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  1. If there is something you want more of in the refrigerator they will do that too. We don’t normally drink pop but Sprite is helpful for upset tummies so we asked for extra Sprite instead of Coke. (It might have been 7 Up/ Pepsi but I don’t remember)
  2. There were several gentleman on our Mediterranean cruise last September that wore jackets to dinner. And a few dressy dresses but not too many of those. I think you should wear what makes you happy and comfortable. If you like to dress up then go for it (although I do think if you wear a tux and fancy cocktail/long dress you might be the only ones). There was a couple of vow renewals on our cruise and they were dressed up just a bit more than country club casual.
  3. We had two of these days on our back2back2back last September in the Mediterranean. On the first turnaround day in Barcelona we headed out early for our tours we had set up for Barcelona. When we returned in the afternoon it was so nice to just be able to reboard without waiting in the small line of folks boarding for the first time. In Rome we had no plans except to walk around so we waited until everyone had departed the ship and then headed out. It was very interesting to be one of a handful of guests left on board. Upon return it was once again very easy to just walk back on. Our key key card was valid for our entire voyage. I believe the evening before each of the two turnaround days we made our reservations for the restaurants to beat the rush. What I realized on that cruise was 7 days (or one cruise) wasn’t long enough! Enjoy!
  4. We were going to take a Jeep off road tour but it started to rain and lightning so the tour lasted all of 5 minutes before it got canceled. We went back to our ship (Wind Surf) and waited a bit until most of the rain had passed. We then headed out with another couple and explored on our own. Many shops and restaurants weren’t open until 11 am - 1 pm. Ibiza is a late night place so they are slow moving in the morning. We found a delightful place for eating local meats and cheeses, did some shopping and wandered by all the big yachts in the harbor for the balance of the afternoon.
  5. Well I thought we did a one way rental but my sister and her husband might have actually driven the car and returned it to Anchorage now that you mention it. To be honest I just don’t remember. The bus ride into the park was long enough to see what we wanted to see. The bus stopped many times for photo opps. The midway point is the lunch stop where you can visit the dog sled team as well. The flight out was so worth it I would do it again in a heartbeat. Plus it was quicker than the bus and gave us more time to add on the river rafting.
  6. Many years ago we cruised Alaska on a different line. We ended our cruise in Seward. I hired a "limo" to pick up the 6 of us at the port and then drove us to Anchorage where we rented a van. We proceeded to tour on our own. From Anchorage we drove to Wasilla where my husband had friends and we spent the night. From there we drove to Denali and rented rooms at a lodge/hotel on the river. The next day we took the bus into the park. At lunch, a man came through and offered airplane rides out of the park and my husband, who wasn't crazy about the 3-4 hour bus ride out hopped at the chance. It was incredible flying by all the glaciers and we had a perfect view of Mt Denali. It was 8 pm when we got back to our lodging and still light out so we took the kids and did a white water rafting tour that night! Our last stop was Fairbanks and the Arctic Circle. We found a tour van going up to the Circle which was good since there were fires burning and lots of smoke. We found an Bed and Breakfast in train cars that was fun, especially for the our kids. We flew home from Fairbanks. Alaska on your own is totally doable.
  7. We loved Valetta. Totally doable on your own. It's a beautiful town with lots to see. We love to walk, drink some beer and wine, eat, shop and perhaps a bit of sightseeing. We had no plan in Valetta which was par for the course for us. We stumbled upon The Bar where Oliver Reed drank the night before he died while filming The Gladiator. Lots of English folks drinking a pint. We saw many restaurants and finally choose one with lots of locals and it was delightful. They were getting ready for a festival so there was a lot to look at too. It was very pretty too and I would love to return. We also watched the shooting off of some cannons which was fun.
  8. We were suppose to stop in Sorrento but the seas were high and with no room in Naples, we were sent to Salerno last September. We had reserved a local tour in Sorrento but due to the fires at the time and some road closures, they were unable to come fetch us from Salerno. We hooked up with 2 other couples and after walking off the ship, found a bar where we met a lovely gentleman that had a friend who was a taxi driver. He called him up and he agreed to take the 6 of us to Ravello for the day. We had a lovely time but I could have stayed in Ravello longer. We were docked in Salerno until very late at night so once we returned after our trip to Ravello, my husband and I set out on foot to explore Salerno. We ended up in an area filled with bars, restaurants and shops. We found a place to sit outside and have some wine, meat and cheese and watched the locals go by. Afterwards, we walked on a large boulevard with all the locals heading home. The church bells rang out and we stopped for some gelato before heading back to our ship. It was such a nice surprise and totally unexpected. We do like to wander on our own, drink wine, eat well and do a little shopping and perhaps some sightseeing as well. I would think you might be able to find a ferry boat to somewhere. I don't remember seeing them but we weren't looking out for them like we did in Amalfi.
  9. Valetta is very easy to do on your own. It is a beautiful city and we had a delightful time exploring on our own. Found a fun bar, cute shops, and a delicious restaurant for lunch. I would love to return and explore more. Our departure was a bit hairy. The waves were crazy and going out was interesting to say the least! But the sunset was one of the most spectacular we have ever seen!
  10. We found a terrific apartment on AirBnB that put us right in the middle of things. We love having the extra space, walked all over and took an Uber whenever we wanted to go far.
  11. There was a rep on board Wind Surf last September helping folks book their next cruise. Our friends were looking at Asia at the time. I'm sorry I can't remember his name but he was very fun and outgoing. If we had known what our next trip would have been at the time we would have booked on board for the extra savings.
  12. Sorry for the double post. I don’t know what happened and I couldn’t figure out how to delete one!
  13. We booked our flights to leave on Monday late afternoon so we could see Aruba. We have never been there and it was one of the reasons we chose this itinerary so it was important for us to stay. I have booked a short tour on Saturday morning to see the sights of the island and on Sunday we will have a beach day before heading home on Monday.
  14. We booked our flights to leave on Monday late afternoon so we could see Aruba. We have never been there and it was one of the reasons we chose this itinerary so it was important for us to stay. I have booked a short tour on Saturday morning to see the sights of the island and on Sunday we will have a beach day before heading home on Monday.
  15. I see that now. I think the original email I received only said it was valid for 2019 sailings. Now I'll have to call to see what my options are. Thanks for the heads up!
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