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  1. Shmoo here

    Insurance through Credit Card

    You'll need to look into actual costs for those things. I found this, indicating that it can cost much more than that: What does a typical evacuation cost? Travelex Travel Insurance recently released information about the average costs of a medical evacuation. According to their statistics, the average medical evacuation within North America costs $25,000. From Europe, the cost can reach $50,000. The average cost of a nurse escort is $11,000 within North America and $24,000 from Europe. That's just for the evacuation, not a nurse, if required, or any hospital costs prior to the evacuation.
  2. Shmoo here

    Roll Call Title Problem

    Well, if the Roll Call finder tool is still working the way it did before the move, just changing the title won't get it found. Once the thread is started, it seems it only has one shot at being found that way. What you can do now is to contact help@cruisecritic.com and ask that the thread link be made manually.
  3. Shmoo here

    Bugs & glitches all fixed?

    Well, that's the theory. There are no more bugs & glitches. Just the routine errors that keep popping up. They announced about a week ago that the Bugs & Glitches forum was going to be closed on Nov 5.
  4. Shmoo here

    Any chance of getting a mobile app back?

    Depends on what device you're using. On laptop/desktop, when you click on the "Search" in the search window (upper right) you get a pull down with options. "This forum" is one of them.
  5. Shmoo here

    Missing roll call - May 12, 2019

    Don't know if it was accepted or if someone was pro-active and made a request (via "report post" or directly to mods) to add the link to the Roll Call finder.
  6. Shmoo here

    Tender Unloading Accident on Maasdam

    Yeah, that's the site that many of us are aware of as one that's less than reliable about the news it disperses.
  7. Shmoo here

    Strange posts?

    "Difficult to see" is because it doesn't show up unless your cursor is somewhere in the post you want to report.
  8. What pictures in your profile? There's just my avatar in my profile.
  9. Shmoo here

    cannot log in

    I'm going to have to say you are able to log in, otherwise you couldn't have posted. Your Roll Call is till there (although on the second page with no new posts since September) https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2460276-norweigan-spirit-roll-call-february-14-2019/ I'm not sure why your roll call doesn't show up on the "Find Your Roll Call" link, unless it has to do with the misspelling of "Norwegian" in the title.
  10. Shmoo here

    How to delete my account

    You can't. Once you've posted, posts are forever here. You can, however, just never show up/post here again. Eventually your posts should drop way down the list.
  11. Shmoo here

    turn off "newest photos" feature?

    You can block the photos using AdBlock Plus. I did it. Here's how: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2599244-the-only-thing-worse-than-not-turning-off-avatars-is-having-to-view-newest-photos/?tab=comments#comment-56145467
  12. Shmoo here

    How do you edit your signature

    Be aware there are restrictions now on Signatures: Maximum of 2 image Images up to 447 x 204 pixels Maximum of 3 URLs Maximum of 10 lines
  13. Shmoo here

    Error 2F173/L

    I found, the first time after the move to the new format, that, even though I was logged in on all the Cruise Critic forums, when I did a search on the "Find Your Roll Call" link, I had to log in there, also, in order to actually view/access any of the specific roll call functions I wanted. Once I logged in there on that link, I was able to access any roll calls' functions (not just the one I first logged at).
  14. Shmoo here

    turn off "newest photos" feature?

    Hear, hear! It's much like being forced to look at random strangers vacation pictures...., oh, wait, that's exactly what it is.
  15. Shmoo here

    Roll Calls not appearing on lists

    It's not the new software, it's always had that suggested format. The "Find Your Roll Call" link has always been bad. And the issue with that particular Roll Call IS the date format. It should be "February 17, 2019" NOT "February 17/2019". The Roll Call finder tool cannot see it, so it won't show up automatically in the "Find Your Roll Call" link.