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  1. I have the flexibility, but I may not have the money. We'll be returning from a 14-day cruise. We've done late flights before, another one isn't going to kill us.
  2. Agreed. It appears that there's only 1 flight that goes the way I want it to and that's too early. So I'm gonna have to settle for a flight with 2 stops that goes relatively close to the route I want to take. For that, I'll have to switch planes in Calgary, but it will go to Amarillo through Denver. I can live with that. Thanks everyone!
  3. Looks like I may end up doing the unlimited deal. Yes, I'll get my money's worth out of it. The last time i had bought the cards, I had also gone ashore and bought 2-liter bottles to supplement my soda needs.
  4. Thanks Alberta, The only thing I don't like about the later departure is that we'd have a plane switch in Houston, not Denver. It irritates me with having to fly past where my home city is, that's just wasted time in my books. I may end up having to do this though if other flights aren't available.
  5. Hi everyone! We've booked a cruise on the Maasdam which departs and returns to Vancouver B.C. The ship arrives in Vancouver at 8:00 AM and the outbound flight I'm looking at departs at 10:55 AM. Is this cutting it a bit close, or should I consider a later flight out? I'm planning on taking a cab to the airport from the ship to help cut the time spent getting to the airport. Thanks!
  6. About 8 years ago, my DW and I were on an Alaskan cruise on the Oosterdam. On that cruise, we purchased soda cards. Believe it or not, we didn't use all the spots on the card and we have some left. We've booked a cruise on the Maasdam for this coming July. Is it possible to use these cards up on this cruise or are they ship and cruise specific?
  7. Thanks everyone! I'm sold! I've cancelled our 7-day northbound cruise we had booked on the Millenium and booked the 14-day Alaskan cruise on the Maasdam instead. We got the July 27, 2020 sailing. I'll be joining that roll call tonight.
  8. Yeah, I thought as much. She's concerned about my sanity on the ship. I lost that a long time ago though, so I ain't worried.
  9. What about internet? I'm sure it's available for a price, but my wife thinks I'll die if I can't get on Facebook.
  10. What is the EXC program, by the way? And are the zodiacs on the ship or at the ports?
  11. As far as entertainment is concerned, I traditionally never do shows. Maybe this will change, maybe not. But I can take them or leave them unless they need a tuba player and just happen to have a horn I can borrow. if we venture into the ship, it's usually to hit the shops (which we seldom ever buy anything), spend $20 at the casino or eat. I love watching the ocean go by especially if there;s a chance of seeing a whale.
  12. My wife is looking for sugar-free ice cream. I'm much easier to satisfy. I just want lots of food. I'd say it's a safe bet that there won't be a rock climbing wall. But at my age, I've learned the value of forgoing certain activities. We're considering a 14-day Alaskan cruise on this ship. I'm not concerned with shipboard activities. I'd be happy being on whale watch.
  13. We're considering switching to a cruise on the Maasdam, but I'm hearing that it is small and one of the oldest ships in the HAL fleet. If we cruise, will we be disappointed with this ship? When was the last time it had a refurb?
  14. I am well aware of this. And I have experienced being docked on both sides. Advice like this, when it concerns Alaska, means little to me because "You're in Alaska!" And as for finding a new TA, naw. It ain't gonna happen. On everything else, she goes above and beyond what she needs to do to help us out.
  15. Our TA says the port side is always best because the ship will berth facing land on the port side. I say who cares? You're in Alaska!
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