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  1. I am not picky about coffee and have found the HAL coffee to be fine. We have always refused to buy expensive coffees (I.e. Starbucks) on land or sea.
  2. I hope people at HAL read these threads......
  3. With the same certainty that Ned Stark had that “winter is coming” (GOT reference) I can say warming is coming.
  4. Another reason not to go to Pinnacle unless you have two and a half hours to have mediocre service and like steaks cooked anyway but how you ordered it. We enjoy Canaletto but it is very seldom full, in fact it is usually somewhat empty, not sure raising the price will help with that.
  5. Watch what they do with the prices. Cuba cruises charged a premium. When they announced the sale of the Prinsendam and rescheduled our cruise to the Rotterdam, there was no change in offer price despite the fact the Prinsendam Cruise was 30% higher then similar cruises onHAL ships. We canceled the cruise, not sure if they ever adjusted the price or not.
  6. Unfortunately I believe you are right, to stop or revert climate change would take drastic action that very few would be willing to take. One thing working in our favor is that we are actually entering a cyclical climate cooling period if not for mans activities. This was actually presented on a lecture on our Zaandam Antarctica cruise. One thing cruising has done for me is provide visual evidence that the world is warming. Trips to the Arctic, Alaska, Antarctica and the Great Barrier Reef have convinced me.
  7. Dockman is right, most players are clueless. i either play the higher stakes to get 3/2 or won’t play. I prefer the higher stakes anyway as it keeps most players away.
  8. My TA does the same without me even checking on the price, she does it for me and gives me 12% of the price a PCC would charge.
  9. I would expect the 201 to be slightly higher then the 2020. I think HAL erroneously thinks that because the 2020 sold well that the 2021 will as well. They are forgetting that 2020 includes Africa and Antarctica, two big draws. To us the 2021 looks very similar to 2017 so we opted to spend 125 days on the Noordam in Asia for 2/3 of the cost of the WC.
  10. Yes in Lido and the MDR, there is a reason they have about 50 chairs outside the MDR.
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