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  1. We will be in Miami on turn around day on a Sunday and hope to go to wynwood. Where do you recommend for bottomless brunch before we view the walls? Thanks.
  2. https://www.cozumelbarhop.com/ be sure to read FAQ. Then if you have any specific questions feel free to ask.
  3. Perfectly safe but depends which dock you are at as to how far it is. walk ocean side to avoid the vendors trying to get you into their shops every 5 seconds and admire the statues instead. http://cozumel-mexico-vacation.com/public_art/ BUt cross the road for the town square.
  4. I wasn’t implying any wrong doing regarding the affiliation. I was just surprised when i emailed Blue Key and got a reply from Ibiza Sunset. I am quite sure there are a limited number of owners with “the money” and the rest are just managers, or employees. Sometimes we want to just stay at one place, sometimes we like to hop from one place to another and test the waters for future visits. I do not want to have to pay for AI, or lounger fee at three different locations, I just want a beer and move on. We enjoy variety and options. I am quite willing to buy food and drink proportional to the length of time we stay and have no problem with a minimum consumption charge if you are using their amenities for several hours. I realize you have been going there for a while now and unless the staff have changed you are probably known. We have our favorites in different ports which we return to on rotation but we never go exclusively to one place time after time. I am not sure the taxi fare actually increased as such - If I remember correctly, it was always $2pp, it is just that now they charge per cab so that yes they are getting $8 for only two people in the cab but if you are a party of 4 it hasn’t changed. Cozumel has always done that.
  5. We have only had a drink there. Would have returned for the day before now but their pricing puts me off and I don’t want the hassle. Will give them another try sometime now more ships are calling from Galveston again. I understand they are affiliated to Ibiza Sunset?
  6. Was that two entrees, two cocktails and two “free” drinks or just ceviche and guac? Do you have a recent photo of the menu. Does the $12 still include “free” mat for lounger?
  7. is the price on Facebook? I cannot see it. Tour operators on Roatan usually just charge for tour (on a sliding scale depending on number of people) but entry fees, lunch etc are extra so difficult to compare unless there is a break down somewhere. For 7 people it would seem the extras were $45pp.
  8. Did your ship leave from Florida? Did you change ship time before arrival in Cozumel? Or did ship time remain on EDT which would explain meeting time problem. Cozumel IS EST year round- i guess they haven't updated their website in a while. Glad the rest of the excursion worked out - there have been problems reported with that company in the past but I don’t know if they are just brokers, or or actually run their own tours.
  9. I placed new cabin number on luggage but I didn’t put hanging items in a carrier. Maybe IF I change cabins again that would help. However IF they drop off cart during transfer time there should only be staff in the hallways and I would have expected there to be a procedure for mislaid items.
  10. I wish we had done that on our last B2B. I had always read how easy it was to leave hanging items and have them moved. I “lost” three items of clothing that were hanging, never to be found, after the short transfer between cabins. I would be very reluctant to change cabins again.
  11. The tour operator (in this case Daniel Johnson) will tell you where to meet. This will depend on which cruise line you are on and where you dock. Previous poster docked at Mahogany Bay - Royal, Celebrity and NCL will dock at Coxen Hole.
  12. LOL at the prices they are charging for AI I am sure you are correct! lots of competition in that price range. Good facilities and we would return with teens for PAYG but not AI.
  13. Just google website for a couple of operators like Bodden and Rony. Prices are laid out for different options - private or group tour. Add-ons are usually listed as well for entrance fees but email operator to confirm. Price will depend on number of people in your party if you choose a private tour. In my experience all tour operators on Roatan have very similar pricing structure. we have always paid entrance fees ourselves and paid the driver at the end of the day for tour.
  14. Sounds correct. I understand two can dock at Mahogany Bay wind permitting ( never been so can’t verify) but I have certainly seen one RCL docked at Coxen Hole with at least one NCL tendering.
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