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  1. We prefer February because it's nearly Spring when we get back!! Caribbean and USA this year
  2. Southampton in England is only one word - not like the Hamptons in the USA so your searches will work better like that. Also if you search on these board, you'll find lots of recommendations. Here's one
  3. Impossible to say really. I've cruised North from Southampton - which is probably the route you'll take.....??- several times at different times of year I don't think it's ever been completely calm and I've had a couple of very rough crossings.
  4. Well said princeton123211. We need innovation. The app model suits us perfectly. and Uber / Lyft has been hugely successful for us in the USA too including Boston, DC and NY However my experiences of black cab drivers in London certainly is not that they are of high quality. Whilst others may say the drivers don't expect a tip, on a couple of occasions we dared not to give one because of terrible service, we were treated with obvious annoyance and one one occasion we were met with abuse.
  5. Your ship is scheduled to dock at Queensferry for Edinburgh. As a local I have only ever gone on my own. It would be VERY easy to book tickets and then arrange a taxi to take you there and back - approx £25 each way). Bookings have already opened for Friends of The Tattoo (anybody can pay £25 to get this) and as you know booking opens to the general public on 2nd. if you wanted to push the boat out, there are special packages available https://www.edintattoo.co.uk/tickets/exclusive-packages . Or you can book a pre-tattoo dinner at the Witchery by the Castle then just go on to the event.
  6. Agree with picsa. I have had so many bad experiences with London cab drivers - surly, racist, sexist and expect a tip for bad service. Have used Uber all round the world doing independent tours on cruises and have had not had a bad experience yet. The cars are often new, the drivers engage you in conversation and are so helpful. This isn't hearsay but based on my experience on multiple occasions. They don't run a jobs for the boys system either. Finally, they pick up in remote places that taxi drivers won't consider.
  7. I think the newer ships have the best entertainment and I love the Limelight on Britannia although that is a paying venue. However we saw very good acts in the theatre too on the only cruise we've done on Britannia. I think it gets the best acts as the flagship (for now!!) Ive always found the entertainment pretty good on Ventura and Azura but the worst entertainment IMO is on the ships that do one-off itineraries. The worst we've had on any ship was last year on Aurora to the USA and Canada. I know there were lots of complaints about the South America itinerary on Aurora too. I don't enjoy many of the comedians but otherwise I'm happy to listen to any singer / band in any style, tribute or otherwise if they've got a decent voice. On Celebrity recently we had a silent disco and also an Abba night in the dance lounge and they were both HUGELY popular.
  8. We had a nasty outbreak of Noro at work and I had to phone the health authorities every day to report the number of new cases. They recommended Clinell wipes (mentioned above) and spray, as well as hand-washing and not sharing pencils, paint-brushes etc (it was in a school!) I used to take the wipes but now find it easier to take Clinell pocket-sized spray when I'm travelling. It's handy just to give hard surfaces in the cabin a quick 'scoosh' when we arrive and I can carry it in my pocket or bag so I always have it when I need it. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Clinell-Universal-Sanitiser-Pocket-Spray/dp/B01FR2QF1I/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=clinell+spray&qid=1574268044&sr=8-3
  9. Another example of one man's food being another man's poison. We saw her on Ventura last year and thought she'd be interesting but bearing in mind the amount of public speaking she does, we thought her delivery was poor though she seemed a lovely person. We're on Ventura again in February and just hope the detective who does the jury scenarios isn't on this time. He's been on the last 3 Winter cruises we've done and weren't keen the first time. We had Gervaise Phinn last year and he was hilarious I'd also put a word in for port presenter Paul. Fantastic. Uses all his own slides and photos, bases them on his own experience and exploring and has no notes.
  10. Just pour yourself a wee drinkie in you cabin and take it with you when you're putting things in, finish it off, then pour another as you go to pick them up. Pimps #drinkmoreworryless #iloveroomservice
  11. Don't tell everybody, but you can usually get a washing machine around 6:30 when people have started going to dinner.
  12. Each to their own then. Yes I worry about the plastic usage but having done a behind the scenes tour last year I feel confident the water bottles are dealt with effectively in the recycling plant. I drink A LOT of water and I've tried everything but I'm afraid whatever I do, it still has an unpleasant taste compared to what I drink at home. We've lived all over the UK and in Germany and our water here is the only tap water I've been able to drink.
  13. We're the same Dai. We've done these 35 day cruises for a few years now and drink as much or as little as we want (and we enjoy a few drinks) but our bar bill has never been even half of the £2800 it would cost to buy a package. And sorry but we don't like the wine package either mrbluesea. We'd rather choose from the wine list as and when we want instead of being limited to the ones we've "bought into". Even then it costs us less than the package would have done. However we were on Celebrity in August and their package, which we got for free, is great and the bar staff and sommeliers are very laissez-faire about the whole thing. Our glass was never empty in the dining room and measures were delivered free-hand in the bars with no always large measures. We live in Scotland and irrespective of what we've tried with the water on the ship, it tastes terrible and not clean, pure and tasteless like the lovely water at home, so that is definitely something we buy and always will. Maybe it depends where you live in the UK. However, we'd rather it could be provided in a more environmentally friendly way.
  14. There are two parts to the city centre really. The old town is built on an extinct volcano and at school we called it the crag and tail. The Castle sits on the crag which is the top and the 'tail' stretches down to the Palace of Holyroodhouse. The volcano is even steeper on the side that comes up from Princes Street so I would say that it the most difficult walk. However the other part of the city centre was designed and built on level ground and is called the New Town - despite the fact it was built 250 plus years ago. It is where the shops are but to be honest it is the most beautiful part of the city in my opinion. The art galleries are there, Princes Street gardens, beautiful squares where the rich people lived (and still do), great restaurants and although there may be shop frontages at ground floor level, the original architecture is still there on the floors above, showing beautifully preserved buildings. It is also a World Heritage Site. There is a narrow pedestrianised street called Rose Street which has several great authentic Scottish pubs. This is just a suggestion for those with walking difficulties instead of exhausting themselves on the Royal Mile.
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