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  1. Does Royal not do that already? I know that Holland America does, or at least used to. I'm assuming all cruise lines do this.
  2. Thanks! I obviously don't understand this cruise line's scheduling. I figure that's one more thing I'll need to learn.
  3. Wow! Thanks for the link to Hurtigruten! Unfortunately, the sailings don't work with the time that I have allocated to take off from work. But that's a great line to remember!
  4. Which cruise line goes to Norway? I'm trying to find one for the last of July 2020 and I'm not having any luck. I'm thinking the corona virus may have scared everyone off for the season.
  5. Unfortunately, that happens too. The last time that we were there on the Celebrity Millenium, we didn't see a single piece of ice calve off. It was raining that day and I assumed it would be calving like crazy. So much for my assumptions.
  6. Also, there are instances where you'll hear the pop, or crack, and you'll hear something fall into a crevice or water, but you won't see anything. That's because there are many gaps behind the front face of the glacier that you can't see. Ice is breaking off behind the face of the glacier and is falling into those gaps behind it.
  7. I'd estimate around 4 ship lengths, which is the recommended distance per ship I think. So if our ship was 1000 feet long, we were about 4000 feet from the glacier. When the glacier calves, the pop that it made when the ice first broke free. This to me sounded like a distant shotgun blast. This was not loud at all. And as the glacier calves, the noise was easily overpowered by the noises from those people on the ship.
  8. Thanks everyone! That's about what I thought. It's been a few years since we sailed on Holland America though, my remembery isn't what it used to be.
  9. The last time that we cruised on the Oosterdam, we were able to eat breakfast in the Pinnacle Grill without any additional charge or reservation. I'm wondering if the same holds true for the Maasdam. I might also mention that we had booked a suite. Would this have enabled us to enjoy eating in the Pinnacle?
  10. Here in Amarillo, Texas we are encouraged to stay home if at all possible. Non-essential businesses are closed. A few of what I would consider essential businesses are closed voluntarily until the middle of April so they can give the stay at home order a fighting chance to work. We have had a local sand and gravel company forced to close on account of the S & G company not following CDC guidelines at all concerning the corona virus. When this first hit here, my church said "OK, we're closing it down, no activities at the church until this deal is finished. I've been an active part in our sanctuary orchestra for over 30 years. As the proud owner of 6 tubas, I took this quite hard as the community band I play in also rehearses at church. Our rehearsals are now forbidden as well until this thing is over. "No sweat" says I. "I have at least 4 other churches that I can at least play in for their Sunday services." Hah! No such luck, everybody's shutting it down. All of our restaurants are offering food pick-up only, a few of them offering home delivery for an additional fee. Oh well, at least I can go out and at least pick up my favorite weekend meals and eat them in the comfort of my own home. All of our local stores have been hit hard by the hoarders. It has gotten so bad that next week many stores are coordinating with each other as to which days they will close so they can properly restock their shelves. Some stores are offering "seniors only" shopping hours, but these are not being enforced. And for the first time ever, I've seen some stores hire law enforcement officers to stand at the front of their stores. As for me, I haven't missed a paycheck. As a truck driver, I'm an essential employee. I generally don't have to get out of my truck to make deliveries, but occasionally I do. On one such occasion, I had to deliver 6 pallets of product to an internet service here. All six pallets had to be off-loaded by hand as the customer did not have a dock or forklift and I had no liftgate. The customer had five guys including the manager to help me unload. All of them except the manager were wearing face masks. After we had off-loaded the third pallet, one of these employees mrntioned that they had two of their guys test positive. Needless to say, I was VERY put out by the lack of concern about the corona virus these guys were displaying. As soon as we finished, I had the manager sign my bill using his own pen, and I made no physical contact with anyone there while I was there. As soon as I left, I contacted my freight operations supervisors to report to them what had happened, who then forwarded that info to my service center manager, who then contacted me directly. I told him exactly what happened and he contacted the manager of that business. "Oh that guy was just joking, nobody here has tested positive for anything" was the response he got. My manager that said that this was not something to be joking about, that his drivers were putting their lives on the line daily so he could get his product. The business manager was then told to find someone else to haul his freight, we would not be providing service to him any longer. My DW and I are still in good health and have not had any issues with Covid other than this little scare I just laid out.
  11. My apologies. I didn't intend to go off-topic. You have to admit though, that really is a great web cam.
  12. Why yes, yes it is! It's the old 187 that I used to have. about a year and a half ago, I sold it to a fellow tuba player in Kentucky so I could justify having bought a Miraphone 496 "Hagen". It was also a 4-valve BBb. A 5-valve was available, but I barely know how to use the 4th valve. I don't need to be figuring out a 5th valve.
  13. Wow! I like that web cam a lot better than the one on Krooozecam.com.
  14. This is the video that I had intended to post.
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