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  1. Isn't it great some of us actually enjoy our medallions and what they represent for us? Mariners Society provided me and my late DH some incredible experiences and memories. I will always say thank you for that.
  2. We had a very short tender ride at Mykonos What a a beauti iful island that is We loved it there.
  3. Our first time in Athens, we hired a private guide for the Acropolis. and were so happy we did, We were a r group of four and alll of us were so happy to have an excellent quide in that amazing place. We have toured Colosseum in Rome but I was very much more fascinated with the Acropolis.
  4. Really , Not worth tears is it? I simply reported my experiences and no actually, that Rabbi hadn’t been paid FYI he was on the cruise. Did someone ask him if he was paid? Why should he not be paid the same as other clergy? Maye he had a free cruise? 🙂 thank you
  5. MANY (too many) of the 5 star mariner benefits duplicate those amenities ies we pay for in the Neptune Suite fare. That is very irritating. THAT is what I mean. . Talk about a RiP OFF IMO.
  6. I learned very early in life that none of us know what awaits us and/or when. My father died Very young as did my sister and some other relatives. I knew, to not ' wait for 'later. Do it now, while you can. For some of us, 'later doesn't come. Some people give that concrept lipserviec but little serious thought. My dh was a very healthy man and then he wasn't. No, he did not die from cancer.
  7. How does one '"Luck into a Rabbi? 🙄 Either the ship had arranged for and paid a rabbi to be aboard for the seder, Same as having a preist on the ship for daily mass. or perhaps there was a group traveling together for the holiday and they had a Rabbi who conducted the seder for all who wished to attend .. questionable. IMO .
  8. Kosher jJews eat everyday in mDR and all over the ship on allother days andnights of the year.. Why would they not trust kosher for pasover if HAL assures them it is? Why trust 'koshe r but not kosher for passover. HAL has been doing th8s too ong nd too well tonot 'get it right.
  9. I have been on HAL ships many times for Passover and Easter. Thwre has been a Rabbi a few times bt u mostly not and turthfully, that is fine.. There is the opportunity for the seder to be conducted by a memberf of gthe group gathered. Chefs have always pepared traditional food, delicious and lots. of if. the ' trick to enjoying' iMO, ist o keep in mind, everyone has heir own special faim ly traditions and there is a good chance that might not happen at a seder with such a large group possibly from many countires and different family traditions. Don' t travel on your holiday if you will be expect ing as it is in your homes or congregations. . HAL makes it a very good experience. Easter is always well done. the Easter bunny has climbed out of a ships funnel at ttop of rhe ship, sometimes on Easter morning in full Bunny attire. The kids love it Very viewable from aft pool 😉 Bunny usually 'plays with the litle kids in the show lounge. Very fun and festive.
  10. Now as a widow, I am extremely grateful my late DH and I had the good sense to 'feed our love for travel and and chose at a r elatively early age to travel as much we could. He was a professioinal in private practice and could lony leave home a cetain umber of weeks per year. We fillled all of those weeks withlots of air travel, tons of cruising . NOW I know we were wise. He sometimes said maybe we should wait until 'he' retired b ut I woul not hear of it and he agrred. To my great sorrow, he did not live to retire. i AM SO GRATEFU we lived whlie he live.d . We went, we saw, we met became friends with some amazing prople. sail.noordam@gmail.com
  11. I found she is doing the Boston to Montrreal to Boston b-to-b that Maasdam ( and DH and I did for so many y ears.) I love that itinreay but don't know if I'll fdo it again 2020. I'll think about it. To say St.. Lawrence tells us little about Amsterdam 2020 summecruisesr. . She is doinCanads New England Cruises
  12. Wouldn't THAT be a nice benefit? 🙂 fun to keep dreaming and kidding ourselves.
  13. I have always found the credit automatically applied to my account sail.noordam@g.mail.com
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