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  1. Thank you all for your advice. We just saw the cardiologist. He says he to go on our cruise. He has him on medication plus prescribed him a medication for him if his AFIB does not stay suppressed in an emergency,
  2. We have insurance for the cruise through our credit card company. However we will be looking into extra medical coverage. My husband did go to the infirmary a while back for a cut that wouldn’t stop bleeding. We paid out of pocket and my medical insurance reimbursed us.
  3. Thank you. He has emergency meds. Plus I bet by the time we cruise the meds should be worked out. He’s a bit concerned he’s over medicated since his resting rate in in 40’s. But the dr knows best.
  4. Good to know. I know it’s common.
  5. yes we are hoping ablation works. However he’s quite a bit overweight. Dr said the success rate of ablation is lower if you are overweight. He’s been trying to lose weight. He’s lost 25 pounds so far and exercises regularly.
  6. Thank you all. This cruise is my husband’s bucket list cruise. He has wanted to do the Panama Canal for several years. We booked over a year ago when we found an amazing deal. We really thought things were just fine with his heart. He had SVT and had an ablation a couple years ago. Now all of a sudden he is diagnosed with AFIB. And the dr has put him on a higher dose of meds plus a blood thinner in hopes to do an ablation. It’s all new to us. I know this isn’t a medical forum just wanted feedback. But if the dr says no to the cruise we will cancel. We will find out more answers Wednesday. I appreciate your help.
  7. I just wanted advice from the cc members. I know this is a doctor discussion, but just wanted feedback. I kind of feel like an idiot now. I see many of you all lived with AFIB for years, but my husband wants to be back to normal without meds. We see dr Wednesday with a ton of questions
  8. yes he has sleep apnea. He’s on a machine. He does not want to be on medication his entire life. He’s hoping an ablation works. We see dr Wednesday
  9. My husband has an Apple Watch. That’s what notified him his heart was not in sinus rhythm. This was last Sunday. We went to dr and he admitted him. He tried ablation, but did not work since it was AFIB. A couple years ago he had SVT which was a heart rate that stayed high. He had an ablation and we thought he was all fixed. We had a 15 Hawaii cruise planned and the cardiologist said he was fine to go and that cruise lines have the equipment for such emergencies. I will double check if the Coral has the equipment. I was just wondering if any of you all had experiences. We see the doctor for the follow up in a couple days. We will see what he thinks. But right now the medication is doing its job, maybe a bit low, but we will revisit that. thank you all.
  10. I will ask Princess. But I’m sure there must be someone on CC that has maybe had to use the medical services.
  11. We are scheduled to go on the Coral on November 17th this year. My husband was just diagnosed with AFIB. They are controlling in with meds to suppress the rate for 90 days until they try an ablation. So if he needs to be Cardio inverted (shocked) does the ship have that capability.
  12. I went to the link and took me to my cruise personalizer but it didn’t have puerto Vallarta as a choice.
  13. Can I get a picture of the pool? The one closest to the spa?
  14. I just received an email from Princess. We are going on the Coral to Panama Canal from San Francisco on November 17th, this year. The shore excursion desk sent me an email to book excursions for our Puerto Vallarta stop. We are not stopping in Puerto Vallarta. I guess they must have just sent the email by mistake. Of course I wouldn’t mind stopping in Puerto Vallarta.
  15. My uncle says MSC is good.
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