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  1. I don't think I'm the "kettle" in this case. I was trying to describe what appeared to be the attitude of the author. I believe the editors knew what kind of article they were angling for when they made the assignment, and I think it was a cheap shot on their part.
  2. David Foster Wallace did a better job with this topic several years ago in Harper's magazine. I read The Atlantic regularly - and I found this piece elitist and cheap. Disappointed in the editors. Making fun of lowbrow cruise passengers on an enormous ship is like shooting fish in a barrel.
  3. Just saw a comment on line stating that some passengers are leaving the ship tomorrow, so they can make use of their pre-existing flight arrangements. Sheesh . . .
  4. For those who haven't seen this yet, here's Mr. Dooley's You Tube version of his earlier print article:
  5. https://www.forbes.com/sites/rogerdooley/2024/03/06/royal-caribbean-cruise-line-photoshoot-sparks-passenger-chaos/?sh=5bef0521b90f Beginning to get a little notice from the media
  6. You might want to take a look at the Silversea board and see what's going on with their Nova. The recent "photo op" announcement has many of the passengers ready to mutiny - and most are putting the blame on Royal Caribbean's corporate decisions. Plenty of "no more Silversea for me" comments.
  7. I disembarked Nova a month ago in Buenos Aires. During my time on board, I met several of the Grand Voyagers. To treat them this way is insulting and unconscionable. To put PR and marketing opportunities ahead of passengers is a slap in the face. I hope this incident is well publicized and results in some appropriate consequences for Royal Caribbean and Silversea.
  8. I visited Buenos Aires last week and found it to be a beautiful, exciting city. I hope to return. I am saddened by the situation that is making life so challenging for Argentineans. As tourists, we often see only the attractive facade presented to us. The reality for residents is all too often obscured. A local guide on one of my walking tours presented an unvarnished picture of what life is like for many Argentinians, and I hope visitors continue to receive this kind of information - in addition to enjoying the delightful side of this complex country.
  9. I'm among those who disembarked this morning, and I'm now snug in a B.A. hotel for two nights. Be glad you didn't have to fight through the horde of humanity passing through the terminal. Princess and Norwegian were also disembarking at the same time. Near pandemonium. I want to weigh in and say how much I enjoyed the Nova and the delightful company I kept, both among passengers and staff. The ship never felt crowded, and there were always activities to tempt me. Even the several sea days were full of fun. I think I'm a Nova convert. Your blog has been a good source of information, and your photos are far superior to any I took. Best wishes to you and Nick as your voyage continues.
  10. Sorry about Ecuador. I hope the Peruvians don't start getting restless, too, as I'm supposed to join Nova on the 16th in Lima.
  11. If you bring them, I will come aboard.
  12. That's what the stair railings are there for . . .Hang on.
  13. Way back when, at my college commencement exercises, the requested dress code for women was listed as "heels and hose." Some of us thought it might be interesting to show up wearing only those items. We'd be complying, right?
  14. Clearly, we've reached the tantrum stage of "I don't wanna do it, and you can't make me." If I can recall that far back, this thread started with a valid comment about not wanting to get dolled up for dinner after a hot and sweaty shore excursion. Sheesh. Time to take a deep breath, maybe, and think about more consequential things ...
  15. Careful of your language. Some people may feel they need to look up the word "sartorial."
  16. I like your attitude, too. I don't look like Deborah Kerr, and I certainly don't anticipate meeting Cary Grant onboard, but I expect to enjoy fine dining in lovely surroundings and indulge my little fantasies - and exchange smiles with fellow passengers.
  17. I live in the Portland, OR, area - and nothing I see in the way of attire surprises me anymore . . .
  18. Agreed. But just as perspective, I watched "An Affair to Remember" last night (1957). The first half of the movie takes place on a cruise ship. Cary Grant, Deborah Kerr - yes, I know, times have changed. But how beautifully dressed passengers were, and the way standards were adhered to and not whined about. I think that is why some of us are still fixated on the fantasy. And I think something has been lost. The cruise experience, after all, continues to be a fantasy. That's what they are selling in their brochures and their advertising. OK, got it. I will do my thing onboard and be just fine with others.
  19. As someone who wants to continue to fit into my cocktail dresses, I mightily appreciate the smaller portions.
  20. My only reason for commenting was to point out that there's more than one viewpoint on this matter, and I think all views should be weighed when policy changes are considered. I'm sure I'll enjoy my dinner just as much if the people at the next table look like they just came inside after doing yard work.
  21. Just the responses I anticipated.
  22. There are those of us who choose Silversea because they continue to have some degree of formality. I hope we won't be entirely ignored.
  23. Yes, but I think you've identified one of the reasons this topic is so problematic for many women.
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