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  1. 3 trips with Vantage. Every one we let them do the flights. They're very good with flights. On our first trip, about a month after being told what flights we were going to be on for our trip (not really great as we were scheduled for a flight from Germany to LA via Vancouver BC), they called and asked if we wanted to do a non-stop from Germany to LA. Duh. Our upcoming trip, I don't really like the fact that, in order to make the connection to our non-stop flight, we have to take a short flight that departs at 6:20 in the morning. That means we'll be up at 4 am (European time) until noon (same day, Pacific time) that day. I'm not sure what they can do about that.
  2. With the move to making the position a "Cruise and Travel Director" I'm wondering if she's still there?
  3. I think OP was saying 2 of the 3 adults in their party are drinkers, and was wondering if the 3rd adult can just buy the soda package (not the alcohol package) if the first 2 buy the alcohol package.
  4. I'd suggest you call DCL yourself to get the information. I'm not sure if they will add the pack n plays for you on that call, but at least you'd get the correct info to pass on to your TA. Then the TA would call DCL to have them put on the reservation. BTW, here's a picture of that same room with the beds closed up, you can see there's room where the murphy bed would fold down.
  5. If you have a Deluxe Family Oceanview with Verandah, there's room for 2 pack n plays. I'm not sure why they're telling you that you can only have one. This is one of those rooms (4A category). Since your room sleeps 5, you'll have one with a murphy bed. But, you wouldn't have to put the bed down. Not my picture, and it's on the Wonder, but 2 pack n plays fit in there (tight, but they fit) Did you call DCL to request the pack n plays? Even if you did, I'd suggest calling again and asking someone else. Ask to speak to a supervisor, if they say "it can't be done".
  6. That's what we do. But, then, we usually take longer cruises, requiring us to bring more than what fits into a weekly holder.
  7. The program is set up by the number of actual days cruised, not by how much you paid. I would think if you can up your loyalty level just by buying a cruise, a lot of short, cheap cruises would be sold, but not filled onboard. Just because you paid, doesn't mean you're loyal. Actually using the product means you're loyal.
  8. I just wear/take my "summer" clothes. Never been told I'm wearing the wrong color. Take what you want. I think the issue may be that the red dust could make the white not be white for long.
  9. They probably won't make that call until much closer to the actual cruise date. Even, maybe, not until the cruise sails. If they skip San Juan, chances are it'll be a sea day, so no port adventures to change. If you're booked on a DCL port adventure in San Juan, you won't be charged for it.
  10. In my experience, being closer to elevators isn't really that much of an issue. In fact, not having to traverse the passageway from an elevator lobby to a room at the far reaches means less walking, for me. For me, I'd probably do the Family Deluxe room. Biggest reason, it will give you a bit more room in the room for those times you may need some down time with the kids. Actual location (starboard vs port; deck 8 vs 9) really not important. BUT, the aft area of the ship (from about midship back), on the Fantasy, there can be a serious vibration issue on nights where the ship is really moving to cover distance. I'd look at rooms that are no further back than midship.
  11. MSC and Celebrity have cancelled tomorrow's (Monday July 22) stops in San Juan.
  12. Since most of those have as a requirement to get the points that you must actually sail, I agree. I find it interesting that this is the second thread on the same subject "had to cancel cruise, but I should still get credit for the days sailed because they kept my money" in 2 days. Other one is on the Carnival forum.
  13. I would suggest heading over to the Royal Caribbean forum here and asking. Better chance of more people having actually been on RC there: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/51-royal-caribbean-international/
  14. Contact help@cruisecritic.com and tell them what you want.
  15. From the Carnival website: Step 1: Just sign up. Haven’t cruised yet? Let’s start you off with great members-only fares and promotions. Step 2: Take a cruise. Earn VIFP points just lounging by the pool. Each day you cruise is another VIFP point earned, so whether you like long cruises or spontaneous getaways, every one is totally worth it. If you didn't cruise, you have no right to the points.
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