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  1. Feel free to stand at the cruise pier across the pond with your protest sign “Anti-Vaxxers are cruisers too” as the ship sails away ....
  2. Knowthescore, please stay on that side of the pond and out of the USA .
  3. Wow!! Unreal .... like I said ... the last type of person in the world the cruise lines need or want right now .....Horrible . Let’s hope others like him are few when it comes to sailing again.
  4. You in this present day are cruise lines worst nightmare. A person that sets out to convince others that getting vaccinated against covid 19 isn't important and pointless and letting anti-vaxxers believe that they are just as protected naturally and wanting them to board cruise ships right now. You're the type of person NCL would like to fit with a pair of cement shoes and throw overboard.
  5. In other words make sure they don't sail anytime soon so you don't feel alone in your journey as an anti-vaxxer. Not what the cruise industry or your fellow passengers need from you after all that has gone on.
  6. Busted..... Life long Anti-vaxxer apparently and now totally irrelevant. Not getting on board anyway.....
  7. You can't be a serious traveler and/or cruiser and not have a passport in my opinion. If you don't its out of sheer laziness. Many stories of people getting stuck places because they had no passport to get home. Very bad planning.
  8. I swear you're right .... Seems impossible that some could be so clueless but we have been proven wrong.
  9. But you are threat to yourself and others aboard a ship like you. What happens to you and others not vaccinated aboard ONE cruise ship it affects EVERYONE on what happens to that cruise while we all are on it. How do you not understand this? The ship gets 10 super sick unvaccinated passengers and the cruise is possibly over for EVERYONE because your selfishness set us back to square one and a cruise cancelled mid trip possibly ..., SMH .....
  10. Yes, I'm aware of the fake cards for sale . I am not against testing and the results. Regardless ..... This is my concern. I like to sail cruises 10-14 days when allowed. You can test test test test test ..... if guests on board get sick with covid at anytime its the unvaccinated guests that are the ones that will get the sickest and at its worst possibly even die. Thats when the cruise line will have to decide to reroute, return, or canel a cruise mid trip thus ruining it for EVERYONE aboard.... A lot can happen on a 14 day cruise with 5000 regardless of just testing and that is to have every
  11. Yes, but I highly doubt there will be a huge influx of people wanting to sail that will get fake vaccination cards. In my case and many others we have pharmacy prescriptions for our vaccines where we were vaccinated with our names on them and I have that as well. I believe there are less people that would risk fake cards versus the large numbers that would lie and declare "Oh, I am good to go as I already had covid" as they go through security even though they haven't. Unless guests are required to bring their positive covid test results with them they have no proof at all.
  12. All of this! Absolutely! I know some who have already had covid twice before receiving the vaccine as well. They will listen to crazy holistic doctors on YouTube discourage the vaccine so they can prescribe Amazonian Tree bark and Aegean Sea seaweed instead and hopefully make some money for themselves doing so convincing people with their quackery. They listen to other bs propaganda political websites as well. I assure, what I am seeing everyday working at major hospital system is huge influx of younger ignorant unvaccinated patients .....
  13. Good luck finding as filling a ship full of passengers who have had Covid and they can prove they have had Covid .... I’d trust a ship full of vaccinated people that can prove they are vaccinated. Carnival has a demographic problem and we both know their passengers base and what they are willing to do and what nonsense they believe is different then those on Celebrity or Holland America or ..... Trust me Carnival WANTS everyone vaccinated. They know the types that sail we they attract will be more apprehensive to get vaccinated and that present a money problem to them and their survival. Carn
  14. I wouldn’t even bother . If she doesn’t understand the vaccine and masking now, nothing you say as a scientist will matter. She is convinced based on what she watches on YouTube and what her friend’s sister’s neighbor who knows this guy who talked to a woman at the grocery store who’s niece heard something at her job from a co-worker so it must be true.
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