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  1. Stated we would be refunded but no other information
  2. Agree transparent (and respectful) communication is a big issue. Lots of previous posts on this, but 35 day round Australia cruise last year- 2 days in Brisbane cancelled, no explanation but assume it had to do with changes in the port there; Thursday Island, no explanation -just was no longer on itinerary when we boarded; kangaroo island & Portland stuck at sea so they could clean the hull before next cruise to New Zealand - we were emailed by a privately booked tour company that we would not be going ashore - it was hours later before Oceania told us - a lot more to this story, but I think you get the picture…
  3. My specific cruise was Abu Dhabi to Singapore, but as stated all November and December cruises were cancelled so not sure how helpful that is. Also have friends doing the same cruise this spring with no cancellation.
  4. I’m a seasoned traveler- land and cruise based. Oceania came highly recommended to me. First Oceania cruise a year ago five port days cancelled for non-weather or political/safety reasons. Booked my second cruise on board for next December. Received email today all Riviera November and December cruises cancelled next year. No explanation. The benefits I received for booking in advance on board all gone. I’m done. A shame since the onboard staff and experience was great, but corporate office unresponsive and not concerned. As a solo traveler I expect more for the amount of money (please don’t say if you can afford to cruise, it doesn’t matter - as I reach this time in my life I’m carefully calculating spending my life savings for lifetime goals). While times are changing, no, in my experience other companies show more concern for their customers, even when things must be changed.
  5. Agree, I was lucky to get a solo cabin last year - only a small amount less than paying double for a small obstructed view. Not complaining about the cabin, it was fine, just the price…
  6. Totally agree. The lack of honest communication is concerning, and, IMHO, shows a lack of respect and concern for loyal customers.
  7. I wrote a long response to this topic yesterday and decided not to submit as I’ve already had too many experiences stating my opinions aren’t valid. But my post included reference to this blog so I feel the need to share. I was also on the Regatta for this cruise (my first with Oceania).This fourth and fifth port day cancellation so the ship could continue to New Zealand after our cruise was over was the last straw. None of these port cancellations were due to weather which would be disappointing but understandable. We first learned of these cancellations early in the morning from a private tour company we booked with. Oceania did not inform on board passengers until hours later- a couple of hours after we were supposed to be allowed to tender out. When I went to customer service they said they knew nothing about cancellation. Almost no communications for the remainder of the cruise. After the cruise we learned of the announcement made publicly by Oceania the day before they informed us. Most disturbing was the ongoing lack of concern and at times outright rude dismissal by corporate Oceania to all of us who sought answers after the cruise. Compensation was never initially offered - some of us received a small amount of future cruise credit after repeatedly seeking a response from Oceania, but this was not consistent. Not what I expected after hearing about the wonderful customer service on Oceania and how I would never want to travel with anyone else. By far the most expensive cruise I’ve ever taken. A shame as the onboard service and crew were excellent. BTW, we were not informed about the Thursday Island cancellation; it simply was no longer on the itinerary when we embarked. When I inquired, I was told it was “weather related” - seems strange as we weren’t due there for a couple of weeks and we went right by it with no weather issues.
  8. Thanks, Cruise mom - I also find labeling of solo cruisers somewhat judgmental. Oceania did a wonderful job of offering solo get togethers, however as the op stated as a solo cruiser I’m interested in socializing with everyone and don’t choose my friends by ethnicity, gender or marital status! I have maintained friendships begun on cruises for many years from all around the world whether married or single…..
  9. I spent five weeks in 6030 in December/January. I also was very happy with the solo cabin, although I felt the price was excessive. Sorry for your experience. While I had some serious concerns regarding how the corporate office responded to passenger concerns, I had no complaints regarding the ship, service or food on board. I should add I never ordered room service because there really was nowhere to eat in the cabin!
  10. Not sure why you feel food is obsessive especially for solo cruisers??
  11. Thalassotherapy spa is on the private deck in front of the spa. You either have to be in a special category of cabin or pay to use it.
  12. Social hostess set up several happy hours as well as a lunch and dinner on Regatta last December. Drinks included. We also connected on our roll call and meet and greet.
  13. I spent 35 days in 6030 and loved it (I did not, however, love the price…). Not concierge, but I booked a future cruise in a balcony - it wasn’t much more
  14. Not sure about all of the above but I can tell you in the obstructed ocean view solo cabin I paid minimally less than double.
  15. No table or chair in Regatta 6030. That would be my main complaint (other than the price) for the solo cabin. I never ordered room service as there was nowhere to sit and eat other than the stool at the desk (which was already full of other things) or the bed. Otherwise the room was fine (6030 is only obstructed by a small pilot boat, so there was still some view)
  16. I personally love the spa deck, but when recently on the Regatta found I could pay for it by the day (which worked for me as I was in a solo obstructed view cabin)
  17. Another disappointed Oceania cruiser. I was lucky to receive the boiler plate reply with FCC (forget the fact that as a solo traveler I paid for two people), but the lack of open communication and differential treatment of guests is disconcerting. Did you read the Cruise Passenger article that quoted a SPOKESMAN from Oceania stating the Regatta was on its way to Phillip Island, missing the previous 2 ports due to hull cleaning?? This was posted THE DAY BEFORE we were supposed to anchor at Kangaroo Island. Oceania made an announcement to the public a day before they informed its passengers , who were waiting in the Regatta lounge to embark on tenders to the island. This is not acceptable! https://cruisepassenger.com.au/news/queen-elizabeth-fourth-ship-to-fall-foul-of-new-zealands-environmental-laws/
  18. Wish I’d tried that, would have saved a lot of money. I like to have one glass with dinner.
  19. I’m in agreement with Mrs. F. The crew was great, the itinerary that we got to see was great and I happen to love the Regatta and her sister ships. The missed ports were not only not compensated but not even acknowledged aside from the one “thanks for understanding” statement. Communication was basically nonexistent.
  20. Wow! Sorry for them but glad it wasn’t us!
  21. Glad this works for you and hope you have a good trip in February as well.
  22. There are LOTS of conjectures and misinformation going around due to lack of communication (I don’t know that anyone has asked for a “play by play”). During his daily noon report the captain has just announced we will be arriving in our next port on time tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
  23. So now the ship is MOVING but we have no info. I would doubt they can dive and clean while the ship is moving? The worst of this is the complete lack of communication. I spent years of savings for this trip and am paying nearly 200% as I’m traveling solo so all of the disruptions are upsetting but to not even know what’s going on is pretty disrespectful… yes, some things are unavoidable but we have no idea….
  24. What a devastating end to our trip. They are giving us almost no information. 😢😡
  25. Yes, we could see a dive boat from deck 5 early this morning. They have since closed off the deck on that side of the ship. Apparently they knew about the issue yesterday but did not share this information until an hour after we were supposed to “arrive” this morning. And the captain has not resurfaced since that original announcement- even for his daily 12 noon report.
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