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  1. We did Oli's Trolley last year and it was an excellent day. We had a really knowledgeable guide who couldn't have been more helpful. It is a gentle stroll from the tender point and we had no trouble getting off the ship. We did the 2.5 hour Acacia National Park tour and it was long enough for us. When we asked him, the tour operator recommended the restaurant opposite for lunch and it was fantastic. It was the West End Cafe. It is busy but don't be put off as we didn't have to wait long at all. I had lobster (of course) and it was head and shoulders better than any lobster I have ever tasted. I then walked up the hill beside the restaurant and came to the common which was nice to look around then waked back down through the shopping street. We didn't have good weather but still enjoyed the day.
  2. The usual answer to this is layers and always a waterproof jacket and umbrella as the previous poster said. I wear a short-sleeved top throughout June, July and August and lightweight cotton trousers. I always have a cotton jumper and my Goretex jacket to hand. This morning, it rained heavily for 15 minutes and it was quite windy but not cold. After that the sun shone so I walked my dog. It was then drizzly but now it's bright and sunny again and that's all in 3 hours. All of Britain has been badly affected by very heavy rain this week with flooding in places. The only thing you can say for sure about the British weather is that it's 100% unpredictable.
  3. We don't do many tours so my main tip would be to use the Ports of Call boards to do your research and DIY. However on the odd occasion we book a tour. we generally book online as the best tours often sell out before the cruise starts
  4. Not really if you read the article which explains why. In summary, it is based on PandO. Also te ship has been sold with its baby grands which are highly valued in China and a big feature is to be made of them - hence PianoLand I've only cruised a handful of times on Oriana and of the old-style ships she was our favourite, head and shoulders above Aurora and Oceana but our memories of her have been skewed by how badly P&O treated us and many others when they cancelled our cruise which we should have been doing now and offered us derisory compensation
  5. I don't find the US port info quite as helpful as I do for European ports. It's aimed at those departing from US ports on the whole but here's a link to it anyway https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/317-east-coast-departures/
  6. You can send out all the emails you like but there's no guarantee staff will read them, as I know from my own experience
  7. I guess P&O is just like any big organisation where they don't send out a memo for every minutiae of detail or people would complain about the waste of paper / have the bosses got nothing better to do
  8. Is this a serious question? Do you not so the same on your own table if (e.g) the side plates weren't used?
  9. I don't find 4 wheel cases as easy to move around as 2-wheeled. Just saying We send most of our cases wth the Baggage Handling Co and they're usually outside our cabin when we go up as soon as we embark (priority embarkation). If we hand another bag over to the porters, it's usually there when we get back from lunch. Waiting till 6:00 p.m is exceptional and unlikely to happen again
  10. Until the last 3 years I'd say there used to be a much wider variety of cruises of varying lengths, and I think the increasing number of 7/14 day cruises reflects the shift in P&O's target audience
  11. Think they dash up and down to Southampton
  12. Would be great to meet up with you for a drink Dai and put a face to the name. Think you met our lovely friends Barbara and Bill (scriv) previously
  13. I'm sorry but I can't see that post. I was referring to Ventura and Azura.You said that the Princess Grand class ships ... have dance floors in the Wheelhouse bar,the Explorers lounge and the large show bar at the back of the ship. and I said so does Azura and Ventura though they're not used for ballroom dancing (and to be fair I've not seen ballroom dancing on Princess either.) Please forgive me if I'm having a senior moment
  14. Agree about the cheap prices and we would have liked to try the Conservatory balcony but instead we've changed our reservation today to an accessible balcony cabin. Fortunately the price we paid when we book has been used as the marker so although it's mid-ships it's costing very little more for the 28 day so still a fantastic price. Which cruise are you doing that coincides with us? We board mid- Feb.
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