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  1. Ditto, ^^^ Who cares about some of the clothes and 'stuff?' Pack and have them ship one bag filled with items you really care about/treasure. IMO
  2. IMO, If HAL survives to again (still) be the cruise line many of us here truly connect with and eagerly await sailing hopefully soon. They will once again as is their tradition and history, have a flagship named ROTTerdam I hope we get to see that become reality very soon.
  3. ??? ONLY if I had waited to get the gold, BUT happily that is not the case 🤣 🤑 it is usually not a great idea to 'assume.'
  4. Gold prices have increased appox. 500% In the current atmosphere, I would be happy to 'sit on chunks of gold' safely stored in bank deposit boxes. 🙂
  5. Ditto We were in the Gucci store in Florence when my late dH recognized a gentleman shopping for briefcases, as was my dh. The other gent lived in our hometown and did work similar to my dh's professsion. Well acquainted with each other though not close friends and neither knew in advance of the other's travel plans. It truly is a 'small wold .
  6. There was mention above of Mr. Ashford. Didn't he leave HAL many months ago ? He was not the right person for the job, IMO, given his lack of pertinent experience. I think the company (and we cruisers) suffered during his OJT.
  7. kazu is correct We received our Platinum Medallions predicated on actual days on board without any thing extra for sailing in Neptune suites or for 'spending'.
  8. Maybe you'd like to share? Seems Hal cannot locate my addresses (e -mail, snail mail..... Anyone else hear from HAL from time to time?
  9. While we are 'at it': I have sailed something around 100 HAL cruises and have heard zip, zero, nothing from any of 'emmm. ' since who knows when? ! 😏 shrug oh well.......... Hey HAL we aren't feeling the love
  10. Same for me. they sent a renewal card and price for me to deal with. Nooo. I was not interested
  11. Me, too. 🙂 I have heard nothing from Princess(we did about 5-6 cruises with them but that was long ago). I continue to receive way too many costly mailings from Oceania and Regent though I have never shown them any interest
  12. How about an abbreviated version of Mainers magazine sent as e-mail? Let some of their formerly 'most loyal' guests know that HAL still exists? .. in one form or another I Never even think to go to what was once their website. Does that still exist?
  13. Yes but how are we to know if they plan (hope) to ever 'welcome us back aboardone of their blue hulled beauties? It costs nothing to send e-mails. letting us know some senior staff has been able to wait out this nightmare.
  14. I have heard/read no mention of Gerald Bernhoft in a very long time. The Director is a fabulous gentleman and I hope all is as well with him as can be during these difficult times for cruise lines. I no longer receive my Mainers' gift magazine for being a loyal Mariner. 🙂 Certainly no Mariners magazine in longer than I can remember.. Anyone? get their food and wine magazine or which ever they chose?
  15. GOOd question If you gain reliable info, kindly pass it along
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