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  1. Right NOW, Captain Ane Smit is A Fave. He brought Zaandam, safely back to port with crew and pax JOB well done and such very fine, nice gentleman in the 'bargain NOt to be 'biased' Rotterdam's Captain gets points as well. 🙂
  2. Yes, GRAB for Noro What this virus has done to the cruise/ travel industry makes Noro look like a small pest.. a nuisance
  3. Who ever could have imagined cruise lines would grab for Noro? hmm, Talk about perspective .
  4. Seeing as All cruises are not going for some time Maybe they got reservations for dry dock/ wet dock in Bahamas? Crews could use a 'b reather' after all they have experienced. Ships likely can use good scrub down. .
  5. Here, here, Job well done under very difficult circumstances Many lives undoubtedly saved
  6. The 'plan' I heard is for pax to board sanitiized buses at the ship, be transported to the tarmac at the airport, go directly aboard those planes on thr trmzc. They will not be in airport terminal and will not infect any persons on the ground in FloriIa.
  7. Anyone here who doubts Copper knows not of what they speak and loses credibility I Know HE knows.
  8. My crystal ball is out for polishing. As soon as it is returned , I'll ask it about the future. 🙂
  9. Yes, Good news Thank you for sharing this with us.
  10. d .. amhasppyh forf you tgo haved reookfd again Fatcat , I've lost track of what cruise you 'b ooked',' I aam hpppy you have rebooked again and hope you get to go to whereevr it is you keep booking so Which cruise is it . to WHere?
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