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  1. Always $1 cash tip per drink .....Excuses they are tipped enough are not accepted.
  2. In the NCL forum, why are the mods allowing people to post their personal non cruise videos of lighthouses, Halloween stores, etc to promote their own YouTube page? Reported posts go ignored. Why is this allowed? Do we not have anyone moderating and organizing the forums anymore? Can I post my YouTube videos of my kids birthday parties then?
  3. OK, thanks .... Not even going to bother calling the help desk ..... Thanks!
  4. NCL doesn't recognize my user name, password, email address ...... Anyone else or just lucky me?
  5. No, I wouldn’t even make final payment on any cruise right now let alone throw money at excursions on those sailings as well ....
  6. Can you stop posting your personal YouTube videos in the NCL forum? This forum is for NCL related discussions. There are other forums you can post lighthouse and other non NCL cruise videos in ...
  7. Florida Departures forum and Cruise Air forum for airline flight info and questions.
  8. That’s like asking what tonight’s lottery numbers will be. Who here on CC could possibly know that if the cruise lines don’t ? Posts like this make me cringe.
  9. Exactly!!! The biggest concern we have is the above. If one person gets it and the other 3000 people have to quarantine in that city for two weeks we are out. You can forget us taking that expensive risky chance. No way ......
  10. If you booked for 2021or 2022 Pre Covid you’re ok on pricing. If you book now or post Covid you’re going to get ripped off and a sucker. My 2022 Apex Cruise is now $2300 higher ....
  11. NCL will take your money and just cancel the cruises at 59 days out .I wouldn’t bive them anymore money, even one day out, until they have multiple safe first sailings ..... whenever that will be .....
  12. Actually this is helpful too and correct if it’s for a cruise this year.
  13. Prices going forward are horrible and any new “sale” is no sale at all when they have raised the prices through the roof. For those of us who booked future cruises a ways back before Covid for 2021 and 2022 we are in better shape. I booked the Apex for April 2022 earlier this year for four in a balcony and all perks for $4079. Today it is around $6300. Any sale they have now would never bring the current price back into my booking range and I am seeing this with many future cruises. My opinion is like others. Keep the bookings you have already and don’t give them a dime for new bookings right now unless you like being ripped off and/or never seeing that cash again. Wait until they sail safely and they get rid of their ridiculous prices on a product that is going nowhere right now.
  14. Why are you taking a FCC credit for September 2021 already? Is that how it was paid for originally?
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