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  1. I think most of that is the "me, me, me" attitude that's so prevalent. With the general thought being that masks are not really for protecting the wearer, but protecting people the wearer comes in contact with, their reasoning is "if it's not protecting me, why wear it?"
  2. Exactly. On the Crown Princess:
  3. That's because, on HAL, they are "Dual Pianos". Not "dueling". Two piano players switching off playing music, sometimes playing together, complementing each other. I much prefer that style.
  4. The absolute worst respiratory illness I've had was at the end of my first cruise (a 15 night cruise). My head and ears were so stuffed that they hurt. It lasted for at least 2 weeks. I've had such illness only occasionally. Like on a 21 night Panama Canal cruise when our table mates showed up 2 nights before the end of the cruise hacking and sneezing (no one's going to stop them from eating in the dining room). Yes, about 3 days after I got home, I got it..... I also was so sick on the second leg of our Western/Eastern Caribbean B2B that I skipped Jamaica. We've done cruises from 4 nights to 29 nights in length. And it seems that the longer ones have much more "cruise crud" going around than the shorter ones. But it could be an illusion, because on a shorter cruise the same numbers of people could be getting sick, but they're home by the time the symptoms show up.
  5. We did the Panama Canal on the Veendam. Panama buns
  6. If you go to cruisedeckplan.com, click on "click for PUBLIC SITE", then scroll down a little and click on the "Princess" link. Once there, click on a ship and at the top of the next page (in the blue banner) click on "Obst-view". That will take you to the pictures. No charge. Just worked that way for me.
  7. Security guards can only detain people. They usually have to call in the police to make the actual arrest.
  8. Well, then I don't know. I started a booking there, and was able to go all the way up to actually giving my name/payment info with no problem. Of course, I'm in the US, don't know if it's different in Mexico.
  9. I only started cruising in 2008, and have taken several cruises that include the Caribbean. I've never seen a steel drum band, or single player, on any of them.
  10. Sorry, have to correct myself. I didn't think the title was correct - it was called "Encore". Not to be confused with the "Encore" production we saw on a later cruise (I believe on Princess). That one was OK, but not the same show (or performance level) of the other.
  11. If a ship has COVID aboard, chances are they will not be allowed to port. You now have (how many?) people who require extensive medical care and a medical facility inadequate to the task.
  12. What’s your favorite music act on any cruise past or present? There's two - 1. On our HAL PC cruise in 2013, they did a show called "Ovation" that was absolutely stunning. A major part of it was the showroom cast - they were phenomenal. 2. John Charles - perfect for old people, like me. https://johncharlesent.wixsite.com/johncharles/promo-video
  13. I'm thinking it's not the cruise lines requiring it, but the countries that are allowing cruise ships to port only if they can guarantee their passengers will not mix with the locals somehow.
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