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  1. Hanging with Mr Fogies, sounds like a cool sitcom.
  2. I got a call from RCCL and they said mine will be brown for the next cruise.
  3. I heard that Royal is offering a discount if you are on this sailing with this cruiser.
  4. Back in late 90s and early 2000s, we had cruises that did both. Are their any that do that today?
  5. We love the beds as well, I lot of people used to complain about them being too soft.
  6. This is impossible as no one is allowed to complain about the Allure.
  7. Do you get a notice from RoyalUp if you book in a Guaranteed Stateroom? thanks
  8. Long Island and Mango Daiquiri from the Schooner Bar
  9. We feel the size and the amount of people is just too much. We have been on all other ships though.
  10. So making it harder for a disabled person is ok though, not.
  11. Was Cartman there? He would have yelled Cripple Fight
  12. Instead of removing the tips, on my last cruise I just kicked their ass. Then told them to shape up..............
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