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  1. Yes, they thought long and hard before issuing another platinum gift worth 50 cents. Not sure how much that counts ..... if for anything. Terrible ...... Crap like this is why people should sail multiple cruise lines and not be 100% dedicated to a line offering crap to its platinum guests which is essentially worthless.
  2. Log out of your NCL account and check the prices again .
  3. I didn’t mean awful in the sense that they are bad. I mean awful that they (not all) don’t want to do anything physical and/or have a hard time finding things to do that don’t involve electronics. No creativity ...... I agree that it’s important for them to get physical activity as many of us know so many young kids don’t even step outside anymore because they can’t detach from YouTube. When you stay inside there is a lack of creativity and heck, even physical movement. Kids need to burn some real energy. I felt the Escape was a better ship because of the better physical options.
  4. All so true! My parents never took me anywhere when I was a kid expect to our cottage. We never took a real vacation. I could only dream of taking a cruise on a ship like the Bliss and Encore. My kids always come with us now as they are old enough and have been on 6 with the Mrs. and I. Kids/teens today are a lot different than 40 years ago when a pocket knife and a stick was entertaining to me. Even though I do have kids the thought of having to worry about kids of this awful generation (yes I said it) being bored on an an amazing cruise makes me face palm and shake my head. If my kids ever say they’re bored once they can stay home with grandma and they know it. Showing our kids the world is a treat .....now we just have to pull their noses out of their iPhones.
  5. Why would you assume that Colombia and such are not foreign ports? You’re leaving from New York instead of somewhere like Miami which makes for more sea days. The Canal transit itself is somewhat of a port day you could say. We did most of this itinerary in April.
  6. Did you look under shore excursions? If your cruise date is way out they may not even be listed yet ..... or if you booked late and sail soon they could already be sold out as there are only a handful on GSC.
  7. We only played at night (only would) so the lighting was cool with black lights and neon. Plenty of ramps and barricades and structures to hide behind. It is essentially indoors just without a roof. I would only play at night as we did on the Bliss .The lighting makes it fun while dark inside.
  8. My apologies .... I took the point of your short question the wrong way.
  9. Ok, better ships ..... much better. More sailings including longer with land packages and shorter, better itineraries, better food, better service, better shore excursions. Better on board informative seminars in regards to Alaskan history. Should I keep going? Carnivals Alaska sailings are very few on some of their oldest ships. Holland has been doing Alaska longer than any line. You tell me in what aspect Carnival is any better anywhere in that aspect . Even price on the 10 and 11 day Carnival sailings can be met by other lines. Most other lines like Holland, Princess, and NCL have onboard perks going on their Alaska cruises. Bare bones nothing on Carnival Alaska sailings. The End .
  10. We generally book longer cruises, 10 to 15 days. This is where the drink package really pulls a cruise ahead in value versus a shorter cruise. Every day longer is where gains are made versus having to purchase a package on another line. Our 15 day Panama Canal trip cost about $460 for the drink promo. Similar Panama Canal cruises on Carnival and Royal had a drink package cost of around $1800 and that put those cruises way above NCL. Again, if you do a 3-7 day the costs will be closer or even possibly the other way depending on itinerary like you said.
  11. Do take some advice and check out other lines as well for Alaska. Carnival is not the first choice amongst cruise enthusiasts for Alaska. Princess, Holland America and even Norwegian do it better. We are booked next August for 12 days on NCL and it does include Glacier Bay. I believe some of their 2021 Alaska Cruises are already out and the ships are way way better than the Carnival Miracle ......Just ship around.
  12. Check out the Alaska port of call forum. Lots of info in there being discussed every day.
  13. That depends on where you’re playing on land and the arena setup so I don’t think anyone can make a fair comparison. Put it this way, it’s fun and your on a cruise so ..... Couple times is usually enough.
  14. That’s just the day you want to activate it ..... It is a silly question by NCL. You just select boarding day. It is for the whole week no matter how much NCL likes to confuse people with wording and options.
  15. Call and book ..... give them your VIFP number.
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