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  1. Bon Voyage, to all of you. Sail safely , Happy landings and Have wonderful time !! 🙂
  2. No, There are not any Neptune suites on Deck 1 ! I am quite sure I commented in my post, that perhaps I misunderstood. So, perhaps you could kindly forgive my confusion forgive my confusion.
  3. No, There are not any Neptune suites on Deck 1 ! I am quite sure I commented in my post, that perhaps I misunderstood.
  4. Perhaps, I misunderstood but I have been under the impresssion OP was in a Neptune Suite, yet she made no reference to Neptune Lounge or concierges. If they were,indeed, in a Neptune why were they going to front office? I would have pulled up a chair and sat as close to concierge as possbile and not have moved until something 'to aid my comfort in a cabin was accomplished. What I would Not do is join a line at front office. I wonder how many who were so uncomfortable, called directly to HAL Seattle offices. Did they make contact with anyone who could, did help them? I hope all is now smooth sailing and the cruise turns out to offer needed comfort and rest. OP : Thank you for the reports and updates. PLease have some fun and tell us ab out it so we can feel better for all of you aboard Zdam. Stay safe and enjoy your ports and hopefuly, a more comfortable ship.
  5. Yes, of course, but too late for that as applies to this b adly lacking Zudm cruise but for future dry docks, Yes Follow the money,. It is possible it costs way more for 'door A' vs. 'door B'. Most of such decisions come back to $ HAL will provide some compensation, get horrid PR, lose some customers , blah, blah,,, not the first (nor possibly the last time)
  6. Sure, in a perfect world, they would have held the ship in dry dock longer But we can imagine what those with the cancelled cruise would be writing here on Cc ... Not that too many of us would blame them........... Not many of us live in a perfect world'. My world surely is far from perfect. Hopefully, during the hours that have elapsed, progress has been made on getting the systems functioning properly. Would You rather the cruise was cancelled or be sailing in such uncomfortable conditions? They should Cancel he cruise IMO Yes, I know the harm that can do to many 'guests' but, it beats having no a/c or hot water. Some people's health does not permit them to just roll with it.
  7. If it reaches port agent in FLL, she will not have to leave the ship to 'go get it' It will be delivered to the ship by port agent. Good luck Please let us know if she receives it.
  8. Mark on front of mailing envelope whish ship you want it forwaded to, name of crew person and their position on the ship,,,,,,, ie, cabin steward, mail it to HAL Seattle they will try to get it forwarded for you They likely would not tell you contact info. If the crew member wanted you to know that, the 'assumption' is they would tell you themselves.
  9. I am guessing maybe you mean 'usually' but it would be okay if we could know for sure.
  10. Before I make final paymrnt for my upcoming cruise, I hope to get firm verification that Neptune guests will be enjoying breakfast in Pinnacle as we have for many years. I have no wish to use Club O HAL seems to pull things away from guests with no prior notice and the list of things seems to be 'growing'.
  11. I think it sounds fabulous, Denise, and hope you are able to make it work out. Good luck 🙂
  12. Homeland will be clearing OP (Denise) to sail the cruise on which she wants to book the "K" cruise. IF she has been cleared for that cruise, what issue could bar her from HS clearing her to sail another cruise immediately (a matter of few minutes to check in) following that?
  13. What are your thoughts as to why OP is being denied the benefits?
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