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  1. I will say on the WC they do a good job of changing up the food in the MDR. They have multiple theme nights as well. They are very conscious that many are on for the long haul. This is different from a regular cruise which is usually a few week rotating menu. Also both Lido and Pinnacle have themed nights as well. I can honestly say we have never been bored by the food. one item some have mentioned and is completely valid is the “I am just tired of being on a ship mode”. If that is a concern, you may experience that on a WC.
  2. I am concerned how it translates into pricing. I have not put a pencil to it but someone probably has to answer the question of how much additional money must CCL earn to cover their additional interest payments and the dilution of new shares issued to arrive at the same EPS they had pre-pandemic. I would not be surprised if the number is well north of 50% additional earnings. Now how do we think they will make up this huge short fall? It’s a problem all three major lines have so they are all in the same “boat”. It will make a line like Azamara interesting as they were bought on the cheap
  3. What we have found on world cruises is you get into a routine for sea days. There are activities, speakers, special theme nights etc to keep you busy. Some participate in things like Project Linus (make blankets for terminally ill children), mahjong, bridge, dance classes, exercise classes etc. We actually find it almost too busy. You will have stretch’s of sea days, after all that’s how the ship gets around the world 😎. Usually the longest stretch is six or seven days but if you miss a stop for weather (like Easter Island), it can be even longer.
  4. I get the feeling sales are slow. By the time you factor in flights, a hotel the night before plus port fees/taxes it is a pretty expensive seven day trip. Doing the fourteen day is a little more economical per day. I may be in the minority but I am not keen on sitting in an airplane for 10-12 hours either.
  5. Ok, my point has gotten way off track as so many have focused on one sentence in a paragraph. Now we have discussions on tonnage versus passenger count versus room type versus who knows what. Let me try to put it to bed. My point was that the Zaandam has slightly more passengers then the Amsterdam. I don’t care what rooms they are in, they are potentially somewhere on board. In the past, the full segments of the world cruise did not sell out. 2020 was the closest they ever gotten. This was on a ship that held less passengers then the current ship. This makes it highly unlikely that HAL
  6. No, just simple viewing. Not too much thinking involved.
  7. There’s lots of things I don’t like with reality’ today
  8. Yea I don’t know what they are doing capacity wise. One would assume it’s less the 100%. I think the problem is they really want this to sail but circumstances may make it complicated.
  9. Yea I could find the info, Amsterdam 1,390 passengers and Zaandam 1,432 passengers. Us landlubbers talk in passengers not tonnage 😉
  10. I thought the Zaandam carries more passengers, I can’t verify it since the Amsterdam is gone.
  11. Any update on progress or lack there of in the House? Let’s hope it doesn’t go into a black hole as sometimes happens with legislation.
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