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  1. We booked a 5-night Mariner sailing in 2020 for January 2021, very cheap at $907 total for two in a balcony cabin including taxes, fees, gratuities and insurance. Nothing ended up sailing at that time, so lifted and shifted it to January 2022 for the same price. Then they cancelled that sailing but said we could move to another nearby Mariner sailing and also receive $50 OBC, so that's what we did. Hoping we get to go because I'd hate to lose that great price!
  2. They will still sail with or without American tourists. The cruise lines were smart to begin operations outside of CDC jurisdiction or sphere of influence since many cruisers come from other countries. But I also think that unless the CDC or some other entity completely bans travel, people will still travel. I have a trip to CA booked for June and my plan all along has been to go on that trip regardless of what the CDC recommends because I am fully vaccinated, will continue to wear my mask when not in my car or hotel room, and will not do any indoor dining - takeout only. While I applaud the CDCs efforts to try and provide guidance during the pandemic, they're to the point now of overkill. Someone needs to say enough is enough and, in conjunction with health authorities from other countries, define some reasonable guidelines for worldwide travel. If that means mask and vaccination requirements, so be it. But at least get worldwide travel going again.
  3. Our choice to move sailings due to our original January 2022 sailing being cancelled was finally finalized recently. We put in the request and it took a couple weeks. But when we looked at our booking on the website we noticed the price had not been updated to be the same as we had booked. It took a couple days and then it was automatically updated to match our previous sailing. Our acknowledgement to move to our desired sailing took a little longer than they said it would.
  4. We're doing something similar at the end of our Rhine river cruise in November 2022. When we disembark in Basel, we'll take the train to Lucerne. We'll have the rest of the day to explore old town and enjoy Lucerne's quaintness. The next morning we'll take a train to Bern and walk around old town for a few hours. Then take another train to Lauterbrunnen and stay a few hours, also visiting Wengen while we're there. Then we'll take the train back to Lucerne. The following morning we'll take the train to Zurich and have the rest of the day to explore old town and the river area. Then the next day we'll take a train to the Zurich airport to fly home. The time in each place may seem short but I'm fine with that. We keep moving and see all we can see while in places, which results in us maximizing our time to the fullest during the three nights post cruise. Our air or hotels are not booked yet, but that's the plan we'll work around when we're finally able to book.
  5. We had a Med cruise booked on NCL for late September of this year, had hotels booked for the embarkation point in Barcelona and the debarkation point in Venice, BOGO air promo through NCL, and some private excursions booked as well. I cancelled all of it 2-3 weeks ago, as I feel the writing is on the wall that it's not gonna happen. For one thing, it was a 10-night itinerary. Also, it was NCL in Europe and I think only the European based cruise lines have the best chance of sailing in Europe at that time, and only with people from the country where the sailings originate. I could be completely wrong and it could end up sailing. But I was not willing to make final payment of over $5k in order to find out.
  6. We are on the September 24th sailing, flying in the day before sailing, then staying one night in Venice at the end of the cruise where we disembark 10 days later.
  7. We're also booked in September 2021 from Barcelona. We booked the NCL BOGO air promo so the airfare price is included in what we're paying to NCL and our flights have not yet been assigned. I also reserved our pre-cruise hotel in Barcelona, but it's cancelable. I just wanted to have my choice of hotels instead of waiting until closer to the cruise and have to settle for what's left. There are 8 of us going (four cabins, four hotel rooms) so my options might have been fewer waiting until closer to the time. Our final payment is due in late May and I've decided that if sailings have resumed worldwide by then and things are going well, I'll make final payment. If not, I'll cancel and get a refund of my deposit. I see no reason to give them a more than $5000 final payment if the writing is on the wall that our sailing will not be going. And any extra incentive to pay and get OBC or an extra cruise credit if they cancel after final payment is of no interest to me. I agree! Vaccinations are going pretty slowly right now. I'm ready to get mine, but I think I'll be toward the last group. So here I sit, unvaccinated, waiting and willing while other people in prior groups may not want it. I have a final payment due prior to summer and if the slow vaccinations are playing into future cancelations and uncertainty, I'll be canceling and getting a refund of my deposit instead of making the final payment.
  8. We booked a 7-night Serenade sailing round trip out of Vancouver for our first Alaska cruise for late May 2022. Includes the Inside Passage, Ketchikan, Tracy Arm Fjord, Juneau, Hubbard Glacier and Sitka. We live in North Carolina and didn't want the added length of a return flight from Anchorage, nor to have to spend the time to get to Anchorage from Seward. The friends accompanying us who live in California wanted an itinerary with Sitka included so they'd have a new port to visit. I think the Vancouver departure, and specifically this itinerary, will work well for us!
  9. I would gladly comply with whatever requirements are in place to enable cruising to happen. I have no problem wearing the mask - it's hardly a big deal - however, I would also want to make sure that the requirement to wear a mask, and wear it properly, is heavily enforced. No exceptions.
  10. We're renting a cabin in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, TN for four nights beginning Dec 24th. Will enjoy the fireplace and hot tub while chillin' in the Smoky Mountains. We live three hours away in the mountains of NC, but there's just something special about the Smokies. We did take a Christmas cruise one year but likely won't do another Christmas sailing.
  11. We're at 160 points with a 5-night cruise in Jan 2022 and a 7 night cruise in May/Jun 2022. We would have been three points short of DP at that point save for the extension of double points, but now we should make DP as of that 7-nighter. But like you, I'm 100% positive we will never make Pinnacle. So my goal has been to try and reach DP since that would be our last attainable level, but 2020 got in the way of that. Happy to see we will hopefully make it by June 2022 because we aren't planning another 2022 cruise at this point (European land trip in Fall 2022 instead). Plus, I've been thinking it's only a matter of time before they move the goalposts and require more points for each level to try and combat overcrowding in the lounges so the sooner we can reach DP the better.
  12. We have a late September 2021 Med cruise booked as well, hoping things vastly improve in the next six months so we're able to go and not have to worry about our health. Moved a Jan 2021 5-night Caribbean to Jan 2022, and today just booked an Alaska cruise for late May 2022. Fingers crossed for everyone!
  13. Thank you. I had a separate question other than pricing, but the spreadsheet answered it!
  14. Years ago on a cruise I was playing a quarter machine and one cherry was supposed to pay three quarters, but every time I landed a cherry it paid only two quarters. Meh, ok, I didn't think much of it because I wanted to play that machine. I then landed a -12x symbol- -12x symbol- -double bar symbol- combination (144x the amount of three double bars) and the machine registered the win as 15 credits. Now I KNOW my machines and I knew the win was a lot more than that. I called a casino worker over and told them that the pay should be a lot more than that. He proceeds to tell me that I have to hit the cash out button to register the win. No, you don't. Again, I KNOW that's not true and as he's hitting the cash out button I'm cringing because I didn't want to mess up the win. Sure enough, out came a voucher for $3.75. I told him he needed to get someone else because the win was much more than that. Another higher-up casino worker came over, looked at it, pondered, squirmed a little, and said yea, it should have paid more than that, I'll be right back. A few minutes later he came back and said "we're going to go ahead and pay you the win, but then we're shutting the machine down since it's obviously not working right". The win was 5760 quarters, or $1440. Some people may not have realized what they'd won and went with the 15-coin win. But I knew better. I was surprised they paid me because many casinos have stickers on their machines that say "malfunction voids all pays and plays". But I was a member of their casino program and spend a lot onboard, so maybe that made a difference.
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