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  1. You know I feel the same way, it breaks my heart that people are so ungrateful and be so unkind. When push came to shove Cambodia was the only one to step up. Kudos to Cambodia. Beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder.
  2. Hi, I just had a flashback when you mentioned Hokey Pokey sundae, I think it was you on last years blog mentioning about this ice cream, I had never heard of it, but I sure love ice cream, anyways we did a New Zealand cruise spring 2019 I kept looking for it finally found it while on a Hobbiton tour, sure is yummy. Glad your having a great cruise.
  3. We are planning to do that as well. Will be a nice reminder of the ships we were on and places we have been to.
  4. Thank you for the review and sharing information about the ports. Part of our decision to cruise South America this fall was after following Scubacruiserx2 blog last year and following other blogs.
  5. Thanks Twangster. Awesome pictures!! Thanks for sharing.
  6. Enjoying the blog. Your very photogenic, nice picture on the deck railing with the moon light coming through.
  7. I think it was the nature of the cruise 5 day Cabo, anything goes. For longer cruises and different ports, different vibe.
  8. Sorry to hear that you both got the bug and were quarantine for a couple of days, glad to hear you are both on the mend. Regarding the missed tour for Punta Arenas do you remember who the tour operator was? Do you know if people enjoyed the tour?
  9. Our experience, no shorts for men at dinner MDR, will get turned away, breakfast and lunch okay for shorts, okay for Capris for women MDR on smart casual nights.
  10. As everybody has mentioned no electronics store, in the past in the photo gallery section people we have cruised with have purchased go pros, I think they also have cameras, so that might be an option.
  11. Just wanted to say enjoying the blog. Love all the jewelry and crafts you are making. I enjoy the trivia even though I don’t do so well. I like your smile especially when you are holding your purchases from the yarn store in B.A. and you are holding your bag. Thanks for keeping up with the blog.
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