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  1. Definitely for size. Prefer "smaller" ships (no more than 2300 passengers, 1800 is best number). Age - not so much. Generally it's older ships that are smaller.
  2. I loved our Hawaii/Tahiti cruise a few years ago. I'd go again. As for the weather, it just like anywhere, it can be good or bad. Although we had great weather the whole cruise. Sea days, just another day. Not "too much" for me.
  3. DCL opens excursion reservations based on loyalty levels. Highest level can book around 4 months out. Not sure if there's any specific reason for opening them so late, but most other cruise lines where you can book, basically, as soon as you make a reservation also require payment for those excursions when you make the reservation. DCL doesn't charge you for your excursions until you board the ship.
  4. I create my own. Either find an image online or make one I want. Print it on photo paper, and back it with self adhesive magnets I get from Michael's. Of course, this is for those lines that will only allow magnetic decorations.
  5. Fish extender gift exchanges are not a FB only product. In fact, it started on another site for years before people on FB started claiming it.
  6. I hope there's one on our upcoming cruise. We've attended at least one (maybe 2) in the past (pre-COVID) and they were really nice.
  7. I'd suggest heading over to the Royal Caribbean forum and asking. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/51-royal-caribbean-international/ Or, possibly, there's information on the Royal Caribbean website regarding such offers you could check out.
  8. Only "Royal Cruise Line" I know of ceased operating in 1996.
  9. From the Princess forum: and
  10. Somehow I'm again seeing photos in the right hand column. I can't remember how I got that to stop (a long time ago). Can someone help?
  11. From what I read, it happened in the kid's area. Caused a big problem so they had to shut down half the kid's club for several cruises to do "improvements".
  12. This is a recent change. They've had issues with ducks clogging the plumbing, and ending up in places they don't belong. It's my understanding that the crew is directed to pick up any they see to be disposed of properly.
  13. From the DCL prohibited items info: A Guest may bring rubber ducks onboard. However, pool toys (e.g., rubber ducks) cannot be used in the pools. Note: Guests cannot hide things, such as rubber ducks, in staterooms or public areas.
  14. On my passport my (original) middle name and maiden names are together (no spaces). On my license it's first name, (original) middle name, maiden name, (married) last name. All separate. Never been an issue (yet).
  15. Mostly because we're not comfortable "sending" that much money over the phone to the TA who then has to call it in, or via email. Actually the TA is only about 4 miles from our house, it's not a big deal to include a stop there when we head out for daily errands.
  16. Possibly, but, for our upcoming cruise, we used a TA (don't usually do that, but the early booking and TA OBC were too enticing). Every time we went in to make a payment, she would call the cruise line and just talk to whoever answered. Our last visit (final payment) she got an airheaded employee and wound up repeating herself multiple times to get things finished.
  17. Certainly. But it fills my "me time" on my computer when I need something to do.
  18. We waitlisted for 2 different excursions on our July cruise, although we also went ahead and booked an excursion in both those ports. One of them came through within 2 days. Still waiting for the other one.
  19. I typically just copy and paste the whole thing into word and then delete unwanted pictures and other irrelevant information, then print from there.
  20. We've done HAL and Disney to Hawaii, and taken several Princess cruises. I'd look at the itineraries of both possible cruises and select the one that I'm most interested in. If they are really the same, I'd probably go with Princess, depending on how big the price difference is. This is mostly because I'm not a fan of HAL's entertainment offerings recently. But, either would work for me.
  21. What cruise line? When we did our Alaska cruise/tour there was some travel via train, but mostly bus. I would think doing it entirely by train will not get you to as many places in as short a time.
  22. Even the 3 night cruises have a pirate night. Just no pirate menu in the dining room.
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