tend to avoid connecting rooms, these odd one-off connecting rooms would frequently get assigned to guarantee fares because they are the leftover rooms when it came time to assign the remaining rooms. Now that these are a specific category, hopefully they will be available to families wanting/needing connecting rooms. I've always thought that they should be held aside and only sold in pairs until all other rooms are taken, similar to how handicap-accessible rooms are assigned only to those who meet the requirements, and only released for the general population after final payment.
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