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  1. I'd be surprised if just being at the bottom of the pile would be enough to make all your toiletries explode.... if that was the case, your suitcase would be flattened, as well.
  2. Back to the original subject, which from what I can tell was about luggage security rather than tipping the porter.... I've never seen a place for the general public to do anything with their luggage at POM. I've actually seen the exact opposite -- it seemed like the luggage carts were divided into some sort of organizational scheme, where they were pre-sorted to some extent before the carts were wheeled onto the ship, so if you don't know which cart to put your bags on based on your luggage tag, you might be delaying the delivery process. If you are concerned about the security of your luggage, I think you need to look at the Big Picture here --- exactly how often does a suitcase get lost or stolen and never make it onto the ship??? Not very often, or you'd see thread after thread after thread here full of people pissing and moaning about it. Anything valuable or vitally necessary (jewelry, electronics, medications, passports, etc.) should be in one's carry-on bag, not left with the porters.
  3. How about taking someone along to be a built-in babysitter? That way you have many more options....
  4. This is already being discussed on the Roll Call thread... not sure the reason for a separate thread?
  5. I'm sorry that the truth hurts your feelings, but the truth is that you are all of the things I mentioned: judgmental ill-informed intolerant of the disabled If you don't want me to point out the truth, maybe you shouldn't demonstrate those qualities quite so prominently in your posts here.
  6. I guess you have to ask yourself if your teens are going to be okay with just sitting around the pool all day and having maybe five other kids their age on the ship. You know your kids, and we don't, so that's going to be a decision you're going to have to make. I started cruising back in the 1980s when ships were tiny and didn't have any bells or whistles beyond pools, and I managed to have fun. Then again, I also had no problem hanging out with elderly people... not every teen falls into that category.
  7. Once again, you and I are in total agreement.... never thought I'd see the day, but it keeps happening once in a while! 😲
  8. Life-threatening allergies, diabetes, deafness, and epilepsy are examples of "invisible" disabilities that can be helped by a valid service animal. You're basically saying that blindness is the only "acceptable" disability for someone to cruise, and all others have to just stay home. Maybe we should ban all judgmental and ill-informed people from cruising instead? I'd much rather cruise with a hundred true service animals than with someone who is so intolerant of the disabled, who have a hard enough time just doing "normal" things and are certainly entitled to the occasional vacation.
  9. The onboard price of anything (Voom, drink package, etc.) can be different from one% week to the next, so it makes sense that the "percentage off" sale price can be different from one week to the next. If something is $100 onboard and 20% off for a net of $80 this week, that's accurate. And if the onboard price the next week is $120 and 30% off for a net of $84, that's just as accurate. Unless you know what the onboard price is each week on each ship, you have no way of knowing what the "percent off" price is going to be. Instead of throwing around accusations of fraud and deception, just buy it if it's a price you're comfortable with, and leave it if you don't like the price.
  10. Maybe try posting in a couple Roll Calls for ships that will be in Labadee in the next week or two and ask someone to take photos of Nellie's Beach for you. IMO, an over-the-water with younger kids would be problematic -- the ladder can be VERY slippery, and the water might be too deep for kids where the ladder is. Something on the beach will work out better, for access and water depth.
  11. This is not necessarily true. I was in Cozumel a few weeks ago on Royal and we were docked at Punta Langosta / downtown.
  12. I didn't say it had to be common to happen. Anyone can have an adverse reaction to anything at any time. However, the person I was discussing it with DID state that it was a COMMON side effect (see quote below), and it most certainly is NOT a common side effect.
  13. I have done it. I'm also an RN. Dizziness is NOT a common side effect of meclizine.
  14. And I'm asking you to list your source -- show us the website / link for this information.
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