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  1. Do you mean cycling while in port? In most cases, yes. Many river cruise ships have bicycles available for use. If you mean cycling between ports (while the ship moves), that I don't know.
  2. Another option - when you do the online check in, the system only recognizes that you've filled in all the spaces, not that the information is correct. Sometimes people just fill in the blanks with gibberish (made up numbers & dates) to get to the next step. And, as I said, you can go into the reservation and correct any mistakes that were made at a later time. Or just wait until you show up at the port to do that.
  3. There are a few. I use https://www.cruisetimetables.com/ It's generally pretty accurate. For the most accurate information you can google "(port name) schedule" and get the actual port schedule for each port.
  4. You (anyone) can go into your online check in at anytime up to (I think) 3 days prior to cruise and change any information you wish. There's no problem with that. If you select "passport" the window for the number/expiration opens. I'm not sure it does if you select "photo & government ID".
  5. As I recall, it will ask what type ID you're using, but I don't think you have to enter any other info (numbers, names, etc). This picture shows the page (from a couple of years ago, don't know if it's changed) with the "passport" option selected. I believe when you select the "Photo & Government ID" option you won't be prompted for any other info.
  6. Family beach cabanas Serenity Bay cabanas
  7. Just have her complete the online check in using the "other identification" option. At such time as the passport comes, she can change the information later. Or, she can just wait until checking in at the port to change it.
  8. When we did our first cruise - Panama Canal, about a month out, the canal imposed a $100 per person additional cost. The cruise line (not HAL) sent us all letters telling us we were going to have a $100 charge on our onboard account. Yeah, that went over well. Due to the backlash, they rescinded that decision and just ate the cost. Now, I'm not sure how HAL handles increased/decreased port fees & taxes, but on at least one other line, if they go down, you get it back (either as a credit on your credit card before the cruise, or an OBC). If they go up, there's no additional charge.
  9. Seems to me, if it affects cruise ships, then it would be part of the "port taxes & fees" already used for paying for cruises. Typically, cruise lines over estimate what those taxes & fees are going to be (since most cruises are fairly far out when the prices come out) and, if the taxes & fees go down, you receive a refund, but if the taxes & fees go up, the cruise line eats the increase.
  10. Shmoo here


    Different name - same concept. Pepsi Spire
  11. Generally, if you wish to disembark a cruise prior to the final port, you must arrange it with the cruise line before departing. Often it's not allowed. And, if it is, you still pay for the whole cruise.
  12. From the DCL website: Riders should note that: AquaDuck is designed for Guests 42" or taller Single riders must be 54" or taller Children under 7 must ride with someone 14 years of age or older, provided the child is at least 42" tall No snorkel equipment or swim masks are permitted So, the basic requirement is that all riders must be at least 42" tall. If the rider is under the age of 7 he/she must ride with someone 14 years or older. While the ride seems "big" it's not much more than a lazy river in a clear tube. I think the biggest drop is right at the beginning, and it's not really that big. But, you know your kids the best, as to whether they'll be freaked out because of it.
  13. Yeah got the Gateway 504 error. Went away for about 1/2 hour and it seems that things are working good right now.
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