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  1. I think your cruise sounds fabulous! We had so many stops on our back2back2back last September I know just how you feel. I think it's OK not to have a tour lined up every day. Sometimes you may meet someone on board who has been to one of your stops who might have a good idea on what you should do. Sometimes you might be tired from the days prior where you just need a relaxed day. Just to be able to get off the ship, wander around a beautiful town, find a lovely lunch spot and have a chat with the owner can make for a fantastic day. πŸ™‚
  2. We cruised many years ago to some of those ports. We were on Rhodes where I think we had a walking tour and then wandered around on our own (our favorite thing). It is a walled city and we loved the older parts. Our stop on Mykonos was an afternoon - late evening stop. We shopped (I got a beautiful gold bracelet and matching ring) and then hung out in the evening. The nightlife is what Mykonos is (was at the time) known for. I would have liked more daylight time there to explore. Santorini was our favorite stop and I'd love to go back. We took a tour and then had time on our own. While I'm sure the tour was informational (I can't remember back that far!) being on your own in Santorini would be my option today. We stopped for appetizers and drinks high on the cliff overlooking the caldera and it was stunning! We just love to wander on our own, eat, drink, shop and meet the locals. Our on 25 day Mediterranean WS cruise last September we mostly did all the small stops on our own and had a fabulous time.
  3. We did Yachtsmans Caribbean a few years ago. We thought both sounded wonderful but the date worked better for us on Yachtsmans Caribbean. We flew in early to St Martin and spent a week on the beach in Grand Case. My favorite port was St Barth’s but they were all wonderful. I don’t think it really makes a difference in the order. Just go with what dates work best for you and enjoy!
  4. We cruised last September/October and one of our favorite stops was in Valetta! It is SO EASY to do this on your own. It's a short walk from the port to see the town. It is a beautiful place and we found some fun places to eat and drink. If you like to wander on your own you won't be disappointed!
  5. We used Rome Cabs last October to take us from the port to the airport of Rome. It cost 150 Euros for the 4 of us. They were waiting for us when we departed our cruise and were very professional. I would use them again. https://www.romecabs.com/
  6. On Captivating Caribbean I just booked a few weeks ago I called WS direct (I've never used a TA with them) and had my cruise booked in about a half an hour I think πŸ˜„ Sorry yours took so long.
  7. I just booked our next cruise that will start in Barbados in January 2020. We always fly in a few days early. Any suggestions on where in Barbados we should plan to stay? We love the beach, shopping, eating, drinking and getting to know the locals. We could stay right on a beautiful beach or right in the thick of things with plenty of sights to walk to and see. A hotel would work but we prefer more of an apartment feel and have used VRBO and AirBnB before. I prefer not to rent a car but could do that if the place was perfect. Thanks so much for your help πŸ™‚
  8. You aren't making that up. I remember after your cruise and the hoopla that went with it WS did start stating about the crossing taking place day or night. I couldn't believe that had happened to you. We had such a marvelous crossing I couldn't even imagine doing it in the dark. (OK maybe something else in the dark but not crossing the Panama Canal! πŸ˜‰
  9. I've organized a Roll Call for our cruise..stop by and say hello!
  10. We flew into Panama City a few days prior to the start of our Windstar cruise. We stayed in Casco Viejo, the historic district of Panama City. We stayed in a boutique hotel that was fabulous - Las Clementinas. We walked all over and saw the sights, ate, drank and did a little shopping too. We hired a car and driver (the hotel helped us with this) who had worked for US government and the canal. He was a fascinating storyteller and we learned a lot about the canal and Panama on our way to Colon to pick up the cruise. He took us right to the port; he didn't like Colon at all and got us there just in time for boarding to start. We ended our cruise in Costa Rica and took a cab from the port to San Jose for our flight home. There were cabs waiting and we negotiated a rate and off we went. It was a wonderful cruise and we so enjoyed being on a smaller ship. It was so easy to go from bow to stern, port to starboard whenever we wanted. It was on my bucket list as well and I feel so lucky we were able to sail on Windstar!
  11. We sailed back2back2back this past September and we were told if there was any wine we wanted to purchase ahead of time to help avoid the VAT tax we should do it prior to porting in Barcelona. We appreciated the heads up and saved ourselves enough to buy an extra bottle!
  12. Strenz I'm so excited we will be on this cruise together! I feel like you are the WS legend and I'm so lucky we will get to meet πŸ™‚ We spend summers in Minnesota and winters in Florida but the last two winters haven't been as warm as we would like. I've always wanted to go to the ABC islands and after 25 days in the Mediterranean aboard Wind Surf last September, I knew a one week cruise wouldn't be long enough. When I saw this two week combination (and the fact like clubrudee, we haven't been to all the islands being visited) I knew this was the one for us!
  13. I've been watching the price of Captivating Caribbean on Wind Surf departing Barbados on January 18, 2020 go down. Yesterday I received an email that had a further reduction. Broke the news to my husband that I thought we should go ahead and book our next cruise (he had no idea I was watching it) and today I did! I will continue to watch for lower fares and hope for the upgrade fairy to visit!
  14. Thank you both so much for the information. I like clearing customs in Aruba but not so much having to arrive 4 hours ahead. Guess we will have to just stay an extra day!
  15. I found our next cruise that will end in Aruba. I'm thinking we might stay an extra day to see the island. My question is this: When we return to the US, how much time do I need to allow between my arrival back to the US (either at Miami or Charlotte) before departing on my final flight home? Can I do it in 1.5 hours or do I need a longer time in between flights? Thanks!
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