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  1. IF they were serving the Canaletto food in what was once Marco Polo (and on "R" ships is now Pinnacle),,, then they would have a winner. Lido is Lido, no matter what they do, it cannot win any awards for atmosphere. IMO marco Polo used to be oustanding, IMOand very different Italian cooking than Canaletto which can border on a 'red sauce ' restaurant for some dishes they serve.
  2. In the 'day' for trans atlantic, firs t class on TWA, they used to roll a cart and slice chateau briand beside each seat It was delicious and all the sides; desert-wine- champagne We did that so many times..My late DH really enjoyed it AllItalia used to open big tins of caviar for those who wished to indulge.
  3. Nice We liked Munich far more than we thought we would. Had a fun week-10 days there, during October fest
  4. Please tell him he has a fan club of at least one (m e ..) I believe they understand all praise we heap on them I love those mini poodles and have happily spoiled three through the years. Some of my friends say it is time for another, but I think not.
  5. Were these LHR flights to catch a cruise or home from one ?? Or for extended land stay?
  6. We flew BA fist class to London and on then to Copenhagen. Though it w as sleeper seats, I could not sleep even a tiny bit Service and amentiies were nice but IMO, overall, ' not as great as it might have been Thai Air is pretty wonderful, first class ...
  7. And best wishes to you ,Avian, & for smooth sailing.
  8. I don't think Kaiser has much of a presence here in Boston, New England. No one here ever mentions them.
  9. The way they monitize it is to povide such a n enjoyale experience to make those siuite guests eager to return for another cruise. Breaakfast on the vera,nda in comfy chairs at a large enough table l, is a lovely way to start the day etc, etc My late DH had many a relaxing after noon nap on ship veranda chaise lounges.
  10. I am Really enjoyng your photo of that brautiiful choclate poodle. What a cutie. Boy or Girl ?
  11. Ask your steward for a sharps disposal box They are very used to providing them.
  12. Angelcat THank You so much, I left out the (_ Underline). Mail won't get through without it, Will it ? 🙂
  13. WHAT a great question. 🙂 I am so happy to say i t is the 'old' Traditional Logo . I wrote a thank you e-mail and sent t i to Mariners Society@ holland amer.ica.com but sadly it bounced back to me. I did not wish to send it t hrough the contact us link on the HAL site. I much pefer to address it individually but Gerald Brnhoft's address is the only name I now kn w at Mariners. I used to know many but that was then. I think it best to not bother him with this . I wish I knew the address of the lady who helped me . sail.noordam@gmail.com
  14. Thank you. What you wrote is my understanding and reading this thread, I startred to think i was the only one who wast hinking re : Brazil
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