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  1. I'm a volunteer at the Edinburgh Cruise ports and there's no doubt IMO that Princess provide the most comprehensive round Britain cruises. The only problem is that they do tours to the Tattoo from Greenock which is the other side of the country. You certainly couldn't do it on your own. However that would mean you'd have the day in Edinburgh just to explore our amazing capital city and it is certainly do-able on your own. Another option would include flying to Edinburgh after your Baltic cruise, spending a few days in Edinburgh for the Tattoo etc then taking a small group tour on Rabbie's or similar to places you really want to see in Scotland. You could head back towards London by train, stopping for a day or two in York. Once back in London you could do a small group tour there and see Windsor, Bath, Stonehenge and The Cotswolds. The public transport system in Scotland is excellent and you can get to most main towns by bus and / or train if you were keen to DIY I've travelled and lived in various places around the UK so happy to help you with any extra info
  2. it's a pity you can have a full day in Normandy before your embarkation day. We've holidayed in Normandy numerous times and last time we had a lovely hotel in Bayeux itself, arriving into LeHavre by ferry.I t's a decent road, although it can be really busy round Caen. Bayeux is just a delightful town with great restaurants and a friendly atmosphere. From there we explored much of the US sector of the D-day landings. The Museum at Omaha beach is fantastic and it is the site of a War Cemetery and Memorial. You can walk long the beach and in your mind's eye picture the scene. The highlight for us is always the museum at Pegasus Bridge and although it is a British museum it is probably one of the most emotional places I've ever visited - certainly as emotional as the 9/11 Museum in New York. The whole area is steeped in history and that is the reason we have returned time after time. We travel a lot by train in France and indeed on one cruise travelled from Cherbourg to Bayeux for the day. so if you can squeeze that extra day and do one of the Overlordtours or similar, it would be SO worth it
  3. We've just spent 5 weeks on Ventura and would definitely choose Britannia over her. The entertainment options on Ventura are not a patch on Britannia. Britannia is in much better condition and has much more of a wow factor. Love the atrium and the layout of the ship. Balconies are better on Ventura but that won't matter if you're going for an inside. We had an aft cabin and soot was an issue but the lifts were not so for me the best location on the ship would be close to the aft lifts. Easy to get around from there.
  4. Yes that's what we had. It was great in places like the Straits of Gibraltar where you got amazing views
  5. We've had a few of these aft corner cabins but none of ours had a balcony that looped round. However we love the location and the balconies are a lovely size though a bit shaded. To be fair all the C deck balconies are all great too
  6. If you didn't like your cabin on Ventura, it's unlikely you'll like the one you've got on Azura because they're sister ships so cabins have pretty much the same layout. The interior colours etc are different but not much else. Funnily enough we love the layout of these cabins and prefer it to the Solstice class
  7. Your guess is s good as mine but people were saying it was half a deck per colour e.g Deck 12 port was, say, the green group and Deck 12 starboard the pink group. I’ll attach some photos of the info we got from P&O and I also did a blog about the whole cruise called Rhona’s Travels but I not allowed to mention the name of the social media site on these boards.
  8. We booked ourselves on the first excursion this year and were called at exactly the time we were meant to with the coach leaving on time. We've done this cruise several times and each time the immigration process at New Orleans has changed so it's hard to say what will happen next year. Our friends hadn't booked a tour and are both quite elderly. They were called an hour later than they were supposed to be, but the problem for them was the long and very uncomfortable wait as a lengthy queue wound its way into the immigration hall after they left the comfort of the ship. They were exhausted and just returned to the ship. I know P&O did their best but it seems crazy to me that people who had only planned something for the evening were given a 7:00 a.m. immigration time and returned to the ship at 7:30 whereas others who were very excited about getting off the ship and had plans for the day had to wait till 2:00 p.m. before they got into town.
  9. Unfortunately they say that on their website but since ownership of the company has changed, the reality is that tickets on the Edinburgh-London line only seem to be available 12 weeks max in advance. I track tickets on this line constantly as I do the journey regularly and am currently hoping to book tickets for a journey in 18 weeks. They're only available till the end of June as I type this. I'm speechless! Would I rather travel during the day in a comfortable first class seat with lots of leg room being served by friendly staff; enjoy the stunning scenery fromYork onwards; spend the evening eating or dining in one of the most beautiful cities in the world followed by a long sleep in a comfortable bed; OR be cooped up in a tiny sleeping compartment. No brainer!!!! Getting from St Pancras to KX only takes 5 minutes and I would 100% recommend you book this in 2 legs. It is in nearly all cases cheaper. I always allow a one hour 'cushion' in case the train is late. First class is definitely worth extra (within reason) because the carriages are less crowded and quieter and you are served at your seat with a meal, and coffees etc throughout the journey. You're not just paying extra for the food. And if you want any help planning your visit to Edinburgh durangokid, I'd be happy to help
  10. The security of my car worth many thousands of pounds is worth more to me than saving a few pounds so I only use CPS. There's so many stories about car park cowboys I would never risk it
  11. I've only ever booked one cruise which included Guernsey and we got in successfully on Ventura. It was a beautiful day on a beautiful island and I'd love to go back
  12. Well it's funny you should say that Host Bonjour as my previous threads are a bit out of date now and I was thinking of doing something along the lines you suggest..... There have been several changes in the last couple of years on how to get to Edinburgh from the ports especially with the introduction of direct shuttle buses. Most people don't even know there are 4 terminals! Anyway I volunteer at Rosyth and Queensferry and have earmarked a couple of days when cruise ships will be docking at Newhaven and Leith. I was going to go along, take photos and create a thread which could be pinned if you want. I should also say that our cruising website is also very useful -www.cuiseforth.com- and we're currently working on an app.
  13. I think that's the one I posted the link for - Post #2
  14. We've had a variety of aft cabins and yes there is additional noise from the wake but it's certainly not deafening and we'd have one again.
  15. If you do a cruise with a line like Princess you could arrange to play some rounds. Try a cruise that has Liverpool, Invergordon and Edinburgh on the itinerary for starters. Ot have a look at what this company offers https://www.perrygolf.com/golfcruising/the-open-at-royal-portrush-2019-golf-cruise-package.php#fndtn-panel1
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