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  1. Thank you, Rich. 🙂 No painting on this body... not enough paint! 😲😁
  2. Good Morning! I'll give hubby a kiss when he wakes up. Wish I could kiss the grandkids. Thanks for our Daily report, Rich.
  3. Thank you for our Daily report. 🙂 Apple turnovers, yum! 😋
  4. Have you checked your account? I completed my GE application online last month, and the NEXT DAY I got the email saying I needed to schedule an interview.
  5. I've heard the same thing, that's why I hope to have an interview relatively close by. 🤞
  6. I'm trying to get my Global Entry interview. First, there were no offices near me conducting interviews. An office finally opened and I made my appt. Then I was notified that because of increases in covid-19 cases, the office is closed again. The good news is I have a several months to get this completed.
  7. I'd cruise once as a trial. Good time to try something different.
  8. Love my Kyss bag! I bought a medium and a small.
  9. Thank you for the info. 🙂 (I'm watching Disney's "Ratatouille" now. 😉)
  10. Received my old passport Jun 19. @seaman11 did you receive your passport yet?
  11. Good morning! Thank you for our Daily report. 🙂
  12. Jacqui, I cancelled this cruise and booked this in its place: Ryndam - 11-Jul-21 - 7 day Viking Sagas
  13. Thanks for our Daily report. ☺ Happy Father's Day to all dads and "men of influence." ❤
  14. The State Dept. recently opened passport offices. I sent my passport renewal Feb 14 (I did not request expedited). They received it Feb 19. Received my new passport Jun 10. (Still waiting for my old passport.) Hopefully you get yours soon.
  15. Great job, Eurodam! 👏 Praying for the other ten crew members. 🙏
  16. 💏💏💏💏 Thanks for our Daily report. 🙂
  17. Thanks for the info. ☺ (I love veggies. 😉)
  18. Hopefully not too far behind. Fincantieri was only closed for about 5 weeks? They floated out a Viking ship recently. https://www.defensenews.com/coronavirus/2020/04/22/fincantieri-reopens-shipyards-in-italy/
  19. Thank you for the info. 🙂 Hope everyone has a pleasant evening.
  20. The expiration date is always "floating," it's not like your DL. The issue date on my passport was 4 days before I received it. Expiration is 10 years minus one day from there. (Is that what you're asking?)
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