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  1. Related question - is there a currency exchange at the port in Cienfuegos?
  2. You are only guaranteed that you will be assigned a room in the category that you booked. Did you book an Obstructed Oceanview? Or just an Oceanview?
  3. Ruby Princess Seattle depart 4:00 pm At Sea Juneau arrive 11:00 am depart 10:15 pm Skagway arrive 7:00 am depart 8:15 pm Glacier Bay (cruising) 6:00 am to 3:00 pm Ketchikan arrive 7:00 am depart 1:15 pm Victoria arrive 7:00 pm depart 11:59 pm Seattle arrive 7:00 am Norwegian Bliss Seattle depart 3:30 pm At Sea Juneau arrive 2:30 pm depart 11:00 pm' Skagway arrive 7:00 am depart 8:15 pm Glacier Bay (cruising) no times listed Ketchikan arrive 6:00 am depart 1:15 pm Victoria arrive 7:30 pm depart 11:59 pm Seattle arrive 6:00 am
  4. Define "best". Cost? Amenities? Ports? Activities? Food? It's really your call. I'd suggest you figure out what itineraries are appealing to you by checking the various cruise line offerings. Once you've done that, narrow down to the ones that have the ports that are most of interest to you. We've done the Southern Caribbean on both Disney and Princess. Loved them both.
  5. Well, I haven't really "participated" in a lot. But, I've directed some people who started threads that were posted in the wrong forums. Don't know how many of those were just moved to the Roll Call forum. VIFP points would be good......
  6. So, I'll be getting random Boy Voyage emails now? Well, it'll make me feel like I'm cruising soon.....
  7. There is no Roll Call currently set up for your cruise. If you want to start one, here's where you need to go. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/746-msc-preziosa-roll-calls/ Just post there like you did here. One note, it's a good idea to title your thread with the ship name and date of the cruise. IMPORTANT: If you want the Roll Call finder tool to see your roll call the date format must be May 19, 2019 (not 5/19/19, 19 May 2019, 19/5/19, or any other format). Failing that - you can head over to the main MSC forum to talk to other MSC cruisers: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/49-msc-cruises/
  8. You certainly can contact them directly to ask to cancel an account, but I'm not sure that you can. You probably just have to stop logging in and posting here.
  9. I'll just point out such requests are to be posted ON your Roll Call. This forum is the general Holland America forum.
  10. I spoke too soon. Just got a Bon Voyage email for a cruise that I'm not on.....
  11. On the land portion, unless it says "included" you're on your own for that meal.
  12. Yeah, I didn't want to say anything.....it seems like it's working better.
  13. I agree. If it's not feasible to confine the offending dog, then it must be removed from the ship.
  14. It's quite likely that a Travel Agent doesn't not know the specifics of HAL's insurance and just figured that it covered both cancellations and medical. It's actually a better idea to use a third party insurance. Many of us use one of several trip insurance comparison sites, like https://www.insuremytrip.com another one is https://www.squaremouth.com You put in the parameters of what you want covered and they will search out and give you several different companies policies for you to chose between. And you get to read the actual policy before you purchase. It's typically cheaper and better coverage than you get with any cruise line's insurance.
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