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  1. I was on a tour and asked about the coffee and was told HAL uses grounds. I have also been there in the Lido when they are “making the coffee” saw the filter and grounds. Like everyone else has said tastes are subjective, I find the coffee too strong so I just cut it with a couple ounces hot water and for me tastes great.
  2. I just checked Sip and Sale not showing up here yet on the west coast. Maybe when they open here at in about an hour. It is 6:10 am here right now.
  3. For us as we are three, the third person price came down a couple of hundred. For the first two in the cabin the price was the same. The port charges I noted for all three were up about 15.00 each. I called about the price overall coming down and we could refare and save a net of $100.00 but I found out the deposit on Sun Drenched is non-refundable. Our current cruise has refundable everything up to late July, I didn’t refare and just kept what we had. Sip and Sale starts tomorrow, Thursday so I will check again and see if there are and “good deals”.
  4. They delivered my bronze metal to my room too, actually left it in the mailbox. I was cruising with two other people, (short cruise only three days) not with my husband, so on our next cruise together my husband and I, when he was to get his bronze metal, he received an invite to the ceremony and all. I went to guest services to ask if I could join the ceremony and have the bronze metal presented to me like everyone else. HAL kindly accommodated my request. Having the original one just show up in the mailbox didn’t seem special at all, but as I guess it was a very short cruise, only one sea day and two port days I guess no ceremony at all. Mary P.S. I like the tiles, I plan to perhaps cover a tray with them.
  5. I checked too, my cruise does not apply, she said cruises for 2020 onwards, the deal for my cruise, which is Fall 2019 is worst with the three day sale place, than what I received directly from Princess which is free gratuities and OBC. I will be transferring to the hot dog place though.
  6. Sounds like a great trip, will be following. Safe travels.
  7. We do have a certain look, when we are at the airport waiting for our flight from our home town to our destination, I “pick out all the other cruisers who are also waiting”. Helps to pass the time. LOL
  8. Amazing photos thank you for sharing. Mary
  9. There are Nexus Lines within the U.S. as well, when we disembarked in Port Everglades, we all had to go through US customs, long lines to see agents, we had our Nexus cards and a couple of people in that line we were in and out in two minutes.
  10. That is my understanding we are unable to walk off with coffee, people had to drink their explorations coffee or throw it out. I don’t know the rational I just experienced people ahead of us having to throw their coffee out.
  11. We had one on the Noordam on April 27th in B.B. Kings, they had orange "wigs" and orange baseball type hats they were handing out. Also we all received an orange drink, and they served appetizers bitterballen, etc. . Some people really came prepared and had everything orange on. Beads, eye glasses, even clothing. Was a nice fun evening, HAL really put a big effort in this.
  12. Hi Maria, i just checked all the Sept. 2020 NS sailings and they do have that booking bonus as you have noted above. I can think of only two things that would prevent you from getting those perks. 1). You booked with a restricted fare at the time of booking, meaning your deposit is non refundable and to get those perks you would have to lose your deposit and rebook in order to get those perks. OR 2) Sometimes when promotions come out, the price of the cruise has gone up from when you booked, say, when you originally booked the cruise without the perks you paid “X” and now the cruise has perks but in order to get those perks you have to pay an additional “Y”. If either of those two scenarios do not apply, I would get TA to phone again, and try to get you those perks, your TA should be able to explain exactly to you why you wouldn’t be able to get the perks. Good luck.
  13. One time we were on a cruise with a lady who forgot her under garments and had to wear her husbands until we got to our first port in Hawaii, until she could go shopping. Now every time we are packing we both ask each other have you got your undergarments. Remember to pack your under garments.
  14. Congratulations on receiving your bronze medal. Great pictures.
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