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  1. Does that mean if the trip taken is during the travel advisory such things are not covered? Or does it mean if you book a trip during the travel advisory (but the trip itself winds up being after the advisory has been lifted) they're not covered? And, does it apply to those who've already purchased prior to the advisory?
  2. No, pull ups will not keep her out of Oceaneer's. That said, the CMs in Oceaneer's cannot assist (in any way) with toileting in there. If there were an accident, they would page you to the club to come to help her. There is no individual help in the club to make sure she will participate in any of the programs, so that may be an issue. There are Open House times every day that you can join her in the club to participate with her.
  3. The effectiveness of the flu vaccine depends on how well the scientists can predict what strains of the flu (and there are many) will be predominant a year and a half out. And they can usually only combine 3 or 4 of the in the one shot. COVID-19 vaccine will target just one disease, which mutates much more slowly than flu strains (it's only had 8 variations so far).
  4. We changed our April Netherlands river cruise to an October Ireland land tour. We're hoping that pans out.
  5. Well, you could, if you stop in, say, Mexico before heading there. Or make it a really long cruise to include, maybe, Japan. It just has to be any foreign port, not specifically "Canada".
  6. "Carnival Cruise Lines" or "Carnival Corporation"? If the former, they're talking about those cruises specific to Carnival Cruise Line, not all Carnival Corporation cruises.
  7. May I ask, did you purchase travel insurance?
  8. We've done the Panama Canal in May and in October. Both times it was hot. Difference was in October we had spectacular light shows in the evening from the thunderstorms that were, basically, every day. But it was still hot.
  9. Could hazard a guess as to when it might expire? We originally booked an April 2020 cruise while on a cruise (Mar 2019). Then, we had to change our cruise (it was a Cuba cruise). We transferred the reservation to an Oct 2020 cruise. And that's the cruise we cancelled.
  10. I think OP was just trying to point out, while the CPAP may be useful, it's not safe for others who may be in close contact with a user.
  11. We cancelled a cruise booked with a FCD and it was put back in our accounts as a FCD. I'm not sure how long it stays valid there, and what, if any, process there is to getting it refunded back to us.
  12. On my laptop the preview feature (partial view of first post with option for latest post) only opens for me if I hover over a thread title. Once I click the thread title it will take me to the first post on the thread. To get to the the first unread post, I click on the dot/star at the front of thread title.
  13. I can only answer for how I do it. From my laptop. I find the photo on my computer (with this page open) and drag the image into the reply window. It takes a few seconds to upload it, but it's there. Then I click the "submit reply" button.
  14. Actually it's the Passenger Vessel Services Act. Jones Act applies to cargo. And It doesn't have to be particularly a Canadian port, it only has to be a foreign port. And, yes, Canada fits the bill beautifully with it's proximity to Alaska. But, if a cruise line were to do a (long) cruise, say from San Francisco to Alaska and then onto Japan, that's legal. Not to mention that Seattle has closed it's port to cruise traffic, also. And, on the other hand, do you think the people in Alaska really want cruise ships calling with a pandemic going on? I believe Alaska is also restricting ships to their port.
  15. Well, I believe there are already other lines that have done this.
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