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  1. The question, of course, being - how do you carve out "cruise" ships from the "passenger" vessel description without giving a loophole to every water vessel to sail through.
  2. Princess- Please be HONEST with Us! To be HONEST, cruise lines can (and do) change itineraries and/or cancel cruises all the time. Often without prior notification. It's usually mentioned in the cruise contract that you agree to when you book a cruise.
  3. I'm not a conch and I also love cruising. I'm also disappointed that FL isn't listening to their citizens.
  4. Some of us are. And proud of it.
  5. May 27 is General public booking date. Platinum has been divided into 4 different groups: Platinum with 25+ cruises May 17 Platinum with 20+ cruises May 18 Platinum with 15+ cruises May 19 All Platinum CC level May 20 Gold May 24 DVC and Adventure Insiders May 25 Silver May 26 General Public May 27
  6. CDC says Cruising to restart in July per USA Today I'll also point out the CDC says cruising COULD restart as early as mid-summer. Not that cruising will start in July.
  7. We've done the full passage in May/June as well as October. The October one, yes, it was rainy in most ports. Sometimes just a little, other times a real downpour, but it didn't last long. Most nights there was what I call a spectacular "light show" due to the lighting storms while raining as we pulled out of port. But It wasn't so bad that we couldn't go ashore.
  8. We've usually received an email from DCL about a week ahead telling us when the booking dates are for the Castaway Club levels when DCL is about to open new itineraries. I'm not sure that's what will happen with the Wish, but I would guess so.
  9. The only "early booking" DCL has are the Castaway Club tiers. Platinum gets to book first (3 days before opening day), next day Gold is added, next day Silver, then the "real" opening day everyone (first time DCL cruisers) can join the fun.
  10. Have you tried the "Find a Cruise" link at the top of the page?
  11. Is that allowed on Princess? I know on at least one cruise line the FCC is specific to those individuals who were canceled due to COVID, and can't be used by anyone else.
  12. On the Magic class ships (Magic & Wonder), some of the verandahs have a solid (white wall) wall below the railing. Others have a plexiglass (clear) wall below the railing. On the Dream class ships, there are some verandahs that are classified "white wall" but the solid wall part is only about 18 inches at the bottom, the upper part of the wall below the railing is plexiglass (clear).
  13. Um.... not in my experience. Typically, you must be onboard by dinnertime or just after and the ship travels at night so as to be in the next port by morning. And I don't recall "tides" on a river cruise. There are locks, on occasion, but they don't raise/lower the gangway for that.
  14. While I can't speak to Viking ships (or the Astrild specifically), we've been near the rear of river cruise ships on a couple of cruises. Yes, the engines are typically in the rear, but I don't really recall noise. Maybe a bit more vibration than more forward, but not noise as such.
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