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  1. Keep us updated on the eagles progress.
  2. We are currently in Hyde county (Ocracoke) so hello to our northern neighbor! The virus is rampant here with over 22% of test coming back positive.
  3. Agreed, heck we still maybe waiting to get vaccinated by then.
  4. As do I, I am starting to wonder more about 2022.
  5. Good morning all! Hope everyone is warm and safe.
  6. Not going to argue the medical points, let the medical folks figure out and I will do what they think is best. On your CDC point, I agree but I think that change could be one sentence: “These rules do not apply to cruises with 100% of the crew and passengers vaccinated.”
  7. You have been very logical and consistent in your approach.
  8. Funny as I just watched an actual expert on this topic, Dr Fauci explain how he hoped we achieved herd immunity by this fall.
  9. I think an issue almost as big as when cruising starts is what will the experience be like. As I read CC I get the impression many have not really thought this through. The likelihood is that the restarts will be gradual and have significant restrictions onboard. While these will ease over time, we don’t know how much time it will take. We could be be 6-12 months into the restart and still have to wear masks on board, take ship excursions to get off the ship, restrictions on dining and entertainment access. I fear our desire to cruise may have blinded us to what will be the actual realit
  10. I hope it does but IMO Canada will remain closed to cruising until 2022.
  11. My guess is that Canada will not be open to cruising until 2022.
  12. Any world cruise will have stretches of sea days, the oceans are big and not a lot in the middle of them. Our longest stretch for us was on the 2019 WC when we were not able to get off in Easter Island (only about 1/3 did due to seas), that was an eleven day stretch.
  13. I hope every line does the same. We will not cruise on a line that does not have a policy where all guests and crew must be vaccinated.
  14. I agree completely and have said the same for years as well. When asked what’s different about HAL the typical response is the crew and itineraries which is what I would say as well. The problem is that they are trying to compete in the wrong market. IMO HAL is best suited as a line positioned between Princess and Seabourn. Leverage those two strengths but in order to be successful they have to be priced appropriately. Stop trying to out Walmart Walmart and charge a fair price for a unique product. The result is they would not be the cheapest but they would have good food, decent enterta
  15. We also used Overlord, they do a good job.
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