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  1. It is as you leave the pier.
  2. You’re welcome - enjoy!
  3. For ease and convenience I prefer Maya Key - 5 minute boat ride directly from the pier and usually options for time of return. I have been to West Bay but I haven’t actually been to Tabyana. Unless you are wanting to snorkel the ride there and back, the crowds and the vendors ( not sure if they are allowed into Tabyana since it is cruise ship only) put me off returning to West Bay. It has been a few years since we were at Maya Key but as Crew says there are some animals, as well as a pool, beach (not as nice as West Bay) room to walk around and no vendors.
  4. c-leg5


    As John says, Black Hat and ToursPlaza are the regularly recommended private driver companies recommended on here. Both have websites and both require 3 hour minimum rental, I believe. If you know exactly where you want to go and don’t need a tour guide, it would probably be less expensive to agree a set price with taxi dispatch at the pier for a set number of hours. Prices are listed at dispatch for tours for 2 - 8 people which include a number of hours. If you are only going to places within the tourist zone (not east side) it may be just as easy to pick up a new taxi at each location and not pay waiting.
  5. How old are the children and is snorkeling paramount?
  6. Paradise beach website doesn’t seem to be working properly at the moment, at least for me. However this photo review should answer most of your questions with photos of the bar palapa next to pool, taxi rates etc. It is located south of Puerta Maya. https://cruiseradio.net/paradise-beach-cozumel-review-2019/ Easy to get cab back.
  7. Thats true, Crew, for 4 but same price for taxi for one or two, so price would be comparable. Also taxis have been trying it on recently trying to charge all couples $8 one-way, even in a van. I knew they were trying to get the water taxi passed again but didn't realize plans were that far ahead. Time will tell what the taxi union comes up with. I know the town businesses have been suffering but I thought that was more due to the new developments opposite Puerta Maya.
  8. “Upscale” is subjective and IMO there aren’t any upscale resorts from Costa Maya. “Better” resorts regularly suggested on this board include Jamies at Blue Reef, Maya Chan, Almaplena. Google for websites for all of them. Scroll down a page or two of this board to see many regularly reviewed beach clubs, both AI and PAYG to see if any appeal to you. Maya Chan, offers a good value day at a “nice” resort, but it is by no means “upscale”. It is one of the few places that offers a pool (other than the port itself), albeit small. The pool was originally designated Adult-only but I have read reports of kids allowed in, if this is important.
  9. Is this an accompanied cruise excursion, or independent? Many cruise excursions use taxis to transport you to a location.
  10. Sorry to hear that but not the first time this has happened at Coxen Hole for various reasons. (OT: did you manage to find out what the maintenance was and why the ship was delayed until almost midnight on Sunday? Sorry to ask here but was looking for update on your original thread. Feel free to reply there.)
  11. c-leg5


    Tropicante? http://www.sandalsandskis.com/tropicante.html
  12. Still available according to their website but you can’t book https://www.mrsanchos.com/mr-sanchos-cozumel-beach It is not available sometimes when it is busy.
  13. Snorkeling along the malecón is not great. Some people have taken a boat out to the reef. Some people have had more success from the shore at the northern end at Blue Kay. Blue kay has a variety of charges that you may be able to negotiate for loungers. Whether or not the water is nice depends on time of year and the currents. Unfortunately Costa Maya has been plagued by the sargassum problem affecting the Caribbean and when it is bad it can be very bad but it will affect ALL the beach clubs in the area since they all face the same way. Some do a better job than others of clearing it - Tropicante does work hard. In addition seagrass can also be a problem. I have not tried snorkeling at Tropicante but I have swam in the sea without a problem on days when it is clear.
  14. Tropicante is a popular beach bar - you can reserve in advance at no charge then PAYG. No charge for lounger but you are expected to purchase a drink or some food. Take a look through some if the Costa Maya posts for several other recommendations although many bars are trying to push AI now whether they take walk-ups or not. Crew is warning of the guys along the malecon that will try and direct you to their bar - some are more scrupulous than others. Best to have done some research and have the name of some bars in mind before you go AND make sure are actually AT the bar you think you are at by checking menus/ name tags etc.
  15. Yes I have seen that before and I am not sure it is up to date. Every taxi driver has to have an official tarifa in his taxi and that is the union rate that you would have to go by so it depends how involved you want to get in your negotiations. I think I noticed in another thread you were thinking of doing a day pass to a resort hotel? Unless they have quoted you a favorable peso rate there doesn't seem much point in getting pesos for one day. We generally work in pesos because we keep a float for land vacations and just use left overs on cruise days. Local bars, restaurants and shops are where you will make savings - tourist attractions and hotels, not so much.
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