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  1. As Dawnrae mentioned Carnival Valor is doing a roundtrip transatlantic Tampa to Barcelona January 26th '21 I believe it is and returning to Tampa Feb. 28th.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I like that on some Royal ships this is still available.
  3. I haven't been on NCL in a few years. I've been on a few other lines in the meantime. Some lines and ships have an app and because of the limited amount of wifi let through to connect to the app you are able to access imessaging without any internet plan on board. Does this leak of wifi happen on NCL as well with their app? I would like to be able to contact my kids at home while I'm on board. Thanks
  4. Thank you for the quick replies.
  5. If we are planning on spending a few hours at the beach am I able to grab a mini box of cereal (cheerios) for my kids for a snack? I know we have done this is some of the Caribbean ports and as long as it is a packaged item it has been fine but every country is different. First time on Celebrity, do they have those mini cereal boxes? I don't plan on being a tourist that the banana dogs are sniffing out, but a quick beach snack is nice. Thanks
  6. I've exchanged money on Norwegian and Royal and have gotten better rates than at home with my bank. First time on Celebrity next month so I don't know how they do it but I've been pleasantly surprised on other lines.
  7. Royal's Anthem of the Seas is out of Bayonne too and currently has a kids sail free promo.
  8. Can someone please clarify this for me. In the past it has had to be cans brought on. My son had a mini bottle of soda taken as they said it had to be in a can to prove it hadn't been tampered with. Is this still the case? 12 cans can be brought on per person? Thanks
  9. When you got your letter from your TA did show any credit? Are you Canadian? Could the original $38 be $50CAD put with a terrible exchange rate? If it was an Expedia Canadian group the onboard credit could be in CAD. I have had that before.
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