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  1. Do these ships have approval from the ports? (Yes, I know no one on this board knows this answer...rhetorical) How many of these will end up as cruises to nowhere?
  2. I've thought about purchasing, because I do think CCL will continue to exist as a company. However, if they declare bankruptcy and reorganize, that stock is worth zero. In the past I've wanted to buy stock for on board credit on Carnival; but that program is not a given (nor are it's dividends). I'm no longer cruising Carnival, but have looked at HAL (for Antartica) and Princess. In the end, I think it's too much of a gamble for me. $800 isn't much to lose, but I think the chance of bankruptcy to discharge debt is very real.
  3. Thanks all. That's helpful. Still very unsure if we want to book a cruise or not, even with the current sales going on, it is still a pricey thing. The idea of a cruise might be a bit much for us still.... oh, coronavirus.
  4. I'm looking at a Baltic Cruise in August based on NCL's 48-hour cancellation policy. I suppose I could call them, but I wanted to see if anyone here knew the answers, as talking to people is scary... 1) When NCL books your air- do they always fly you in same day, or is there an option of arriving the day before? We once did a Galapagos cruise where we planned to fly in 3-days early (self booked) and through a series of incredibly unfortunate events, ended up there about 4 hours before the charter flight to the ship left. Thank goodness we planned way ahead... (we did have insurance, which paid out for the hotel cancellation, but missing a once in a life time cruise would have been awful). 2) The airfare for the children (3-year old and 1-year old) is more expensive than the adults (I assume the adults get "free or reduced air") does this mean they are giving the infant a seat? I do not want a lap child to Europe! 3) Is airfare booked through NCL refunded the same way as the cruise is under their 48-hour policy? (Which I assume is only due to coronavirus, they haven't been this generous in the past.)
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