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  1. So glad you had a great cruise. If you are up to it would love to hear more of it. It is a great distraction for all of us and we can be taken mentally to a simpler time.
  2. In my opinion there will not be any cruises for at least six months. HAL has to do the pause one month at a time so they can process the refunds in an orderly fashion, (and they also get to hold onto the cash from future cruises). My cruise which was to leave on April 15 out of San Diego, did not get cancelled until last week. Even though all of our scheduled ports had been closed early in March. We couldn’t even get across the border to even embark on the ship. Where would we have cruised to? It was inevitable the cruise was going to be cancelled. I don’t understand why people are waiting for HAL to cancel, other than if they are wanting a full cash refund instead of part cash and part FCC.
  3. Your cruise was not scheduled to go until April 19th, 2020. Now that there has been a full pause of all cruises from mid March onwards, the staff at HAL now has to go through every single booking for each cruise for each person. You will get your refund. I cancelled our cruise which was to start on April 15th I cancelled that on March 8th, 2020. I have not received my half refund cash and other FCC. Have patience. If you rationally think they have to go through each individual booking, and each ship, for cruises over currently an approx. two month pause at this time of cruises, wow that number of refunds they are processing is in the tens of thousands. There is no corporate indifference. HAL staff are a lot busy at the moment. Being mad, upset, unreasonable doesn’t help the situation for you at all, just wasted energy.
  4. Regarding any overpayments using FCC and getting that portion of the overpayment back. I called HAL yesterday, I have an FCC still to be posted of $2991.00. The cruise that I am thinking of booking is about that same amount. I was advised that the deposit is outside the FCC, I can booked now, pay the deposit and once FCC comes through apply it later to the cruise. I will have about $400.00 left in FCC once I “paid” for the cruise using the FCC. I asked about the $400.00 and was advised it is just to be used for base fares only, and I would “lose it” if I didn’t booked another cruise by the end of 2020 to cruise in 2021.
  5. How could they follow social distancing rules, physical distancing rules during a dry dock. I’ve seen pictures of workers inside ships during a dry dock and there are hundreds of them.
  6. We are all waiting with batted breath. Hoping for updated posts with each leg and then finally when you are all home walking through your door. 🙂
  7. Yeah, good idea to cancel. No need for the worry or stress.
  8. Thanks Scott perfect. That is the information I was looking for.
  9. Hi, For Canadians for jointly purchasing CCL stock, how to we do that, can we do that in an RRSP, Or does it have to be in a joint margin account. We would prefer joint RRSP, but don’t know if that is possible. What vehicle do you use. Can we purchased joint CCL shares, do you use something like Questrade?
  10. Thanks, didn’t think about that, I did think about the coffee and milk/ cream containers, usually in the Lido I do self serve coffee, milk and water. So much to think about and how to avoid person to person same objects held, heck even salt and pepper containers. What about the desserts you know the cookies and the tongs, or condiments, etc, I guess it could be endless. We are still planing to go though, we have a cruise in about five weeks, maybe all meals in MDR is the answer. Who knows. No ping pong either.
  11. Hi Zelker, We were on Noordam in the spring 2019, we had Keoni, as well but we have had Kainoa as well. Kainoa is from Oahu, the Honolulu area is a larger person, very soft spoken. Keoni is on the thinner side and is not as soft spoken. Both are excellent and we would be happy with either of them on our cruise.
  12. We were there two years ago arrive Juneau I think October 2nd, lucked out on weather, but if course that is unpredictable any time of year. Most stores closed, but there were a handful still open. Great sales.
  13. We are also thinking of buying, just curious if you have 300 shares do you get triple the OBC per cruise, or just the regular OBC and the rest of the shares is just for investment purposes.
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