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  1. Not sure I understand the “extra taxi trips” but in your case at least it gives you somewhere to leave your bags at reception even if you don’t use your room. Unlike most cruisers you may even be able to access your room for freshen up before you leave. Pricing for day passes at Atlantis is seasonal from what I remember and varies with demand which presumably isn't very high at the moment.We haven’t used the Comfort suites alternative because of course like any hotel room charges vary with season/circumstances and the one time we considered it, it was not a bargain. I beli
  2. Used to be that booking a room at Comfort Suites, and not using it was the way to go, for a “cheap” day pass to Atlantis - don’t know if that will still work?
  3. Not sure I would want to pay that much to hang out there when all the Pre-cruisers are arriving.
  4. They are certainly worth trying and at least give you an indication of which hotels have offered day passes. In general, (not always) I have found them to be more expensive than booking direct, or through other brokers. I always check direct AND through brokers, sometimes the times,/amenities offered/ prices are different.
  5. pre -Covid several hotels did day passes but you would need to contact directly to see what is available right now. I would contact a broker like Island marketing and see what they can offer - private driver with airport drop-off, or hotel day pass.
  6. what does the NHS have to do with it? Poster’s profile says he is from NY, of course whether they are or not is anybody’s guess.
  7. So have I. My point was I think you need to “ask” I am not sure I was “offered” it even with Celebrity. Maybe I was - I haven’t done many B2B with Celebrity and it was a while back. With all the new pricing policies and changes at Celebrity I am not sure I would assume it was a “given” anymore.
  8. I don’t think you will be offered it, unless you are on good terms with your TA, - you would need to ask. Like other posters we have only experienced it with Celebrity.
  9. That appears to be the blog which you certainly can’t link and probably shouldn’t quote. It is merely a rehash of news posted else where. I thought perhaps you had access to the board minutes.
  10. When did it change to Cancun and where is it docking?
  11. My link is still working fine for me, #3.
  12. Glad you finally managed to get to Buccanos! Looks like you chose a good time to go - it certainly looked much quieter than when the cruise ships are in. It looks like they have abandoned the $20 entrance while cruising is suspended? We have only ever paid the $10 when we have visited as a land vacationer and it is the only way I would go there as I don’t need the “included” snorkeling gear in the cruisers package. Pity to see the place next door in such disrepair - it has not been open very long, although it always seemed a shame they squashed it in between Buccanos and
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