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  1. @Mercruiser Have you start planning your trip or plan any excursions yet? When do you plan to arrive? We are thinking about change our reservation and arrive 1 day before the cruise.
  2. What is your favorite island? Why? We will go to Tahiti for the first time next Feb. Hopefully our cruise not get cancel. Seem like you have been there several time. Would love to hear your thoughts.
  3. Nancy, sorry to hear about this. I know how much you looking forward to this trip. Please keep us post on the outcome. Hope you can get a cruise on a date that work out for you.
  4. What is the date on February 21 on Windstar? We booked Feb 11 on Wind Spirit. I decide to change from 7 days cruise in March to 11 days in February Yes, I agree AA has plenty frequent flier award from LAX-PPT. I redeem them for 2 premium economy on Air Tahiti Nui. I was so surprise to find that it was so easy to find the award seat. From what I read it seem like to award flight to Tahiti is very hard to find.
  5. Thank you everyone for respond. Tomorrow I will call and change my reservation to 11 days. Petoonya, thank you so much for helping me planning this trip. I really value your opinion.
  6. After we came across deal on 7 days cruise on Tahiti we decided to book our cruise for next March. Then after read the reviews here and communicate with Nancy via email make me want to take longer cruise. If we decide to go for 11 days it will be in February. The difference on price will be additional $1200 for 2 Original plan we will arrive 1 days before the cruise and stay in Papeete then stay 2-3 days in Moorea. But if we do 11 days cruise we will arrive and leave the same day. I check the flight it will be arrive at 5.00 am and departure at midnight. Is Fakarava and Rangiroa worth seeing or after seeing difference islands they are the same? February and March is the best time for us to travel. I am concern about more rain in February than March. Thank you in advance for your advice.
  7. I never cruise on Windstar but I just came across the deal for 7 days on Tahiti. Is $1399 a great deal? My husband always want to go to Tahiti. When I show him the Wind Spirit he just fall in love with the ship. Got a quote last week included the $400 OBC for the B category but haven't get a chance to book by the time I contact my travel agent the promotion is no longer valid. But we still thinking about booking this cruise. But since you guys have more experience than me, so just want to hear your opinion.
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