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  1. Renewal sent at the same time as you, probably to the same office (Philadelphia) since I'm in NC also - mine is still in process too.
  2. my passport renewal was received in the Philadelphia location at the end of March and they cashed the check a few days later. Website still says "in process". I'd like to think it's gotta be done soon.
  3. We did a L&S recently, from Explorer 5-night Labadee/CocoCay January 2021 to Mariner 5-night Cozumel/CocoCay January 2022 and our total price went down $38. Taxes and fees were $19 per person less on the Mariner itinerary, even with a non-private island port.
  4. Thanks for the update. I'm a week behind you as far as mailing and acceptance/check cashed, so perhaps next week my status will change to approved/being printed. I just checked and it still says IN PROCESS.
  5. We lifted and shifted a five night January 24, 2021 Caribbean/Bahamas sailing today, to January 24, 2022 since I had seen that the CWC expires August 1st. I am not confident ships will be sailing in January 2021 and, even if they are, I am not comfortable sailing then since CV-19 will almost certainly still be mostly uncontrolled. I'd like to give it a little time after sailings begin to see how things go before I step foot on a ship again.
  6. Yes, we noticed that Cruising Power has the word TYPE in there, but their consumer site does not. 🙂
  7. Thank you, good to hear. I was just going by what the L&S offer reads on their consumer site: • NEW! Lift and Shift - Lift and Shift is for those guests simply wishing to move their existing booking to next year. For CWC guests that are ready to move to an alternative sail date in the following year, we’re happy to price protect the original pricing and/or promotion if the alternative sailing is the same itinerary, length, and stateroom category. However, the alternative sail date that the guest will be moved to, needs to be dated within 4 weeks (before or after) of the original sail date, but for the following year. I'm glad they're flexible!
  8. Similar situation for me. I have a 5 night Explorer sailing from Miami January 24, 2021 to Labadee and CocoCay. I don't find any itinerary in January 2022 that goes just to Labadee and CocoCay. I found a 5 night sailing on Mariner to Cozumel and CocoCay for January 24, 2022 that I would be willing to switch to, but not sure that they would let me do that since the itinerary is not exactly the same. I, too, like this itinerary and we have a great deal so I would love to keep that deal and move it out a year, even if it means Cozumel instead of Labadee.
  9. Yep. My check cashed at the end of March, 3-4 days after they received my renewal as well. Website still says "In Process".
  10. I mailed my passport renewal at the end of March and they cashed the check right away. I also do not yet have it back.
  11. I saw this similar article today, and from what I could tell my routine renewal may fall into phase 2, and they will supposedly be processing routine service in the order received. I sent mine in a week after you did and the website also still says it's processing. https://www.travelmarketreport.com/articles/Passport-Services-to-Resume-in-Three-Phases
  12. Just how long the significant delays appear to be is helpful, thank you to those who shared when you submitted yours. I am at about 5 weeks waiting for a renewal. Mine expires in June so it was time to renew regardless of how long it takes. I do have a cruise in October; surely I'll get it back by then. Now whether the cruise will actually sail is another thing.
  13. I would spend the extra $115 for double points if I were close to the next level, yes. I have a cruise booked for January 2021 and was booked in a JS to get the extra points because the points from that cruise would have moved me from D to D+. Recently, though, I discovered that I could downgrade to a balcony cabin, forego the extra space and extra points, and save nearly $1200 doing so. The difference was not that much when I first booked the cruise. I will miss the extra space and the extra points, but nearly $1200 was way too much just for those things. We normally book balcony cabins so a JS was a splurge anyway, but I'm not willing to spend that much on the splurge. Plus, during this time of uncertainty where we're all wondering whether to make our final payments because we don't know whether the cruise will actually sail, choosing to downgrade from the JS to the balcony cabin results in our final payment amount decreasing by nearly $1200. I'll just have to book a 3-day cruise to get those last points needed for D+!
  14. We cancelled an October 25th cruise on April 10th, refundable $500 deposit posted to my card yesterday, April 24th, and was dated April 19th. We rebooked the same October 25th cruise that same day, April 10th, with the casino department using a casino promotion instead, but they couldn't transfer the deposit since the original booking was made with the group department. Casino promotion was required to be paid in full at the time of booking, but it was significantly less than what was still owed on the original booking. Plus then, I got the $500 original deposit back. Cruise line insurance for the original booking was also refunded, dated April 22nd, posted April 24th.
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