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  1. I would try posting this is the general “ask a cruise question” forum .
  2. Using Google can answer lots of questions and there are YouTube videos as well.
  3. Remember, you can’t just get on and off most of the time. Most time slots fill up for the cruise when it’s open. You may find it hard to get $200 worth of rides where paying individually per ride is cheaper.
  4. $23 a day is not something set in stone. I paid $156 for 15 days on the Bliss in April.
  5. I would never even consider downloading something of that length and volume over any ship WiFi . Your expectations are unrealistic .
  6. The fact that this thread has been up for two days and there’s literally been no deals posted says a lot about NCL right now . Again, maybe last minute sailings when NCL is desperate .....
  7. West Coast departures forum for Seattle transportation questions. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/315-west-coast-departures/
  8. Google works well for finding information .
  9. That’s what we did ..... we have an amazing sea plane excursion booked for the four of us .....Pricey but it’s a bucket list event for us and the kids.
  10. The day bookings open, usually 2 years in advance, or 60 days or less. That’s how it’s been for us .....
  11. I agree, what kind of insurance was purchased if any?
  12. Huh? I’m sure 99.9% of people trying to book a cruise to Alaska with a preferred cabin for viewing couldn’t care less about The Local hours especially when it’s someone else seeking advice.
  13. My pool servers asked me what my kids wanted and they knew they didn’t have the drink package . I didn’t even have to ask them ..... This of course after cash tipping pool side $2 a round . I have not been charged anything for virgin drinks fo my young daughters when we sailed the Escape, Bliss , or Sun ..... Maybe lucky or maybe money talks .....
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