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  1. I haven't tried to book since lockdown but I paid £33 on my last visit in February. I have to say though that I was pleased that even though I'd booked at the non-flex rate I had 4 nights refunded for holidays cancelled
  2. These prices change regularly even from a day to day basis sometimes. I sometimes pay as little as £29 for West Quay PI and rarely more than £39 by keeping an eye on prices. It is only a short walk from the Coach station - no more than 10 minutes. However to me the cost of the taxis is so low that I'd always grab a taxi whichever hotel I was staying at. The Premier Inn is very convenient for the West Quay Shopping Mall so I'd rather have breakfast there - for example in John Lewis
  3. There are 2 performances of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo on aSaturday night, but only during August
  4. Please accept my sincere apologies Cotswold Eagle / Everyone. I try to make sure anything I post is accurate but failed abysmally here, by getting my wires crossed. I used to live near Leeds and used the route via Sheffield many times so I should've known it didn't go via Wolverhampton. Sorry and I hope I didn't confuse the OP
  5. We've transferred at Birmingham New Street quite often and as Bob++ has said it was modernised in recent years and we find it pretty easy to navigate, with clear signing. We travel from the North frequently and will avoid travelling through London at all costs. The A / B parts of the platforms at Birmingham NS aren't a problem. It is usually shown on the electronic boards where the train will be arriving and you can make your way there. Another option might be to change at Wolverhampton and it is often recommended by train companies. It is a much smaller station and it could be that your train from Southampton stops there as well as your onward train to Sheffield. I would agree with booking the two parts of your journey separately: I always find that cheaper. I book 12 weeks in advance but try dummy bookings in the 2 weeks before I expect the journey to be available so I know what price I should expect to pay. Let me know if I can help you any more
  6. I think the OP is talking sense. I think now the number of people who couldn't use simple app are limited if you look at one many people use iPads etc onboard. Clearly the powers that be will need to start thinking outside the box to re-start cruising and it makes perfect sense to go contactless
  7. My OH has been shielding so life has been strange since we got back off Ventura on 17th March, just as lockdown started. For us shielding is not an option for the foreseeable future irrespective of FCO advice. Until we both feel confident with the vaccine, we will not be considering a cruise. I don't fly but again until there is a vaccine, I would not consider travelling by train to Europe which we often do. Luckily we only have one cruise booked - well a B2B- on Iona for next Feb / March and it's highly unlikely we'll be doing that. Were now looking at driving to the S of France at that time, which is the only way we'd consider going on holiday. For the rest of this year we'll be taking staycations
  8. All four Fred Olsen ships were anchored in the Forth but have now moved to the port of Rosyth. Fred Olsen ships home port here in the Summer months just as they do in Newcastle so I guess now cruising has been cancelled till mid-October P&O had to find a suitable berth (s) for the ships. Newcastle would be a good option. I know Greenock was also asked to accept ships on lay-up but they refused. This is the reason given by Fred Olsen for the move. "Peter Deer, Managing Director at Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, said: “When we paused our operations back in March, we had an initial date of May 23 to resume cruising again. Unfortunately, this has not been possible, and so we have had to reconsider the running of our four ships until such a time that we can set sail once again.Moving our ships to Babcock’s Rosyth facilities and having them alongside in port allows us to run a more efficient operation, including the general maintenance of the ships, crew changes and refuse collection." Th
  9. We're very lucky and took early retirement so we could travel. We've ticked a few off our bucket list nd loved every one The Baltic Venice, Croatia etc in the Adriatic Greek Islands Caribbean island-hopping Round South America The only cruise we haven't done but which is on our bucket list is a Danube River Cruise from Budapest to Southern Germany. However the cruise we'd do if it was available would be a round trip to Southern Africa with a safari included but that's not going to happen :( We cruise with different lines but as I don't fly we're getting less keen on taking the train out to join cruises in the Med etc so wish P&O would do longer cruises to the Eastern Med or Mediterranean islands from Southampton. We'd love to see more of the smaller Greek Islands but also places like Corsica,Sardinia, Cyprus, Malta, Minorca and Adriatic islands. If only..........
  10. Just got my lockdown delivery and it was great- got all the alcohol I ordered so I'd give it a go!
  11. Andy Chambord is available in Asda. I think it's about £7 for a small bottle. I always keep it in stock as my favourite tipple is a French Martini.
  12. Ventura is due back in Southampton tomorrow according to the Marine Traffic app. Andy Willard joined as Captain on March 1st when we were on Ventura in Miami so he'll be doing the driving and if anybody can keep the crew's spirits up, it's him. Great fun and entered into everything - even sung a solo in the choir. Hope you're okay showingdiva
  13. They also want it before the fly cruises begin usually involving 3 ships. The first two stops on our cruise next week are La Coruna and Bermuda, and if you look at a map you will see that we will be following a fairly Northerly course and not a million miles further South from the course to New York. I think the likely reason is the weather in Canada if you go later in October, By the time we arrived in Quebec (beginning of October) it was bitterly cold and detracted from our enjoyment of the city. We had to buy hats and gloves but even then my partner had to go back to the ship as he suffers from a breathing condition
  14. I'm very surprised they always do it so early. We only really saw the start of the colours in Quebec hardly at all before that.
  15. We were there through September and really you need to go later to see the best of the Autumn scenery in Canada. I'd advise mid to late October.
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