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  1. Doesn't matter as the info given is the same for all HAL ships. sail.noordam@gmail.com
  2. Your comment was still posted when i wrote my message, Appaently, it was deleted after my post was entered. Clearly I read it and chose to state my disagreerment, prior to you deleing your post, rather strange to delet e it when someone has quoted and responded to it and then imply I did n't read ?????.
  3. I respectfully disagree with some of the general ization and wonder how you came to those misconceceptions. 🙂
  4. MDR for brEAkfast ihave no idea if your drinks package would cover it. You likely can order it from room service but how good could i be for them to get it up to your cabin from the galley Probably not be as good as 'fresh''
  5. Which Ship? Helps if we know about which ship you speak. sail.noordam@gmail.com
  6. Since my dh's passing, I travel solo. I could not manage on my own so, no, if I broke my arm, I would not attempt to travel until it healed , i could not manage luggage, packing and unpacking etc.
  7. Thank you, Denise, I saw the hearts, forgot to ask what it was about. I'm so happy you asked,
  8. Congratulations, Well Done ! I might have to call my PCC tomorrow
  9. Hoorah! Yea, Roz.. I'm happy that is getting resolved. 🙂 sail.noordam@gmail.com
  10. If you do not rspond to the person goading a political convesafion, rthey will stop, Don't answer them Turn to someoone else at the table and ignore political person
  11. Drivers license is fiNE and yes, you must have a government issued photo id to enter the port area in many port. that is local security. You only need your ship key card to reboard the ship
  12. HAL also offers open seating. I now ask for and enjoy a two top f or myself as a solo traveler. sail.noordam@gmail.com
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