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  1. Hey all, quick question. I was originally booked in a sailing departing 3/21/20, right as cruises were first canceled because of the pandemic. The original offer said you had to book by 12/31/20. Later, it changed to book by 5/31/21 because cruises kept getting cancelled (and still are!). I recall seeing somewhere on Carnival’s that this new book by date was extended to those who were on earlier canceled cruises to. I don’t see that exact wording anymore. A PVP reached out to me tonight saying I needed to book by 12/31/20 but think he is mistaken. Is anyone else in a simi
  2. Yes, you are right about how there is no scientific fact yet. I'm sure there will be, but we just don't have it yet. However, knowing what we know about both industries and about how different viruses behave, I think beachbum53's statement is logical - if at the very least to suggest that both flying and cruising as they were before COVID-19 are very risky. As an epidemiologist, when I weigh the risks of transmission, there are two very important factors: numbers of virus introductions and proximity/space. Yes, cruises hold a lot more people at any time. However, airplanes carry a
  3. They're only going to cancel one month at a time because it takes forever to even process all the cancellations. Hold times are already 2-3 hours, can you imagine if they canceled everything until the summer in one swoop? I think cruise lines will suspend sailings until at least mid-summer. We aren't even close to the peak of this thing in the states.
  4. There is no evidence of the virus not thriving well in hotter climates. Please do not spread unsubstantiated remarks.
  5. The situation will be very different by April. Too soon to determine changes now. Since Italy started reporting cases, other European are seeing cases too that are linked to Italy, including Croatia. Catalonia just announced its first case too. It could be that it'll become more widespread in Europe over the next couple months. Or maybe it'll all blow over. So the question will not just be what do the cruise lines do about Italy. What will they do about their entire European season?
  6. @Jamesatgsu understands that, which is why he used the past tense to reference the after 7pm access....
  7. Keep checking back daily. I booked my cruise 3 months in advance in a spa interior and upgraded to a Havana later. At least 4 Havana cabins appeared within the first month after booking, I'm guessing due to cancellations or those interiors upgrading to balcony cabins. If you check once or twice a day, I think you'll be able to snag them!
  8. They pushed off from the dock, then they describe a sound as a car revving an engine trying to get it to start. They went back to the dock. Now they’re moving again, leaving 90 min late. No announcement though.
  9. They have heard no updates from the Captain yet, which I would assume no news is good news. But they also haven’t left yet... more to come!
  10. Glad everything turned out for you okay and the outcome wasn't more serious. Sounds like the cruise line was afraid you might sue them for the slip and fall so they offered you all that upfront. Of course, accidents happen, but I'm sure they get passengers quite often who try to take advantage of the situation.
  11. Family is on board right now and said they're late into port this morning (Mazatlan) due to a mechanical issue that is preventing them from going at regular speed. Not sure of more details or if it's something that will be able to be fixed today while in port. But a mechanical issue on a brand new ship, that doesn't sound good.
  12. You paid for her cruise and she didn't even give you an explanation for backing out?!? That's not someone I'd call a friend any longer. Is there anyone else you could think of who you'd like to join you? It's a month away, maybe someone would be able to make it work
  13. That's unfortunate since this is likely to go on for a year or more. The peak in China alone won't be until April or May, estimates say and that's not including wherever else this spreads. Will I go to China? No. But I won't let it stop me from traveling altogether and will just take proper precautions wherever I decide to go.
  14. Her test came back for flu, not coronavirus. Honestly, flu and noro are bigger risks, and if this situation validates anything, it's that and not anything to do with your risk of coronavirus and the number of Chinese cruisers.
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