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  1. Do they sill publish and print the Atlas? I have not seeen or heard of one in Way tioo long How can a six star Mariner (o anyone) buy a cruise if we do not know whaf they are selling? Their website is notorious for being near to unuseable,
  2. By "real" if you mean, the flowers, We have always had fresh flowers in our Neptune Suites. EVERYtime !, And on many of our cruises in Neptune Suites, we have had new bouquets of fresh flowers delivered to our cabin as a most pleasant surprise courtesy of the ship. (Not so on Princess or "X0When we do b-to-b's staying in the same cabin for the next segment, we always have new flowers on 'turn around day'. 🙂
  3. IMO, if you are a couple traveling on you own why would you want an enormous veranda? .. especially given the pandemic is still active Personally, I would NOT attend nor host a large gathering on any verandah for a good long time yet to be in the future.
  4. Yes, this ^^ We sailed from Pireaus two times and stayed pre-cuise in Athens both times.......... MUch nicer hotels etc there and we totally loved those stays . I particuarly liked the Platka, the restaurants; shopping in this area and especially the views of ACROPOLIS while dining on an outdoor restaurant patio Some nice hotels in this area 🙂
  5. ^^^ Dittto that travel worldwide including to the caribbean is way down. jewelers inthe islands have to be DESPERATE (IMO)..for business, cruisers, buyers. Desperate people do desperate ( sometimes very uglythings. for such a purchase, given the circumstances existing today, buy the ring at home.
  6. I tried to make a b-to- booking for two seven day cruises and was told, CDC is limiting cruiers to days only and was unable o book my b-to-b, thus, I made no booking.. Forget about ten day cruises...if I was Told correctly
  7. Yes, ^^^ that Rules of that sort apply to everyone.You comply If you want to sail a ship that has such a r ule
  8. IMO, It is highly unlikely anyone here can correctly answer these " (many) what will the ships do questions " until each cruise company announces or makes i t known what their policy will be.
  9. Likely, paying the fines is all it takes and also, likely, that happened long ago.
  10. I was booked for Boston/Montreal/Boston, b to-b which was cancelled for 2020. I would be very happy to 'try again to do that terrific cruise, again and again
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