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  1. What did it say on the floor plan key on the NCL site? Or does it not say with the legend?
  2. Anytime they offer a sale or a deal they just raise the base price to cover that “deal” and then some. Nobody who watches prices falls for it. Very rarely is there ever a real price drop anymore.
  3. If they had to sail at half capacity I am guessing it would be at half of max person capacity including double occupancy, families of four and such.
  4. Nobody knows anything about the future of cruising in certainty or about needing Covid 19 documentation at this point. It can’t be answered ....Many unknowns.
  5. This is good and not the way it was done until now ....so much better and more practical than waiting to get it after the excursion .
  6. Not sure if the OP is being sarcastic. Yes, they will take your money now and then cancel that cruise at the last minute and offer you a future cruise credit or refund in November. They need cash coming in even if it is deceitful in a way knowing those cruises probably won’t happen. Many other lines have already cancelled their entire Alaska season.
  7. You have to call and simply cancel. They won’t be confrontational. You’re outside final payment and owe them no explanation. I got my refund doing the same .
  8. This question is asked almost every day. I would search and read then other 90 refund threads to see others refund status.
  9. Whatever flows your boat, Donald ...lol! Eat that Hydroxy like Tic Tacs ......
  10. Likewise here .... those who cancel before final due date at 120 days out get their refunds a whole lot quicker .... I cancelled my August cruise back in March and got my refund .....
  11. Take the money .... there’s no certainty at all with future cruise credits or with cruising. Cash in hand is king. All they are doing is jacking up prices. Don’t fall for it .
  12. None of that is really what some including me are referring to. Wanting to cruise is not the issue ....... The issue is the sky high prices for 2021 compared to this year or last and what they were without the Covid19 issues. Perhaps you are not one who monitors cruise prices religiously like many of us and you just pay whatever they are asking ...... Many are not fooled or wowed by their high pricing and not fooled by their fake future cruise credits of 125% when all they do is raise cruise fares 25-40% because of those credits burning holes in peoples pockets. A price drop of 5% you may get on a cruise you paid 30% more through NCL’s pricing games for 2021 is no achievement.
  13. Prices raised on purpose to negate and wash away the “deal” that many foolish people fell for over taking a cash refund .....
  14. Nope, I said this months ago when this all stared and I said they would raise prices to negate or wash those bonus credits of 125% .... A few posters said I was crazy and they would lower prices substantially due to Corona .... one of us was right .....
  15. This is just the same old crap with new verbiage......
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