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  1. Crew has good suggestions above post. Check out the reviews for those beach clubs to see if any appeal. Also Almaplena or Hayhu if you need to be off the malecon.
  2. Which facility are you requiring updates on? And about what in particular? This is an old thread, with old information, and 2021 is a long time in the future, a lot could change.
  3. Some cruise line excursions include snorkeling, which will be with a guide and buffet. It is easy enough to do on your own and rent or take your own equipment. https://www.cozumelparks.com/en/chankanaab-eng/ You will see from the map several places to buy food or drinks., also the beach and snorkeling area.
  4. You are thinking of Tom who used to be the manager. He now runs the Cozumel Bar Hop ( very efficiently) and hasn’t been at Paradise for years. Best to just use the contact information on the web page - they have always answered me.
  5. Agree 6 ships is quite common for Cozumel and the island is quite able to accommodate. Not sure what, or where, you plan to go on the mainland. If you plan to go outside of Playa I would only go with through the cruise line as they will have a dedicated ferry as posted above and you will not need to taxi to and from town adding to time. Not sure what there is in Playa that you can't find in Cozumel and depending on season although the beaches are better in Playa, you may find them covered in seaweed depending how things turn out next summer.
  6. Glad you enjoyed! We will be back in February.
  7. Faro Celarain is at Punta Sur about 40 minutes away. You need to pay entrance fee to the park. You will need a driver to stay with you. https://www.cozumelparks.com/en/punta-sur-eng/ Difficult exit from top of steps out to top of light house.
  8. About 3 miles each way to the center. There are side walks all the way and quite safe. We have walked most of the way at night but generally too hot during the day when visiting by cruise ship.
  9. They weren’t generally missing Progresso - there was talk of substituting Progresso for Costa Maya on some previous sailings. Progresso is the nearest port to Galveston and least likely to be missed unless there are winds.
  10. We have also used ToursPlaza many times. Check out their website for all the details and suggestions of places to go. Restaurants on east side include Mezcalitos, Punta Morena, El Pescador, Chen Rio and Rastas. Checkout Tripadvisor for reviews and photos to see if any seem familiar.
  11. I haven’t been to Mahogany as we always dock at Coxen Hole. They used to allow independent drivers in to bring you back and there were taxis to take you from the port to the driver meet-up point. Has this stopped?
  12. Nachi and Sanchos are very different. Many places will only serve beer in plastic cups around pool or beach areas, even if it was bottled. The only pool on Cozumel advertised as heated is Paradise Beach. Great pool and facilities if you are looking for PAYG but again since there are activities busier than Nachi.
  13. Prices are listed on their website and can be pre-booked. You can probably negotiate a better price in the day.
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