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  1. Thanks so much for the info and the wonderful photos.
  2. Hello - Any recommendations on private tour operators in Puerto Princesa, Philippines? We'd like to visit the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park. Thanks in advance!!
  3. You may book through Costco, with your Costco membership number. If you book your cruise through Costco Travel, then you receive a greater discount on the insurance. If you don't book through Costco, you still receive a discount, but not as much. You need to call Costco Travel / Insurance and talk to a person.
  4. We have always used Allianz for travel insurance, but see that Costco has travel insurance through Zurich provided by Cover-More Inc. Has anyone had any experience with Cover-More travel insurance? Thanks!
  5. We have always used Allianz for travel insurance, but see that Costco has travel insurance through Zurich provided by Cover-More Inc. Has anyone had any experience with Cover-More travel insurance? Thanks!
  6. Hi Jacqui - Please add us to the Future Cruise List: Noordam - 04-Jan-25 - 28 day Coral Triangle, Volcanoes & Great Barrier Reef JOIN US Jacqui! We would love to cruise with you again! Thanks - Betsy
  7. We will receive the Elite Drink Package on our next cruise as part of our Have It All cruise price. Does the Elite Drink Package include the coffee at the Exploration Café and after dinner specialty coffee in the dining room? And does it include sodas? I read that there is an 18% gratuity charge. Is that on the drink package or per drink? And, how it that charged? Is it rolled into the Have It All price or is it charge to your onboard account? Thanks!
  8. What are the current daily crew gratuities? What are the current Wi-Fi prices? Are they projected to go up in 2024? Thanks!
  9. Thanks for the reply. The other thread helped out a lot. Went to my bookings and priced it out!
  10. What are the current Premium internet package costs? I know that I saw a chart somewhere on this site a while ago. Thanks!!
  11. Hi Jacqui, I just read about your elbow. Positive thoughts and prayers for you. Hope you make it home and the elbow heals quickly. Betsy
  12. Hi Jacqui - Just got on Cruise Critic for the first time since our cruise in November and saw that you are currently on the Koningsdam! Hope you are having a fantastic time and that your foot is holding up well. We've haven't sailed on a Pinnacle Class ship yet, so I would love to hear your impressions on the Koningsdam. Happy Holidays and have a great time! ~Betsy
  13. Great cruise!! Fantastic roll call! Wonderful staff and crew. A lot of the crew were on their first ever contracts. The cruise was especially good with Jacqui's organization! Thanks so much Jacqui for keeping us organized and keeping us busy with lots of roll call events! We brought the Portuguese "invisible wine" to Jacqui's wine tasting. They peel the skin off the grapes and then do three light presses, then bottle the wine. A little fizz to the overall taste - but very refreshing and good. Here is a picture of the bottle we brought. Hope it loads okay - I've never posted a photo on Cruise Critic before.
  14. If you show up early, before your boarding time, can you use the priority boarding?
  15. Is there still priority Boarding for 4 Star and 5 Star Mariners?
  16. Are there covid test every couple of days on your cruise?
  17. We’ve spent most of HAL sailings on R Class Ships. During port sail-ins and sail-outs, we went to the open deck, on Deck 6, at the front of the ship, just below the bridge. Do the Vista Class ships have a public outside deck for sail-ins and sail-outs at the front of the ship? Not the Observation Deck or the Crow's Nest. Are the front decks on Deck 5, Deck 6 and Deck 7 open to passengers?
  18. We are bringing some wine onboard at our embarkation port. I know that we will be charged $20 in corkage fees per bottle. Do these fees go on your onboard spending account? Or do you pay the $20 corkage fee in Euro at the dock? Sailing from Barcelona. Thanks!!
  19. I just spoke with someone in the Mariner's Office at HAL. He said that the Have It All package was not included in your onboard spending. That it was part of the cost of the cruise. Soooo confused!!
  20. Thanks! Can't believe that we can't take one bottle onboard for the cabin. Times have changed!
  21. Are we still allowed one bottle of wine, (free of corkage charge), per person, at embarkation? Thanks!
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