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  1. No. On our HAL cruise/tour we were at the Hilton. Now, it was busy time in-season, and Princess was also in Anchorage the same night - they were staying at the Westmark.
  2. Sorry, don't understand the question. When I was on my laptop (not on the internet), I logged into the internet and clicked my link to CC. I didn't copy the whole thing, but it said it was a 500 error. I just found it interesting that it said "too many connections". Anyway, I went to some of my other haunts on the internet and tried returning several times, and got the same message. I was finally able to connect after about 10 minutes. Does that help?
  3. It's not on the Konigsdam (yet). It's a "test" on 4 ships. Announcement: March 1, 2019 (9:50 a.m. EST) -- In an effort to crack down on food waste, Holland America Line is testing a menu upcharge in the main dining room of four ships. Passengers sailing on Nieuw Amsterdam, Eurodam, Zuiderdam and Oosterdam will notice the option to order a second entree for $10.
  4. Bumped off, and couldn't get back in for 10 minutes: "We're sorry, but a temporary technical error has occurred which means we cannot display this site right now. Too many connections"
  5. Ummm... the question was asked 12 years ago. Not sure such a "cruise" is legal. Unless the ship is actually a hotel (anchored to land) that's shaped like a ship. Generally shops and such are not open when "in port" so not sure how that would work on it.
  6. Since the move to the new site, signatures have restrictions: Please ensure your signature complies with the following restrictions: Maximum of 3 images Images up to 447 x 204 pixels Maximum of 3 URLs If you have a signature (carried over from the old site) that doesn't meet the new requirements, it's grandfathered. UNTIL such time as you want to make any changes, then it must meet the new requirements.
  7. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2594349-how-to-contact-us/
  8. Actually, the "political system" didn't ruin your trip. It's more of your making, actually your mother's making, in not checking that everyone's ID stuff was proper some time ago, plus it seems she was pretty insistent that she wasn't interested in doing an actual, legal, name change to make things right.
  9. Not sure where you looking, but there's no listing in the "Find Your Roll Call" link. Yes, there is a Roll Call, if you go directly to the Roll Calls forum and look under the Norwegian Getaway Roll Calls.
  10. You contact the cruise line and ask. Or your TA will have to do it, if you booked through a TA.
  11. Certainly an option. But pots that previously held coffee make tea taste like coffee.
  12. I rather imagine you should post your question on the Ask a Cruise Question forum. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/69-ask-a-cruise-question/ This forum is for those people who need help using the boards. Just my speculation - it's because they need to make a foreign port stop before returning to Seattle. So the stop for a few hours, then head out late for an early arrival in Seattle.
  13. Did you access that roll call via the "Find Your Roll Call" tool? If so, it's not working now. You have to actually go to the Roll Calls forum by clicking on the "Forums" tab in upper left and scrolling down to your cruise line's Roll Calls. Click on that link, and the scroll down to find your specific ship's Roll Calls. Click there and then look through the listed threads to find your Roll Call. I looked at your recent posts and the post before the one you made here was on the Paul Gauguin August 14th Roll Call. Why do you think it's posted in the wrong place?
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