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  1. Hi Bubba Can the PVP just move you to the Grand and transfer the deposit. Maybe they can offer you some OBC ahead of time as Sun is sold. Congrats on your upcoming 25th Anniversary.
  2. Good Morning, here it is anyways was just curious on what we have posted here for your area just to compare. All CDN dollars 15 day Indonesia RT Perth Sea Princess Dec. 23 1755.00 + 385 taxes 13 day NZ RT Melbourne Sapphire Dec. 20. 2067 + 370 taxes 12 day Fiji RT Sydney Regal Dec. 28. 2067 + 237 13 day NZ RT Sydney Majestic Dec 23. 2237 + 368 14 day NZ RT Brisbane Sun Dec. 28 2456 + 444
  3. Low possibility for 2021 maybe 2022 is a safer bet.
  4. Okay let’s say the CDC says cruising can go ahead. Great news, oh one thing, where are these cruise ships supposed to go, no other country will allow them to dock. Cruising will come back when the world agrees it is safe to do so. The CDC is agreeing with the common sentiment of the world.
  5. My credit card company initially denied, they said I had to wait 90 days once that time passed I had to submit cancellation email and the statement indicating final payment. I just said. Look I have been a customer with said credit card company 30 years, never requested a chargeback. I would take the cruise, but cruise line cancelled, anyhow they did do a chargeback, gave the cruise line 45 days to respond, they never did so I received the release of the funds. Maybe try again with credit card company and speak with a supervisor, have all your documentation ready when you call. Good luck. I know it is a hard time for the cruise line, but it is also hard on all of us. You spent money on that cruise and you deserve to get that back. The cruise line is not endearing us right now to them, having some people fight to get their back. I love cruising and hope to again in the future, but right now I needed the money back and I got it.
  6. We were to get half in cash, half in FCC, I called and asked about receiving all back in cash and they said no. I then did a credit card dispute, two of the reasons being, I paid them with cash, they cancelled the cruise, I want it all back in cash, and also who knows when cruising is going to resume. Hopefully you have all your emails and paperwork and credit card statement showing when you paid for the cruise. Anyhow I was successful, the credit card company did a chargeback dispute, the cruise line had 45 days to respond, they never did, after 45 days the credit card company released the credit back to my account. I did this before the FCC showed up in my account.
  7. I remember it was 2008, it was my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary, they took all four of their kids, the spouses and the grandchildren. It was a two night cruise a Vancouver to Seattle with no port stops, and then taking Private bus back to Vancouver. I remember thinking, what do people do on cruises, it’s for two days, will it be fun. Anyhow fast forward to today and my husband and I have about 320 cruise days behind us. We both work full time. We try to take two cruises per year, all of our vacation is set aside for cruising. Our longest was 37 days. All of them we have enjoyed, but I really liked the South Pacific French Polynesia. We snorkeled quite a bit. That was in 2014. A 33 day cruise.
  8. Yes gratuities will be charged to your child of 13 months. We never cruised with a 13 month old but if I did to be honest I think I would think about removing them for a child under 2.
  9. Flights are from other parts of Canada. Here in B.C. we were doing so well, better than other parts of Canada and the States, now our numbers are creeping up some days 53 new cases, when we were down to 10 or less, a day. Doesn’t look good. They are planning to reopen schools in September, I just don’t understand how that will happen without another big spike. I work in an industry that deals with the public. People are getting too complacent.
  10. I am thinking earliest is Q4 2021. We have to get a reliable vaccine, two doses, then wait for antibodies to kick in. Also right now we can’t get travel insurance to cover COVID, we will not travel until we can get travel insurance. The airlines are experiencing problems with COVID, and that is with 500 people on a flight for say five hours. A cruise line with say 2000 over 7 days, no way could that happen without people getting COVID. We need a vaccine before cruising can restart.
  11. Hi Ken, Yes, that is correct, I should have been more clear. I look forward to the medallions and that is based on cruise days. I love all that stuff, even the tiles. I appreciate all of that from HAL. Princess gives you a sticker for a little paper passport. I don’t collect the stickers. I am so hopeful for a turn around next spring and then we all can plan our next cruise. Take Care, Mary
  12. We sail both HAL and Princess, HAL is number of days sailed. We have 220 days on HAL and 46 days on Princess. Princess can be either or, or a combination of both. The membership levels are as follows: Gold – Upon completion of 1 Princess cruise. Ruby – 4th/5th cruise or 31-50 cruise days. Platinum – 6th/15th cruise or 51-150 cruise days. Elite – From 16th cruise or 151+ cruise days. Technically on Princess, one could take 16 one day cruises to get to top level. We have met many people who did take a one day cruise if they needed to get to next level. For me 7 days is too little, let alone one night cruises, even though we could easily go Seattle to Vancouver or vice versa. Let's hope we all cruise soon.
  13. Hi, Thanks so much for posting, please keep it coming. Gives us all such hopes. I am glad no more self service in buffet, hope they always have that. Hope you are having a great time. Mary
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