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  1. I hate my husband putting things in his trouser pockets so always take small evening bags. Like others I only take three - silver, black and cream and make them match everything. I take my glasses, phone, lipstick, cruise-card and tissues in my bag and don't feel properly dressed without it. I used to have problems with the cruise card demagnetising near my phone but on our last cruise the cards were much better. However just in case I have a little Celebrity card pouch which is fantastic
  2. I wear a mix of outfits - full length, calf-length, jump-suit, trousers and clingy jacket on formals.
  3. I think the point is that these people knew they were doing wrong as they were asked to stop but re-started after a few minutes. Whether or not they knew the law or knew the rules on P&O prior to this is irrelevant because it was made clear to them it was not allowed. Some people just can't help themselves. It's all part of the me, me, me culture.
  4. I always use West Quay cars and have always been delighted with the service. They're also a local company and very reliable www.westquaycars.com
  5. I've had several surveys several times over the past year or two, and most of the questions you've mentioned are the same as usual. The new things are the Tenerife fly cruises but there's been something similar before. The other thing I've not seen before was the possibility of charging for the laundrette. Maybe that could be included as a Freebie for higher tiers as it is on Princess? Can I ask when you did your last cruise with P&O Harry and if you've got any planned?
  6. In reply to your question Andy, yes I always wash my hands after using the toilet- and not just on a cruise. And I always use a tissue to open the doors if I have to use a public toilet - which I hate doing I down think I'm obsessed about Norovirus but I take reasonable precautions to avoid catching it - well I think they're reasonable!! However that's not the only bug that can be passed on and I must admit I wash my hands constantly throughout the day on the cruise. My OH has a health condition and if he picks up a cough or cold it can ruin his cruise. I wish people would cover their mouths when coughing - but not with the same hand they pick up the tongs in the buffet!
  7. I'm confused. It is September 2020 or next Saturday?
  8. We usually go to ASDA in the morning in Southampton before we board and put the mixers we buy in a holdall with wheels. We just take it on ourselves
  9. We've only used them a couple of times and as they were both friendly, chatty and helpful we tipped them both £5. Maybe we're not typical of Brits as we tip quite a lot - taxi drivers, hairdressers, wait staff, sometimes bar staff etc
  10. Which cruise are you doing in Feb 2021 jennizor. We're booked on a B2B from 20th February I agree with you about Britannia and Azura (and in our case also Ventura). We've never felt crowded at all but went on Aurora last year and felt really claustrophobic. The rooms were too small and dark for our taste. Each to their own I suppose. We don't fit the age demographic that P&O is aiming their newer ships at - but we still prefer them and we're very much looking froward to Iona
  11. There are plenty of taxis outside Southampton Central which is the main station in Southampton. Make sure you DON'T get off at Southampton Airport! It's only a few pounds and not worth walking. The taxi driver will just whizz you down there in a few minutes.
  12. We love these tables for 2 and they are the friendliest on the ship. The same people tend to be in or around the same tables every night and it is very sociable. We don't especially enjoy the large tables now in Freedom as we can't be bothered with the rigmarole of introductions every night and we've also met too many rude people. Most people on tables for 2 we've met do it for the same reasons. It was the same on Celebrity last week. Our 4 x tables for 2 might just as well have been a table for 8 as we sat together most nights Can't say most people had booked in advance on Celebrity Infinity over the last 2 weeks and we certainly had a buzzer several nights. We didn't find we waited any shorter or longer than we do on P&O but to be honest we've never had longer than a 20 minute wait on either. We're happy to wait in a bar with a glass of wine then take it into dinner
  13. I love Antigua as a port of call andI'd be disappointed if P&O stopped going there. It's great for beaches, sights and shopping
  14. There are some larger outsides on Oceana on C deck and I'd recommend one of them, although they are towards the aft. Our friend was in one just a couple of doors along from us and it was a great size. Towards the aft, you don't get noise from Winners on the deck below.
  15. We always stay at Premier Inn West Quay because it's convenient for the town. Across the road from it is a great shopping centre (mall), a cinema and lots of restaurants. You can get to the Old Town and walk the walls etc a short distance away and it's close to the bus and railway station. Can't beat it
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