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  1. Hey, Hey, Hey ,,,,, It's POA. You have been missed. So good to see your post. Hope all is well with you, DW and 'the bear'. sail.noordam@gmail.com
  2. Has it been verified, the virus ca n be passed along by the air system? I hope not but ..... sail.noordam@gmail.com
  3. She could have said 'thanks' but no thanks and then fended for herself.
  4. No one HAD to go home on the charter. Let them stay in Cambodia- Japan under what ever terms those authorities set. Any ungrateful wretch is free to take care of themselves in whatever ways is possible with ok from Cambodia and no commercial flights for flights back to U.S. for who knows how long. Embassies are closing for protection of staff. You can please some of the people, some of the time and rarely please all at the same time. Iwould have cried with relief to board the charter. Ms. prima donna's cruise and trip home would not have gotten her home much faster as originally panned. Has her 'royalness' given a brief thought to the reason for quarantine? Or doesn't care if she passes viral droplets all around her community and won't be bothered who or how many may become ill because of her selfishness or may die? Groan
  5. Given the 'extreme circumstance. I'll float an off the wall suggestion that HAL negotiate with Bermuda to schedule some Boston to Bermuda cruises such as were done in recent years. Bermuda could certainly benefit from a big windfall of cash. Or course, there has to be availability for use of Boston's Black Falcon(Flynn) cruise terminal.
  6. I came upon the end of a news report and if I heard it correctly, at least one woman from Westerdam tested positive for virus and more from Princess also did. I am vague about that report as I think they said the Westerdam guest who tested positive is in hospital in Malaysia.. not Cam bodia? The Princess cruisers who left the ship are bein flown home on U.S. charter flights. God bless America for getting them back to U.S. soil. they w ill be taken to a U.S. military base and I would guess most are just fine with that. As a solo traveler now, were I to be ill on one of those ships, I would be so grateful fo r that 'ride home courtesy of our gov't.' I t likely will be a long wait for commercial air to begin flying back to U.S. airports from that part of the worldWhat other countries have sent charter planes to bring stranded and/or ill citizens home to their country for those who need the help? I have listened for reports about that but have not yet heard anything
  7. I have been 5 star since it came into existence, stay in NS and never heard of free Pinnacle night for NS guests and hope I never do. NOt that I have any issue about a free Pinnacle dinner, a ' free night' is most unappealing to me. I am sure if they suddenly created such a thing, I would not participate. sail.noordam@gmail.com
  8. Very few women wear gowns now and FAR fewer men wear tuxedos as they used to. Most women find cocktail dresses work just fine for them. I always used to dress formal but stopped that some years ago as did many others. sail.noordam@gmail.com
  9. I live very nearBoston and my late dh and I sailed Boston to Montealb-to-b many times and loved it. IMO it is one of HAL's bes short itineraries. For a 7 day cruise, with a port very day but one, you get to see so m uch and learn about Atlantic Canada and New England. some really great ports.
  10. That was last year. This year, CDC and many viralists are saying, they do not think this epidemic will end post haste. I cannot imagine who would think ofbooking a cruise sailing in that part of the world in the very near future. AT least wait until the scientists , researchers come up with a potent anti-viral med that can help treat this horrid virus, IMO. How can one enjoy themselves in an atmosphere where many are 'waiting to see who will become ill ?
  11. What do YOU think HAL will 'do' with Westerdam? Scrub her down, get re turning crew back on board , see what the state of corona virus is and take it from there. Repair/replace damaged items, areas. That ship had to take a horrid beating this last stretch of time. No one can know how widely spread, world-wide this virus will be years, let alone months from now. Seeing you asked, Hank.... what do you think the near time state of cruising in Far East will be? By end of this year, next year? I think it is not -knowable How are people supposed to fly to far east to join a ship? not many commercial lines are flying there.. not many people think it a situation into which they wish to put themselves. Good luck, Hank
  12. CHARTER PLANEs while pricey for Carnival corp, they might get crew from where they are to where they need to be. In this case,(Cambodia) PhenomPen (sp ?) Perhaps it is possible to get group from Indonesia Manilla etc if there are many needed to geto Westerdam? crew avoid going through China that way.
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