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  1. c-leg5

    norwegian bliss

    What sort of excursions? If you just want Playa you catch the ferry. Not sure why you would want to go just there unless you have done everything in Cozumel. Could you be more specific?
  2. Thanks for confirming- that’s what I thought!
  3. We have done both although it has been a while since we went to Maya Key. As you have determined travel to both is convenient and relatively quick- Maya kay marginally easier. Sol y Mar is basically a beach day, with nicer beach. Food and drinks can be included or PAYG Maya kay has snorkeling, beach, pool, animals, places to walk and see. Lunch included, drinks extra.
  4. We visited both a few years ago before taken over by Barcelo so I don’t know what changes there have been. We had only a day pass to Allegro on a very cold windy day so didn’t get to fully enjoy/appreciate it but I think it was better choice with young children. We had a 2 year old with us and went specifically for the splash ground. We stayed at Occidental and enjoyed it as a couple. Some brief observations- the food and restaurants seemed better at Occidental BUT lunch is served at an open air buffet by the beach and it is closed and moved to the inside buffet in main hotel area if the weather is bad. This is not a problem in itself but it is a long walk from the main building to the beach if you have any mobility problems. Allegro is quite a distance from the main building to the beach but it is all connected. Occidental is two areas separated by a walkway across the mangrove area. I think you will find a site plan for both if you google and will see better what I mean. Both had well maintained grounds. Since you have older kids you may prefer Occidental but it depends what you are looking for specifically, there was a fairly recent review of Allegro by a large group that enjoyed it.
  5. All transport in Cozumel is by taxi, ( unless you rent a vehicle). Prices are posted on a board at the pier. Price quoted above is for up to 4 people.
  6. Money Bar does have better snorkeling by virtue of the fact it is ironshore, ie no real beach. You will not get good snorkeling if it is sandy. That said there are some rocks at Paradise and I believe some people have had some success snorkeling by the pier. it really depends what you are looking for from your day. Paradise is much larger, more loungers, big pool, more people. Watersports and toys available for extra fee. It is a beach club. Money Bar is a beach bar with good food, drinks, restrooms large restaurant, some loungers, better snorkeling but rocky access. It doesn't have a minimum fee but you are expected to eat/drink relative to the time you occupy your seat/ lounger. use the search engine to find intensive photo review by Mitsugirly who did a review of both Money Bar and Paradise that she visited on one day.
  7. Looks like that’s the one at Dolphinaris near town. google for their website.
  8. I would also recommend asking the company you have booked with for recommendations. This blog reviews travel with a wheelchair which may help with regards access https://spintheglobe.net/dir/2019/03/05/cruise-port-of-call-wheelchair-accessibility-review-roatan-honduras/ This site gives some indication of how accessible different venues are. I see they claim Sol y mar is accessible and I also found that on another site. I have been there but cannot remember a paved walkway to the beach but i think probably from the parking lot to the restaurant where you should be able to see the beach and restrooms, so might be worth checking out with your company. http://www.boddentours.com/accessible.htm You may get more first-hand answers here https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/114-disabled-cruise-travel/
  9. The site i looked at had a separate price depending if you wanted to ride single or double.
  10. From International in order walking towards town: (here are some bars/restaurants - there are others) El Cid - next to International therefore most convenient place. Offers pool and wi-fi. They used to sell a ~$20 pass in the lobby with ~$10 back towards food and drink. You would need to check current promotions. Ernestos- popularfor drink and view but we have never been. (Park Royal - AI) (Del Mar Latino Bar - AI) Tikila - popular bar but we weren’t impressed Sunset Turquoise beach bar- owned by Blue Angel. Two levels gets busy. Blue Angel - we enjoy at night for sunset dinners. Never been in the day. Chac Kay Grill-quite new, still waiting to try. However this would be a 30 minute walk or $8 taxi, so the same price as taxi all the way into town and almost as much as going to Money Bar. I suggest you check them out on Google maps and TripAdvisor for photos.
  11. You can walk. There is a sidewalk/cycle path (about 1 mile/20 mins) or take a taxi $8 each way. I have never been so cannot revuew.
  12. Received confirmation from Mr Sanchos that PAYG is still available but as before if they are fully booked they use the whole beach and therefore will not take non-AI guests. They have had this policy for probably a couple of years.
  13. Which pier are you docking at? We also avoid the bars at the piers but we generally find options with a view and sometimes loungers. You will not find much beach area outside the piers. Options depend on which pier and how far you are able (or willing) to walk in the heat.
  14. That surprises me especially during the summer. Their website has not been updated to reflect this. Is it a very recent change?
  15. c-leg5

    Playa Mia

    I am sure no one is going to stop you purchasing a la carte but why buy AI in the first place? Why not just buy an entrance pass and PAYG? I suppose you have to do the math with any promotions that are going at the time.
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