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  1. Shmoo here

    Disney Commits to Galveston for 10 more years

    Since the article says: a ship equal to or larger than the Disney Magic/Disney Wonder class of vessel. I'd say "no". The new ships are the same size as the Dream class ships, not smaller like the Magic class.
  2. Shmoo here

    Personal water bottles

    I've found the hot water onboard ships (in the bathroom sink/shower) is often much hotter than at home.
  3. Shmoo here


    Someone was sarcastic?
  4. Shmoo here

    Passport question

    Not true. New passports start on the issue date, and end 5 or 10 years later. If you renew early, you lose whatever time you have left on the old passport. At least for US passports.
  5. Shmoo here

    Mystery solved - Roll Calls

    The only way it can be fixed now is by the people in charge. Once a roll is started with an incorrect format in the date, the roll call finder tool cannot "see" it, even if you change the format. Contacting help@cruisecritic.com should get it fixed for you. But it can take a few days for that to happen.
  6. Shmoo here


  7. Shmoo here

    Port Check In

    The default for the online check in is to select a Port Arrival Time. There are some instances where the PAT selection is not an option (typically, if you are staying at a WDW resort, or at the MCO Hyatt, booked through DCL). If you are prompted to select a PAT, you should. Generally, arriving at the port via DCL transfers, you will be allowed to enter and check in when you arrive at the port. But it's a good idea to have that PAT, just in case.
  8. Shmoo here

    Warm milk for room service?

    I'm fairly certain you can get it in the dining rooms during your meal. Whether they have it on Room Service, I'm not sure. Of course, you could always warm it in the sink in your room (yes, the hot water can get pretty hot).
  9. Shmoo here

    what time zone?

    Yes, my date/time settings on my computer are correct. I'm not sure that this particular glitch has been present since the changeover, or if it's something new. I just noticed it. EDIT: For example. I just posted this (Pacific time zone 1/15/2019 8:26 pm). But when I hover over the "Posted just now" data it says it was posted 1/16/2019 4:26 am - that would be London time).
  10. Shmoo here

    Roll Call hiding

    Actually, it's not being picked up by the Roll Call finder tool because the date format is incorrect. It should be "July 3, 2019" not "July 3rd 2019". Since the thread is already created, just changing the date in the title won't get caught. You need to contact help@cruisecritic.com and request for them to fix the date in the title and add it to the Roll Call finder.
  11. Shmoo here

    Back to back cruises on two different ships?

    Typically, two cruises one after another, on different ships is called side-by-side. Not truly a back to back, since, as noted, it would be rare that two Disney ships will be in port, embarking and debarking passengers on the same day. How much of a pain to pack up and move to another ship depends on how much you pack. For a 3 plus 5 night combo, you don't really need a lot of clothes.
  12. Shmoo here

    Disney Cruise Trip Insurance

    Typically, insurance costs are non-refundable/transferable. If a cruise line allowed you to transfer your insurance to a different cruise, it was probably a one-time deal. Basically it's like asking for your insurance payments back when you house burns down (after the insurance has paid the coverage). You've had the benefits of the insurance, but now you want the money back that gave you those benefits.
  13. Shmoo here

    Cole's notes needed on placeholders

    You may book up to 2 placeholders per household address. If everyone in your room has the same household address, you can only book 2 placeholders. If there are different household addresses, each one can book up to 2 placeholders. Discount on the future cruise you select to put your placeholder on are 10% deposit on cruises of 7 nights and longer; OBC of $100 for cruises 6 nights and shorter, $200 OBC for cruises 7 nights and longer; 10% discount on cruise rate (not including taxes and port fees) for same future cruise.
  14. I just noticed, when I post, the time stamp on my posts is 8 hours off from what time it really is where I am. CC seems to think I'm in London... NOT How do I fix that? CAN I fix that?
  15. Shmoo here

    testing time

    This is a test.