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  1. Cabin crawls are set up by each individual group wishing to do one. Whether drinks, food, or anything else is provided by the people volunteering to let others see their room is done would be decided by the group. I've been on cabin crawls that just visited a variety of cabin types (no extras), and one that played a poker game. Some rooms had snacks/candies/whatever, others didn't. Not everyone doing a cabin crawl offers their room for the crawl. The idea is to get a variety of rooms to view. A cabin crawl with 10 room of the same category wouldn't satisfy the purpose, which is to see the differences between categories.
  2. That's unusual. You've been lucky. Entering California, every time, we've been asked about fruits, veggies, plants. Even, recently, about firewood.
  3. Once you've posted on a Roll Call you are a "member". There's no official list of who's on any given cruise.
  4. OR..... You tell the cruise line that they are not longer giving the product you're interested in purchasing, and move on to another cruise line that does.
  5. You can order as many appetizer, entrees, desserts as you wish. I would hope they would finish (or make a good attempt) at any one dish before starting on another. Otherwise, you wind up with a table that looks like this one where everyone was "finished" eating:
  6. The bar in what used to be the Crow's Nest is just that a bar, that serves coffee products also.
  7. That's most likely what the issue is. Using your charge card, with a drink package on it, often isn't allowed for multiple drinks. The package, after all, is for your personal use, not to share.
  8. I don't think they HAVE to book directly and then transfer. A TA can book a first cruise for people, also.
  9. Well, after I was accepted the last time, it logged me out again and wouldn't recognize me (again). Now it recognizes my log in (again). I've not reset my password. Added to that - it's taking a good 30 seconds to move from page to page now.
  10. The thing is, starting a new Roll Call won't do anything. Just muddle up the Roll Calls with multiple threads for the same sailing. The "Find Your Roll Call" link is notorious for having incorrect information. It's taken over a year to get it to at least pop up with a searched for Roll Call. Any information that's posted (itinerary, number of members) is wrong. I don't know if that is being worked on or not.
  11. I didn't reset mine. It finally recognized mine, after about 15 minutes.
  12. You do have to complete all the info on the online check in in order for the Port Arrival Time page to open. So there's that. I will point out that means that all the blank spaces must have something in them. You could zip through just filling in gibberish in order to open the PAT page, and then go back at a later time to fill in the actual info. Not all meet & greets are bookable before the cruise, but they do fill pretty quickly.
  13. There is no condense button. But you can change the expanded signature back to collapsed. Sadly, I did it once several months ago, but I don't remember how..... EDIT: OK, a little sleuthing and I found a post I made last February regarding how to put signatures back on that you've ignored: Click on the down arrow next to your username in the upper right. Click on "Ignored Users". You should see a list of all those who've you blocked (ignored) their signatures. Unclick each one you want to restore.
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