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  1. I agree that, to us, Paris seems like an awful lot of effort for little return but I suppose it you live thousands of miles away and you're as close as London is to Paris, it doesn't seem too far away at all so it would seem a pity not to at least see Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre which are iconic sites the world over. You can have 11 hours in Paris and if you think abut it, that's longer than we have in most cruise ports. You're right about chunnel Globaliser. I think it was called that when it was getting built / in the early days and it opened in 1994
  2. What about somewhere on the Berkshire Downs? We used to live in Bucks and met up with family in pretty little villages just off the A34
  3. The A1 is fine till Berwick upon Tweed and rarely congested till you reach Newcastle especially around the Metro Centre and the Washington junction. The road is much improved with dual carriageway till you reach England. Berwick is a great stopping off point for a coffee. It would be a pity to miss the amazing coastal views in Berwickshire.
  4. So if Stratford is out, I'd go for Oxford too. With an early start from Oxford you could then have a couple of hours at Highclerc then on to the port. There would only be about 90 minutes driving that day.
  5. Don't think I've heard it called the Chunnel here - only by tourists who haven't visited for a while Eurostar has a sale on this weekend with some tickets only £29 so well worth a look ASAP.
  6. I understand how you feel but if you were in the position that I am - travelling with someone who has a breathing condition which is life limiting - you might do the same.
  7. I live just outside Edinburgh and if I had 3 days to do this journey I have no doubts about my route. I have taken into account length of the journeys, volume of traffic and iconic sites. In the time you have, I missed out the lake District and I think Winchester is too close to Southampton Day 1 - Edinburgh to York. Beautiful scenery en-route and York is unmissable Day 2 - York to Stratford, Shakespeare's birthplace Day 3 - Stratford to Southampton via Highclerc Castle, home of Downton Abbey
  8. Thank you for your post but 10 years of managing my OH's condition and cruising round the world has convinced us that fresh sea air in our cabin benefits him more than recycled air-conditioned air does. I cannot explain the science to you but can only see the improved outcome for him of leaving the door open.
  9. I travel extensively by rail across Europe and would recommend loco2.com because they link to the national rail websites of the various countries. This website may help too www.seat61.com
  10. i'd say either stay in Edinburgh or just go back to the ship. The ship is staying late simply so people can go to the Tattoo but there is nothing to do for cruisers in Greenock.
  11. We've had the same system on Ventura and Oceana
  12. We usually book the 9:46 train from Southampton. We once booked the 10:13 as the tickets were cheaper and I regretted the waste of time. We've done about 30 cruises and only once has the ship arrived later than expected and once we had problems with the air bridge. We're disembarking in Barcelona in September and getting the 9:30 train to Paris so we'll self-disembark because we want to have breakfast in Barcelona. It's also important we catch our train so we make our connection in Paris. Self-disembarkation is always an option in Southampton too
  13. There are direct ferries between Belfast (Northern Ireland) and Scotland. If you hire a car in Ireland with one of the bug companies, you could take it on the ferry then keep it to drive on to Southampton. Or you could travel as a foot passenger on Stena Lines and pick up a car at the Hertz office in Cairnryan. Ferries don't go to Stranraer any more as new terminals have been built. The other option is to take the coach from Belfast city centre to Glasgow or Edinburgh and pick up your hire car there. Happy to give you more info about these options including links to booking websites if you want.
  14. We only ever spend the night before the cruise in Southampton as it has little to offer - sorry those who live there. Can I suggest you take advantage of the tour specially designed for people cruising from Southampton which includes pick up at your hotel, visiting Stonehenge and then on to Southampton for your cruise. It is used by many cruisers on these boards. https://www.londontoolkit.com/travel/southampton-from-london-via-stonehenge.html Personally I think Stonehenge is over-rated ....but that's only my opinion!
  15. I think you've got your answer. I love the buzz round Covent Garden and easy access to theatreland. I'd prefer South Kensington over Mayfair for proximity to Harrods etc
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