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  1. I've done both, and would do either again. Look at the itinerary and also the amenities of each cruise. Some people prefer only large ships, some people prefer only small ships, some people prefer only certain ports... it all depends on what is important to YOU. For first-time cruisers, I generally recommend a smaller ship to start out. Cruising is a totally different type of vacation, and a smaller ship allows you to figure out what you like and don't like and how it all works. On a large ship, there is no way to do everything in one cruise, and you'll wear yourself out if you try to, IMO.
  2. The brunch galley tour is including the time eating brunch in the tour time. The ship tour is actually touring the whole entire time listed.
  3. Exactly the reason I said to check the coverage. I remember reading posts here when people were having to cancel cruises because of pregnancy during Zika outbreaks, in many cases only the immediate family of the pregnant female was included for cancellation, so if it was a family reunion cruise, the grandparents who were cruising and various brothers / sisters / nieces / nephews / aunts / uncles didn't have a "covered reason" for cancelling their cruise because they weren't the ones who were pregnant. I've also seen people complain that when a roommate has to cancel, it then requires the other person in their room to come up with the additional cost to pay the Single Supplement. If your particular policy also includes everyone you are traveling with, then great. But if your policy is only going to cover the injured person and their immediate family and/or people in their room, then that might be a factor in the decision to cancel. All policies have different rules, that's why it's important to read the contract for your specific policy to make sure everyone is covered the way you think they are.
  4. If you would actually use the soda package, the first two people on the Boardwalk Balcony reservation would each get a free soda package, so the Boardwalk room would technically be cheaper than the Central Park room (soda packages are generally $9-$10/day per person, plus 18%, so two free packages is like getting about $150 in "free product").
  5. Another thing to check is if the ENTIRE group would have insurance coverage for just her injury. Unless all are traveling in the same room or they have "cancel for any reason" coverage, the cancellation insurance may only cover the injured party's cancellation, not friends/family in other rooms.
  6. Wait until you try the new Miami terminal. You really never break stride, going on or off the ship. Not sure how they do it, but it works amazingly well!!!!
  7. One point: This is NOT a story about Freedom of the Seas. This is a story about passengers on Freedom of the Seas. It doesn't sound like this accident had any connection to the ship itself -- the ship wasn't involved. (That would be like if I crashed my car on the highway in Florida and someone said it was a story about Michigan. Yes, the driver might be from Michigan, but that's as far as the connection goes.... it's actually a story about a car accident in Florida.) With that being said, best wishes to all involved.
  8. Not Allure, but on Symphony in March a virgin daiquiri was $9.95 + 18% gratuity. With the Refreshment package often on sale for $20/day plus gratuity, it's pretty easy to break even at that price!
  9. Not necessarily. If you've ever seen the way things are stored in HUGE BULK, there's always a possibility that the pallet with the Bloody Mary mix was hidden under/behind a pallet of something else, and it just took a few days for them to use enough product to dig down to it.
  10. Cruises that were going to Cuba can be had for dirt cheap on the new itineraries....
  11. I wouldn't hesitate to cruise.... let the staff pamper the patient!
  12. It may have been a provisioning/inventory issue. On the last night, they may not have been allowed to get more of the mix at that particular bar because the week's inventory had already been accounted for. Just a guess.... lots of stupid rules are because of the bean-counters in Miami, not the servers on the front lines.
  13. Even though this has been resolved, I still have a little anxiety attack (and I am NOT a panic-prone person!) every time I scroll past the title.... Even the thought of flying in same-day is horrendous enough, but the OP's original schedule is just terrifying to someone who has been on WAY too many delayed flights!
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