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  1. You can also cache Google map on your phone for no data and use it anywhere in the world. Pro tip from me.
  2. I will be at this port next week. Is there anything to do once you are out of the port? Is it safe to walk 2 miles away?
  3. I hope I can get to this port. I like to photograph natural disaster. Be careful of broken glasses, etc.
  4. Are you successful in doing this? I am coming here next month. Thanks.
  5. I am thinking of going to the Old City next month. I can take a taxi there? $10 per car? Then I plan to walk back, about 3 miles. Anyone done this? Thanks!
  6. I am thinking of getting to the Old City using the taxi (I read $10 and up to 4 pax can split) and then walk back, which is 2.8 miles. Has anyone done this? Its my first time there.
  7. I walked to Puerto Plata beach and Long beach, 3-4 miles away. I saw restaurants and at the back of the beach are chairs and lounges. Now sure if you buy food, then its free.
  8. I got back from my cruise this past week and I did go to PP. I walk about 8.5 miles RT. When you get out of the ship port, turn left and go to the beach and side road area. It is safe. I see police and tourists walking. I walk 4 miles to the beach. If you turn right, they will not allow you to walk there, because they say its a high crime area.
  9. I am coming here next week, will be my first time. I saw places you can walk when you turn left from the ship. I saw 2 beaches. I will be walking 2 miles, each way, for fun.
  10. I been to AC once. It's a nice resort, but I walk out of the gate into the jungle, along the side roads, kinda muddy at times, be care of cars. Fun experience.
  11. Can you walk from the Cabbage Beach to the Atlantis compound?
  12. My first time going to Progresso. What the free things to do there? Thanks.
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