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  1. Full 8-k https://www.carnivalcorp.com/static-files/b3116f6f-617c-497b-90e8-8f5ebd83c441 In the filing they promise “to provide guests with unmatched joyful vacations “ once business resumes.
  2. I would not assume this is all the ships leaving. I expect before this is over more ships will either be sold or sent to the scrap heap. I will be surprised if HAL has eight ships in the fall of 2021.
  3. Maybe he doesn’t want to. He certainly is under no obligation to post anywhere.
  4. You have to join the HAL 2020 World Cruise group. He recently posted on there. I think if you search groups you will find it. Not a FB expert but then I think you have to be invited. Here is the last post I saw by the Captain
  5. It would appear so. The containers are on a barge.
  6. Us as well. I just hope they all make it home in one piece.
  7. Agreed, heck we won’t go to Europe for less then a month. I hated the hassle of flying before CV, now I don’t even want to think about flying.
  8. I agree it’s a non starter but not that it’s inconsequential. This is their idea of how cruising should restart. If accepted these protocols would be in place for weeks, months, years? We don’t know but it would certainly be the foreseeable future. Very rarely do regulations, even if only suggested ones, roll backwards.
  9. I would have thought HAL retractable roof would qualify as an outdoor environment but what do I know. Remember this is EU recommendations so they won’t apply to the Carribean. Who is going to fly to Europe to do a 3-7 day cruise?
  10. This is coming from crew on the ship, no communication from HAL to passengers yet.
  11. This has been out for a few days, I am surprised there has not been more discussions so far. Several non-starters for us, #1 being cruise length limited to 3-7 days.
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