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  1. Going from Ogden Point to downtown Empress Hotel is less than two kilometres walk, which is just over 1 mile. It takes a leisurely 25 minute walk, walking through nice neighbourhoods. If you are not mobility challenged in anyway it’s a nice walk. Google map directions for the shorter walk. You come in behind the Parliament Buildings and The Royal B.C. Museum.
  2. Hey Canadianbear, I think you are from Vancouver, me too, we are on that Maasdam sailing in April, sailing home to Vancouver. We are also doing Copper Canyon, didn't even know about Copper Canyon until I read on the roll call, so I did some research and signed up. Why not join the cruise, there are now direct flights from Vancouver to San Diego now, we used to have to do a transfer. We are using flight ease. Mary
  3. I have been on the kitchen tours with HAL and have asked that question, they make their coffee with beans. We sail with Princess as well and there coffee is made using syrup.
  4. We are going in April 2020 is $549.00 USD per person, I am Canadian just came through my mastercard at over $1,400.00 CDN Ouch!
  5. We sailed for the 28 days on the Westerdam in Fall of 2018 leaving Vancouver ending in Shanghai. There were approx. 1,200 guest that went just from Vancouver to Yokohama, and then disembarked. So in Fall of 2019 I was watching that cruise again and the approx. 13 day sailing (that was in Fall of 2019, in late August, went down to $548.00 plus port charges, two of my husbands co-workers whom have never cruised before went on that sailing. Of course nothing is guaranteed but if you are just looking for the crossing that shorter cruise in Fall of 2018 it went down to $649.00 and in Fall of 2019 like I said it went down to $548.00 (prices quoted do not include port charges) I found it very interesting as I never thought of taking the shorter cruise as a means to get to Japan, which in hindsight is what I now think is a great idea. Anyhow the two co-workers who never cruised before and were even in Japan when the hurricane hit and they even missed a port, (we were concerned that they would have had a terrible experience) anyhow they both still loved the cruise, even going through a hurricane and missing a port. Loved the food and Lincoln Centre. Both of these guys are in their late 20's. Anyhow if that is what you are after the shorter cruise maybe start looking in July 2020 for September 2020.
  6. Hi, Read that post seems like he opted out of both daily gratuity and the 18% drink service charge.
  7. We are on the Star next week, we are Vancouver to L.A, San Diego, Santa Barbara and San Francisco back to Vancouver, out of those four port stops we are losing 9.5 hours of port time from the time posted when we first booked as we have been advised the ship will be going slower in those areas, 10 knots, rather than 20 knots. Our port arrival time was to be 7:00 am L.A. now it is 9:30am. We are either arriving later or leaving earlier in each of our port stops. This is to protect the marine life.
  8. Thanks Dutchy just saved $550.00 on our spring cruise and then went ahead and booked a fall 2020 cruise. Good prices on both.
  9. I’m curious about your Bliss experience. Personally I don’t like that large of a ship, I am right in Vancouver and prices last minute for that cruise was for inside $400.00 CDN and port charges. I did like all the ports that cruise went too. So I did think about it. I heard it was a travel agents cruise. Did you happen to do review on the NCL site?
  10. We were on a 33 day cruise and a lady forgot to pack her underwear she had packed her husbands and our first port stop wasn't for five days, so she wore her husbands for those first five days. Now my husband and I always ask did you pack your underwear.
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