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  1. I enjoy a rum and coke. Any issues with ordering a class of coke and a shot or two of rum on the side with the Easy Package?
  2. Unfortunately, the CLL credit card OBC has only been delivered on the the first day of the cruise for us. I would love to use it to pre-purchase items before the cruise, but in the end, we will use it for gratuities. It has worked like this for 10+ cruises, and we have always received the expect amount of OBC on our folio when we board the ship. For our upcoming cruise: $100 obc from Carnival for booking our cruise rate showed up on invoice and available to use pre-cruise. $100 obc from Shareholder benefit showed up on invoice and available to use pre-cruise. $400 obc from CCL credit card does not show up on invoice.
  3. Sites I have used to plan for our day in port: https://www.whatsinport.com/Sydney-Cape-Breton-Island.htm Toms Cape Breton Island Driving Tour Guide from Sydney, Nova Scotia Canada (tomsportguides.com) Toms Sydney Nova Scotia Cruise Port Guide (tomsportguides.com)
  4. I have a tour booked with them in October. I confirmed the booking via email and talked with him on the phone the following day to pay deposit. I think I called twice, but he was working from his car (I assume doing tours that day). He has alawys been very responsive via email.
  5. In December, I booked a 4-day cruise on the Liberty for May 2023 at a bargain: $727 (total for 2 people including fare, fees and taxes). Today the same category cabin is $1702. Yikes!
  6. I have a cruise booked on another line in October that has a stop in Portland. I really hope it doesn't get cancelled. We RV'd last summer up though Maine to Acadia National Park, and intentionally skipped over Portland, as we knew it was a stop on the next year's cruise. I just checked my Carnival NE/Canada cruise booking, and there are no excursions listed for Portland.
  7. Can you check in on the website site rather than the phone app?
  8. Haven't cruised Royal in a few years, and it appears My Time Dining has significantly changed and reservations are recommended. For my upcoming Liberty cruise in May, the app has the earliest available MTD reservations as 7:15 for every night. I am concerned that this reservation time may impact our ability to catch shows. I have read some reports that even with reservations is can take 15-30 minutes to be seated. If this is the case, then I don't think we will be able to make it to the 9:00 shows (or at least not early enough to grab a good seat). I don't mind eating in the Windjammer one night, but we enjoy the Main dining room meals. Any suggestions for getting into dinner earlier and making shows? TIA
  9. I think you misunderstood my previous post. We will not be stopping in Dominican Republic at all, and instead it appears will be going to Nassau the day before. The fact that NCL knows this and is not letting passengers know before the cruise is unethical in my opinion. I had a great deal booked with a dune buggy tour in Dominican Republic... now I will have to figure out what to do in Nassau (for my 12th visit there, yawn). I agree with you that the difference between Amber Cove and Taino Bay (the two ports in Puerto Plata) are miniscule and easy to remedy switching tour pick-up locations.
  10. I am extremely dissapointed with NCL, but not at all surprised!!! I still have not received any info from NCL about Puerto Plata for the scheduled top for the Escape on January 9. There are already two CCL ships scheduled for Amber Cove that day, and based on research, I was pretty sure the Escape would not be docking in DR that day. I have also read where other ships in similar situation ended up in Nassau or Ocho Rios. So... I searched the other cruise port calendars and guess what????? The Escape is scheduled to be in Nassau on the 8th. (Unforeseen conditions my arse!) https://www.nassaucruiseport.com/schedule?fromDate=&toDate=&cruiseLine=0&pageIndex=2&pageSize=10&pageLastDate=undefined I re-checked my email... nothing. I re-checked my NCL.com reservation... still shows Puerto Plato on on the 9th. I have a private excursion booked and paid for on the 9th in Puerto Plata... that I will have to wait until NCL officially notifies me before I can cancel. UGGGGHHHHHH. This is unacceptable NCL. Let your passengers know!
  11. Came across this interesting comparison of gratuities/service charge today: https://cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/index.php
  12. Called NCL and talked with Shore Excursion team member. I asked about DR's Puerto Plata and about the probable cancelation of that port... scripted response repeated to me three different times: "if there is an itinerary change, you will be notified by NCL" or "Once there is an itinerary change, all guests will ne notified". Even with prodding about the recent cancellations/issues and that NCL knows we will not be stopping at PP, I got the same scripted response. No acknowledgement of any issues what-so-ever with PP. I literally debated between this Escape cruise and a Carnival cruise (both because we had not been to PP). Hmmmm...I'm afraid I chose poorly.
  13. We are scheduled to be in DR on the Escape on 1/9. One of the main reasons for choosing this cruise over others (considered RC and Carnival) was the DR stop. I have a private tour booked, and will not be happy if we miss this port, especially if the cruiseline knows in advanced and chooses to hide this info from customers. There are 2 Carnival ships, one RC, and the Escape currently on the Amber Cove schedule (cruisemapper.com). And based on history, it appears to be only a 50% chance of making it to GSC! Oy Vey, fingers crossed.
  14. Thanks! This is what I have seen posted a few times. But I still do not know if the Escape has a "real" Starbucks?
  15. I've seen numerous conflicting posts on here and FB regarding the Starbucks on the Escape. Can anyone confirm they have used Starbucks gift cards (or the App) for purchasing Starbucks coffee on the Escape? Many have said yes, but others have said no because there is not a "real" Starbucks on the Escape. The coffee shop just sells Starbucks coffee. My daughter loves Starbucks frappuccinos, and has many gift cards, she would like to use. TIA
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