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  1. We stayed at the San Giorgio in Civitavecchia once. It was nice and included transfer to the port,. Restaurant was quite good also. We only stayed there because we were ending in Rome and planning to stay in Rome at the end of the cruise. It was convenient and the Hotel was very convenient. If we were not staying in Rome at the end of the cruise we would not have staying in Civ. Terri
  2. Hard to read this article if you don’t subscribe to the WSJ. Terri
  3. To be clear, we did expect to pay for my husband’s surgery and hospitalization in Italy. We were not relying on Italy’s good will. We knew that his Medigap policy would cover his medical care abroad. I offered to pay and was told to put my credit card away and that health care was free in emergencies. No one was more surprised than I. Had we gone to the American Hospital in Rome rather than Gemelli, where the Doctor, who attended him at the hotel recommended, I am sure we would have paid. Terri Terri
  4. There was no cost for the medical care. We found out later that he could have had better accommodations for a fee, But it was all over by that time. He received excellent care in Italy. The surgery went well. We did not pay for a thing. After we returned home we made an appointment at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL to have him checked out and they felt all was okay. We were surprised that we did not have to pay. I offered to pay. Had my credit card ready and was told to put it away and that health care in Italy was free in cases of emergencies. Terri
  5. Well, a number of years ago we were to take a Med cruise from Rome. We bought the HAL Platinum insurance. We never took that cruise because my husband fell ill in Rome before the cruise and required emergency surgery. HAL gave us 90% back for cancel for any reason. However, we were not covered for anything else. Lucky for us, since it was emergency surgery we did not have to pay for any medical treatment, including surgery, in Rome. Everything was covered. However, we had to spend 10 days in Rome until he was well enough to travel home. That was out of pocket. We paid for the
  6. I thought I would check back earlier than this, but glad to hear you are doing better. I hope you continue to improve. You have been in my prayers. Sorry I’m so late in answering. I had a busy day and never checked back. Then went to bed early and now I’m wide awake. Take care. Terri
  7. Good morning everyone and Happy Tuesday. Thank you Rich for the Daily, and to Kazu for the Cares and Celebrations list. It is a beautiful sunny day here in SC and I hope it stays that way. We are grateful that our fraud issues are resolved and hopefully no other ones crop up. Looking forward to a quiet day. Going to take a peek at PEV at the New Statendam before having breakfast. Prayers to all who need them and cheers to those on the congrats list. Have a great day and God Bless. Terri
  8. Good Monday morning to all, Thank you Rich for the Daily. It is always nice to know where the HAL ships are and what days we are celebrating. I don’t think we will be papering our bedroom today, but I might try to help DH get rid of some of his junk. He is an incorrigible pack rat. As for the cares list—you are all in my prayers. Taxes are done and refund has been received. Our problems with the IRS are a thing of the past. My own situation with FedEx may slowly be resolving. Despite receiving a bill in the mail (we removed our credit card from the
  9. Oh I am so sorry this is happening to you. I hope it is resolved quickly. A number of years ago someone tried to book a trip on Croatian Airlines???? On my AMEX card (didn’t even know there was such an airline) and booked 8 rental cars from Alamo in France. I have all kinds of security stops in place and still they are not enough. I hope you can get through this without too much trouble, You’re in my prayers and check your credit reports. God Bless. Terri
  10. Vanessa, I am so glad to hear from you. I had little sleep last night thinking of you. I don't know the explanation for the D-Dimer result, but know that mine was less than yours and I had a DVT and clots in my lungs. Sorry to scare you. I hope you continue to recover and hope the visit with your PCP is a good one. Keep us in the loop. Email me if you need to talk. Click on the link below my signature. God Bless. Terri
  11. i keep checking to see if @JazzyV has posted and am disappointed she has not. I am very worried about her and like the others did not sleep very well last night thinking about her. Just finished church today and she was in my prayers. Please give us an update as soon as you have one. God bless, Terri
  12. Excuse me for being so stupid. I keep seeing BHB and have no idea what it means. Will somebody clue me in. Thanks, Terri
  13. Glad you’re home Roy. Take it easy today. Sounds like you are on the road to recovery. Terri
  14. Well, I could not have done it all all, living in South Carolina. I wouldn’t get there until tomorrow. That wouldn’t help at all. I just had to keep up urging her to get help until she did it. Thanks for caring and helping to get her to go to the hospital. Terri
  15. Good morning everyone, Rich, thank you for the Daily. Prayers for everyone on the cares list. Roy, glad you’re home and pray that you are on the road to recovery. You have to be ready for your next cruise. @JazzyV please let us know what is going on today. We are all rooting for you and glad I could be of some help last night. If you need to, click on the email link below my name. I will be glad to answer and stay in touch—even by phone if necessary. It is too early to know what I’m doing for the day or what we’re having for dinner, but I don’t think it will be Ri
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