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  1. The Roll Call for both Sept 2, 2022 and Sept 11, 2022 are up and running. Just click on the dates and join the group!
  2. Thanks for taking us on this trip with you! Good wishes for Christmas and your next adventure! Jim
  3. Glad to hear you made it onto Devil's Island! For those doing this cruise next year, the Roll Call is up and running. Click HERE!
  4. Wow! That was quite a tale. Thank you for sharing. Enough lemons! May the rest of your journey be sweet!
  5. Just sitting here waiting for it! Will this be another 10:30 dinner day?
  6. Tim, We are on the 2020 sailing. Would you mind sharing your list of excursions and how they were? If you don't post it here, could you please send me an email when you get home? kratz dot travel at gmail dot com Thanks! Jim PS If you run into Towelman (Howard), please say HI from me.
  7. To me, those things add to the adventure! I agree that missing ports is a disappointment, but how many people can say they got stuck in the mud on a cruise ship?
  8. There is a link to the launch video HERE. 250 launches for Ariane! After two postponements and a temporary halt in the timeline due to weather conditions, Ariane 5 was finally able to fly this Tuesday, November 26 to carry out its mission and put into orbit its two passengers of the day, the telecommunications satellites TIBA- 1 (Egypt) and inmarsat GX5 (United Kingdom). A mission with a particular flavor since it was the 250th launch of the Ariane family, which comes almost 40 years after the launch of the first launch Ariane, December 24, 1979 at the Guiana Space Cente
  9. Following your blog. We are booked for this cruise in 2020. Thanks for posting extra info here and your willingness to answer questions. I have two: 1) What is there to do/see at Devil's Island? and 2) The 2020 itinerary shows Macapa as a "service stop". What is that? Safe travels! Jim
  10. seeriteR

    2014 Baltic cruise

    Aboard MS Eurodam June 14 from Copenhagen (overnight) and sailing to Tallinn, St Petersburg (overnight), Helsinki, Stockholm (overnight), Warnemunde, and Kiel before returning to Copenhagen on June 28.
  11. My introduction to Indian food was during our first sailing on Carnival. We were on Liberty in 2011 and sat at a table for 2 that was next to an Indian couple from Toronto who were on their first cruise. We quickly got acquainted. They both ordered the Indian food. When the waiter brought their orders, he presented all these large plates of wonderful smelling food that seemed much more than anyone could eat! When I commented on how good it smelled, Karan offered to share hers with me because it was more than she could eat. I accepted and was instantly hooked! The next night, I ordered my own.
  12. georgiacat, you can find information on the Carnival web site. Here is a link for the Fly2Fun page https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3110/~/carnivals-fly2fun-air-program
  13. Djptcp, A few months in Spain sounds awesome! Hope it works out for you! At this time, we are planning to stay only a week in Croatia before getting on board in Venice but we might also go earlier and spend another week in Germany. We'll see how things develop. There is a lot of time to plan! Maybe we'll see you on board in October!
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