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  1. This is a March 11 night touch canal cruise out of Tampa... so we all know it’s toast. Unfortunately it’s not eligible for lift and shift or I would have done that long ago.
  2. Yes, I got port taxes for a cruise back on the same day as I got the mysterious $504. We paid for nothing extra for that cruise. We were in a suite so no upgrades and we hadn’t purchased any shore excursions. Maybe I’m getting port taxes for the Connie cruise that they haven’t cancelled yet😂😂😂😂.
  3. Exactly! Still waiting for them to cancel our March touch canal cruise. We know it’s being cancelled but I’d really love for them to do it before my final payment is due! I guess they are cancelling ship by ship instead of by dates. Meanwhile, I keep getting random credits from Celebrity on my credit card. We’ve had over ten cruises cancelled. Some we have taken FCC, some lift and shift, some refunded. My TA is excellent at staying on top of what I should be getting back but occasionally I get random amounts back (this week $504) that we can’t figure out. Then sometimes they refund me and deci
  4. We have been to Rome a few times and plan to spend a few days there before the cruise. It’s funny tho, when I get off the ship I’m done, just ready to get home.
  5. This is true, there are just so many unknowns. Right now I’m in the information gathering stage of our trip. I am not planning on booking quite yet, because with all the changes and shuffling around that the cruise lines are doing, I’m not even sure that our cruise will be a go. The no change fees many airlines are offering is helpful, and I have quite a few air credits due to cancelled cruises this year!
  6. Thank you! That was going to be my next question if we had to stay overnight!
  7. We are doing a BTB on Infinity next summer and will be disembarking the ship in Civitavecchia . Docking time is 5:15 am. Most all of the flights from Rome to the states leave by noon. Is that doable or should we just plan on leaving the next day?
  8. We are Joan, thanks. Finally were able to do some volunteering at the grandsons school so we aren’t going quite as crazy. Curious to see how many of the eleven cruises we have booked for next year we will actually be able to take! You and Greg take care. Debbie
  9. My TA hasn’t gotten an official notice yet, I just looked at the global suspension notice that they just posted.
  10. As I scrolled way down through the notice, I found that our cruise has been suspended too.
  11. Ok, so they have cancelled all the cruises before and after our Eclipse November cruise but not our cruise? Surely they will correct that soon.
  12. Yes, just waiting for cancellation to get the 125% fcc to pay for another cruise we booked awhile back.
  13. My cruise (Eclipse November 10) has been showing sold out except for suites for a couple of months, and the suites are priced much, much higher than what we paid for ours. We have known for awhile that this cruise won’t go since it originates from Singapore and they are nowhere close to lifting restrictions for tourists. My guess is that it’s Celebrity’s way of keeping too many people from just booking because they know it won’t sail and getting the 125%FCC.
  14. Since they have recently removed my upcoming November cruise (Eclipse November 10th) from their website, but I have no official cancellation yet, I have started making some observations. It appears that Solstice and Eclipse have disappeared from November and December schedules. Silhouette has disappeared from the November schedule. All other ships with the exception of Millennium are listed on the website beginning various dates in November. Reflection beginning on 11/2 to infinity beginning on 11/30 for Caribbean cruises. Millennium is still listed as doing Asia in November. Perhaps a trav
  15. Agreed, the ONLY show that I have ever skipped dinner for so that I could see it twice!
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