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  1. Wasn’t that always supposed to be the plan, EVENTUALLY? IF and WHEN the port is built.
  2. You may find an old report on CC using the search engine but the cabanas were fairly new before cruising stopped. There was a recent brief report on a “live from” on TA https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g150809-i66-k13483077-Trip_Report_Jan_16th_Jan_30th_Day_7_Fri-Cozumel_Yucatan_Peninsula.html#109212052 You will probably find more reviews on TA. I didn't realize until I read this report that the cabanas seem to be sub-contracted although I guess that at is true of several entities at Chankanaab. I haven’t tried them in person, only seen them. They are right at
  3. Since there have been no cruise ship visitors there has been very little activity on this forum since last year. I think you will get much more useful and up to date information as to what is open and available from the Tripadvisor Cozumel forum, cozumel scubaboard and Cozumel 4 you FB. HTH.
  4. Hi Mitsu , I am not sure when you plan to visit but I would certainly keep checking the government website for up to date information rather than relying on what is current this week, or last. The US citizens that were already there when the testing to return was announced were caught unawares. We are more than ready for a land vacation there but between airlines and medical facilities the time is not right for us yet. Hope you have a good time. Where do you plan to stay? Just remember it will not be like when the cruise ships are there. Many people have welcomed the chang
  5. Maybe check out schedule http://cozumel-airport.com/arrivals.cfm There are reduced flights presently.
  6. obviously there are logistical problems to be worked out as with any new operation but I don’t see why airfare would necessarily be a problem, unless they normally drive to the port. It doesn't seem to stop people flying to San Juan, Florida, Seattle/Vancouver under normal circumstances.
  7. Hi! I don’t recall that one. On thinking further I think I was mistaken with TUI. I think the one I was thinking of was the Spanish cruise line, Pulmantur. The cruise may have originated in Progresso not Cozumel? It certainly began and ended in Mexico in recent years and someone wrote a review. I believe there has been speculation that MSC has looked into doing itineraries like you took.
  8. I agree there is little chance it will happen by May 1st this year. There has certainly been an agreement to supposedly build a fourth pier near to the car ferry. When, or if, it will be built is anyone’s guess. There is definitely an International airport on the island (used it many times) but services have been reduced in recent times and some people fly into Cancun and take the ferry from Playa..
  9. I agree doesn't specifically say RCL although there is a comment on the statement by an RCL official. I think the fact the port hasn’t started to be built yet is a more critical factor for ANY cruise line wishing to homeport there, unless modifications can be made to existing port facilities. I believe TUI may have tried it in the past for an odd sailing?
  10. I agree this is the more significant factor!
  11. Updated 2/26/21 https://mx.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/covid-19-information/
  12. https://www.travelpulse.com/news/cruise/could-royal-caribbean-find-new-homeport-in-cozumel-mexico.html As far as I am aware they haven’t even started building the new port yet. Any further updates from TA’s?
  13. My dad lived in St Mary’s for a while circa 1930 and worked in one of the banks. He used to swim at the quarry. In early 1990’s I took him on a memory trip back to Canada and St Mary’s was one of our stops.
  14. No actual beach access at the port. There are a couple of pools. maybe this will help - map to download https://www.costamaya.com/about-the-port/
  15. I will begin by stating I have zero interest in zip lining and therefore no personal experience of the activity in any of the ports you have listed. Normally you would have received several replies, however since there is very little activity on any of the port of call boards presently I will offer my opinion based on years of cruising to these ports and reading other people’s reviews and hope this provides an insight as to where to start. Costa Maya has some zip lines associated with the water park (which I believe is currently closed). It will require an admission charg
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