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  1. Hi M. Jim and I are on the Riviera on Feb. 14 for 12 days. Want to join us.? It will be a great opportunity to reconnect. We need to do that. Terri
  2. In 2014 we had HAL’s Platinum Insurance for a cruise beginning and ending in Rome. We had to cancel prior to boarding as my DH became ill in Rome and required surgery. HAL’s insurance returned 90% of the cruise fare. That was it. If we had taken out better insurance we would have been covered for the expenses prior to the trip as well as the time we had to spend in Rome after his hospitalization while he recovered. Fortunately for us health care in Italy was free so we incurred no expenses there and we both had health insurance that covered us outside of the US. HOWEVER, we had to remain in Rome for an extra 5 or 6 days (I don’t remember exactly) and that was not covered. Had we taken out a different policy that covered us from the time we left home until we returned, our extra hotel expenses would have been covered as well as anything else we needed during our extended stay. We also would have gotten 100% of our cruise fare back. You live and learn. We used frequent flier miles and AA was very good about changing our flights without charging a penalty once the phone rep heard our story, so we did not incur a cost there. In the future, we do not pick up HAL’s insurance. We now take insurance that covers us from the time we leave home until we return. Just another person’s experience. Terri
  3. Regardless, it was a terrible experience. Combined with everything else that went wrong on that cruise (we were in the Pinnacle Suite) left us feeling like we could spend our money elsewhere and do better. We have been sailing on Oceania for the last few cruises and a few river cruises with Tauck and it is like night and day.
  4. How does HAL deal with wine brought on board? In our experience, not very well. On boarding the Rotterdam a few years ago in Fort Lauderdale, the woman at the security scanner said to us, “You have wine.” I said “Yes, we are three and entitled to three free bottles and will pay for the rest. She then proceeded to put two fingers in her mouth and whistle to the wine person across the room and yelled “They have wine,” and had someone walk us over to him. Every head turned on the security lines. Even the wine person was embarrassed for us. That was the beginning of one of the worst cruises we ever experienced on HAL. It all went downhill from that moment on. Check in was a nightmare, the food and service were below par and it sent us running. We are four star Mariners and we really expected better from HAL.
  5. This option did not show up for me but I charged $500 toward my final payment on my AMEX card. $100 came off the bill anyway. So it worked despite not having the offer. Terri
  6. Hi there. We just returned from an Oceania cruise that stopped in Scarborough. We usually do private tours or just walk around the port area. From all I have read, this area is not very safe. We ended up putting a tour together with Hans Phillip, which took us around the island and included lunch. The cost was $80 per person. A number of people on the cruise did go to a beach at Pigeon Point. They said it was very nice. I don't know about facilities at the beach. If you want info on Hans, email me and I will be glad to send you his contact info. Terri
  7. Well I must be the lucky one here with Oceania. We have done four and have another booked. I find the food to be much better than HAL and service quite good. On our last few HAL cruises we could never get the wine steward to return to give us more wine and we were totally disappointed with the food. On HAL we avoid the Lido like the plague, but have no problem with the Terrace Cafe on O. We like the fact that we are allowed to bring on as much wine as we want and only pay the corkage if you bring the bottle to the restaurant and not HAL’s wine police at embarkation and the ports. I do agree that O is not perfect and we do have another cruise booked on HAL becaise we are going with friends,but given the choice, O wins out hands down. DH keeps asking why we didn’t switch to O sooner. Terri
  8. Keith, we, too, live in South Carolina, BUT we’re actually transplanted New Yorkers. I feel that we were very inclusive and just accept everyone as a new friend. As I said before, if the opportunity presented itself we would have been delighted to share a meal with you. Terri
  9. First of all, Keith, Jim and I would have been very happy to share a table with you and Richard. Sorry you had that experience with the sharing table. As for the food, we were on the Riviera in the Summer and found the food selections in the GDR much better than on this cruise. We are not fans of Red Ginger or Polo but did enjoy Jacques but really like Tuscana. We were in a PH and luckily our butler was able to get us a few extra reservations there. We really enjoyed the cruise and meeting at the M&G, Terri
  10. We were on the cruise as well. We thought it was a great cruise. We did feel the food was a bit below our expectations except for Tuscana. The ports were great and so was the weather. We felt the ship staff really went out of their way to make sure everyone was having a good time. Terri
  11. I have been on two Tauck River cruises and have another booked. I echo SandJCruiser’s comments about Tauck. They are top of the line. They know how to treat you and treat you well. Their river cruises are all inclusive. No options are sold on board. The only extra would be things like laundry or an item in the gift shop. The ships are beautiful and the cabins are lovely. The largest suites are 300 sq feet. The next level down are 250 sq. Feet. So they are comfortable and spacious. food is good and they are very careful about catering to dietary needs. we have been more than pleased with them. Terri
  12. This is exactly the behavior that made HAL go from a very liberal policy of bringing wine on board to one of the most restrictive. Don’t ruin a good thing for everyone else.
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