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  1. Good explanation. The debt is simply borrowed money, the pay interest. The convertible notes are a hybrid form of financing. They would typically pay a lower interest rate as they have the ability to be converted to stock (probably at a good per share price). These are both very commonly used forms of corporate financing. In addition, they are issuing some common stock ($1.25 billion). We don’t know interest rates for the debt, conversion price for the convertible notes or the price per share for the equity. All total they are hoping for $6.0 billion.
  2. Exactly, chances of recovery at that point would be pennies on the dollar at best.
  3. It’s for each booking so if there were two guests on the same booking there would be one form. You can always have multiple pages.
  4. I think you will see major changes. First is some method to determine if you are physically fit enough to cruise. Expedition ships already do this (on most voyages). Second I think you might see CCL consolidate some of their brands, Princess and HAL would be an obvious one. This will be driven by the need to streamline operations. I am of the opinion that bookings will be significantly impacted for years to come. Third this maybe a timely time for some ports to implement restrictions on cruise ships (size, frequency or even a total ban).
  5. No it won’t. We can put it on our expenses but since virtually everyone is exceeding the $1,250/pp we are out of luck. Flights alone pretty much wiped out our allotted amount.
  6. We have been debited for the amt on our statement plus $495 for our luggage shipment. We selected Option 2 (50% cash/50 FCC) but have not seen that. I suspect that might take a while. I just hope they don’t run out of cash.
  7. I noted that as well and was surprised by their generosity. IMHO those of you thinking you will be cruising before September are not in the real world. Even if the lines are ready, I am not sure the ports will open back up.
  8. Surprised you don’t have global entry, it automatically gives you TSA precheck. Our customs in DFW took about five minutes.
  9. I agree with your write up. I still am shocked there were no charter flights (like the Westerdam). I think that alone would have significantly dialed back the stress. We had so many flights cancelled I can’t keep up, four I think. The $59 airport fee has to be one of the worst PR blunders of all time. Time will tell if and or when HAL will recover. I am not convinced that CCL will avoid bankruptcy. One thing they did get right was getting us all off the ship. As I see the situations on the Zaandam (stay safe Amanda) and the Amsterdam’s ongoing journey, I am glad to be home. Finally, my compliments to the Captain and crew, I I heard of trying to make chicken salad out of chicken ***** but this was that on steroids.
  10. One of the few things HAL got right in Fremantle.
  11. The two things that stick in my craw are charging $59 for the shuttle and even more no charter planes. With all the empty planes in the world I can’t understand why you would dump people in Fremantle as opposed to cities in the US. The Westerdam was provided charter planes as were some other cruise ships. We had four flights cancelled on us during the process.
  12. A few days before we disembarked the Amsterdam, a manager told me that some staff whose contracts were up soon had been told it would be January before they would be offered a new contract. That’s not good.
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