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  1. Thanks Dutchy just saved $550.00 on our spring cruise and then went ahead and booked a fall 2020 cruise. Good prices on both.
  2. I’m curious about your Bliss experience. Personally I don’t like that large of a ship, I am right in Vancouver and prices last minute for that cruise was for inside $400.00 CDN and port charges. I did like all the ports that cruise went too. So I did think about it. I heard it was a travel agents cruise. Did you happen to do review on the NCL site?
  3. We were on a 33 day cruise and a lady forgot to pack her underwear she had packed her husbands and our first port stop wasn't for five days, so she wore her husbands for those first five days. Now my husband and I always ask did you pack your underwear.
  4. Hi, thanks for posting that document. I have always just packed things as I thought of things, but this is just more organized, as we are getting older we are forgetting more things, 😮 I am going to save and modify the document for us.
  5. That sounds like a great idea to sample them all. Have a great cruise.
  6. You sure don’t sound “Happy” now.
  7. LOL, so they have signs about not refilling water bottle directly from the spout, they should also have a sign for the coffee. More and more people are bringing thermoses to refill their coffee and they do so directly from the spout, I mentioned to one person they might want to fill a cup of coffee then pour that into the thermos, and the response, there is no sign to do that. What can you do. 😳. I might try your comments above about foaming at the mouth, sweating, and rash next time I see someone do that.😁
  8. Hi Scuba, Firstly, I love your blogs, the pictures are awesome and I love your humorous comments. I followed your South America with great anticipation, such a visual treat, the summer one I didn’t follow only because I work full time and summer is my extra busy season so I don't get a chance to follow bloggers. Second, with regards to interactiveness, I think we need to know how many people log into each forum. We sail most often HAL and then Princess. We have not sailed Celebrity. I maybe incorrect but I think between the three cruise lines noted, Celebrity ships are larger than HAL and Princess, and Princess is second and then HAL is smaller average ship size wise. We have to know how many people on an average day log into each forum, then with your stats, we can find percentage of activeness. We can know which forum and which cruise line is more active. On a personal note, we are mid 50’s years of age, we always find great, friendly people, a few of whom we keep in touch after the cruise, the HAL people we find we have the most common or great conversations with. One day I sure hope to meet you both on a cruise. Thanks for all your posts. Kind Regards, Mary
  9. Thanks for posting, will be following. We are on the Star in just under three weeks. Thanks for the pictures of Seattle, we love Seattle and have not done either of those two tours so now is on our list. Have a great mini vacation.
  10. Snorkeling Klein Bonaire, walk from cruise port left about two blocks, take ferry over to Klein Bonaire, was $20.00 return last time we were there in 2017. Aruba, city bus depot literally across the street from cruise dock, take bus #10 to Beach for snorkeling, I forgot the name of the beach but same place all the cruise ship excursions go to shipwreck, I think it might be Boca Catalina, is about $1.00 each way. There are two number 10 buses, take the bus in the first boarding area, it goes further than the other number 10 bus. Felt safe in all these area, Curacao, we did do a tour did not prebook lots of vendors to take you around. The vendors are close to the bridge. We love ABC, have been twice to all three places, would go anytime.
  11. I thought the policy for water and or soda was that it had to be carried on by passenger. Can’t checked it anymore. Don’t want the staff to schlepp on extra luggage, they have enough to do already.
  12. I'm from Canada would love to get a good bottle of wine for under$15.00. We need a Trader Joe's in Canada. :) I swap out the ship Sparkling Wine for a wine as well, usually get white.
  13. I have OBC from my TA, I always print that part and bring on cruise, thee first or second day I go to customer service and double check all OBC is on the account. If you can, bring a document with listed TA OBC just in case something doesn't show up on account. Have a great cruise.
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