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  1. I booked them through TripAdvisor . The company name is Great Camping Adventures Pty Ltd . You could google them and book direct . Great Camping told me our pick up time is 6:50 am. It is a 14 hour tour to the blue mountains. Bus ride there and boat ride back down to Sydney harbor.
  2. We are going to stay at the Rydges and have booked one of those Blue Mountain tours leaving from the Four Seasons. It is a 1/3 of a mile , or 450 meters. So about a 5 minute walk.
  3. I know when you arrive at the airport customs only allows two packs of smokes . But when you get off the ship after the cruise do they ask how many packs you have ? The 2 packs are fine before the cruise and my wife plans on buying more on the ship. Just wonder if she has to toss any she has left when we disembark . Thanks for any info.
  4. We had wanted to go to Yedjele beach at the Mare port . But it seems that Royal is not offering transport to the beach on this stop. Does anyone know if there is local transport available at the dock area ?
  5. Probably at the visitor center near the corner of Argyle and Playfair St. in the Rocks.
  6. We did it a couple of weeks ago. It was $19 as I recall. I think it was worth it as we had never done one before . You book at Guest Services after you board the ship. You would be with others , up to 12 people I think. You will want that size group as you need ideals from everyone. Was a fun hour , but we did not solve the puzzle and are now stuck in outer space .
  7. Yes , you can have 4 bottles. They take two of them though and return them to your room upon starting the second leg of your cruise .
  8. There is a loop hole in their system . You can get cash and pay a % OR you use your sea pass card on one of the slot machines . On their menu screen of the slot machine just select cash charges to your room . After the transfer on the screen just cash out. No extra % charge ,but of course the amount asked for shows up on your room bill . Hope RCL does not notice this for awhile.
  9. We got off the Harmony on 4/21 and got on a ship provided shuttle bus to the Adventure . There were people going to other ships as well from the Harmony on this shuttle. I know one of them was the Edge. We asked about this service while on the Harmony and watched as they put our names on a list . So I know this free service exists . You just had to check in where the buses depart and wait until about 9:30 for the bus to arrive. Not disputing any events for others, but for the 4 of us we found it rather easy to use.
  10. Thank you for the relevant reply .
  11. I know the Great Bay beach is only a 20 minute walk from the dock. But one member of our group just had knee replacement , so will need to take the water taxi. My question is , which pier of the two does the water taxi go to ? Or does it stop at both of them ? We plan on getting some loungers and umbrella with drinks.
  12. xeriod

    Mr Sanchos

    Taxi's are waiting at the port exit and they will be there upon request to take you back. Runs about $17 each way for up to 4 persons.
  13. Nachi does limit the number of guests, so don't wait too long to book if that becomes your choice. One thing you can do is call up Cozumel on Google maps and you can " walk "along the beach in front of both of them . I suggest you notice the "density " selection of lounge chairs at the two resorts. That was enough for me to make my choice.
  14. I mis-spoke , I checked my pictures and it was Fisherman's Wharf we were dropped off at. Sorry for my confusion. Don't know about any transport as we walked the coastal trail to the aquarium . About 1 1/2 miles each way.
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