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  1. We booked the Doubletree. They charged us $187 plus tax. We will keep an I on it, to see if it goes lower. Thank you.
  2. Anyone stay at this motel? It’s for the port of Los Angeles. They offer a night and keeps our car for the week plus shuttle. thank you Jessica
  3. We bought two. Worked great, but mine lasted a day. I left it in my drink and forgot about it. Long gone
  4. We will be calling our agent tomorrow to find out about the insurance cost. Thank you
  5. Wow I’ll need to check that out. Not good.
  6. We did not get our anniversary perks, but price was lower with best cruise ever sale. The agent gave us a coupon book as well.
  7. We originally booked our cruise during the anniversary sale. We got a casino discount. I still don’t know how, maybe my hubby plays more than I am aware of!! Anyway when the BSE came out I checked it out. Casino rate applied. I switched from Princess to a TA I was referred to. I got a lower rate and the perks, but lost my wine and speciality dinner. I made out a lot better.
  8. My husband gave the piano entertainer a beer. He was talking about beer as we walked by, he had two unopened ones and gave it to him. It was funny.
  9. We were on the Coral on November 17th, Panama cruise. We sometimes would get a coffee and Bailey’s at the station by the dessert in the Buffet. We also did not notice smoke in the International cafe. Of course the casino was never busy when we sat at the International Cafe. And we loved Fernando the cruise director.
  10. We did the Coral from San Francisco to Fort Lauderdale on November 17th. We loved it. We had a starboard balcony so we saw a lot from our balcony. The ship is beautiful. I loved the Universal Lounge. Spectacular. This was our first time through the Canal. We will do it again. I may want to try Fort Lauderdale to San Francisco next time.
  11. It’s gone. I loved it. Great way to meet people while enjoying a few drinks.
  12. Another thing we noticed. It was always hot by the elevators and the Princess theater was warm as well. We loved the Promenade deck. No stairs to climb, a nice walk around the ship.
  13. Well you should. It is a great trip. Loved the transit
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