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  1. Good grief. This place is not a parenting forum. ShipMonster came here to discuss the refurb and posit some legitimate questions. Somehow the sleuths here have uncovered a change to occupancy policy in AQ cabins and that he is also going to disrespect the other diners in Blu. ShipMonster correctly pointed out that everyone took it upon themselves to find out how he had 3 guests in AQ. As a frequent cruiser with 2 children under 4 I may be overly sensitive but it gets old hearing how no one wants their meal or cruise ruined by some unruly children. In my experience the adults are more poorly behaved than any children I have seen on Celebrity.
  2. Last I checked: Only suite passengers have access to the Retreat sun deck. Suite passengers, Captain’s Club Zenith members, Blue Chip Sapphire and Ruby level members, and certain VIP’s have access to the Retreat Lounge (formerly Michael’s Club/Lounge).
  3. And Sapphire and Ruby level guests with Blue Chip Club.
  4. Any pictures of a Royal Suite?
  5. Download the Celebrity app for your phone if you have a smartphone. The me is for each day at each restaurant is posted once the reservation is loaded in your app. You can see day by day what will be offered in each restaurant.
  6. I called on this exact topic last week. The Captains Club rep confirmed with a supervisor as we were both finding conflicting information. They had originally planned to integrate LPC with Qsine on Summit and Millenium but have opted not to do so at this time. They had no news on future changes. We were honestly a little bummed as our sons 4th birthday will be on Summit this August and thought he would have loved it for that evening.
  7. Technically true so I will rephrase my original response. It wasn’t required but we always complete check in online and show up with our Express Pass in hand. It was required when checking in in order to get their system to generate the Express Pass.
  8. It was required to complete check in for our August cruise on Summit.
  9. Thanksgiving week of 2016, just about 2 weeks after the 2016 presidential election we sailed with Reince Priebus and his family on the Reflection. If I recall correctly, his family was able to take the whole trip but he couldn’t get away from then President elect Trump’s campaign requirements until several days into the cruise. We saw them in Michael’s Club and several restaurants. They were very nice and said they had been traveling on Celebrity cruises over thanksgiving week for several years.
  10. Thank you so much for all of the details! 90% of the time we sail in sky suites and our last Royal Suite was in 2016 departing from Amsterdam. It was either before the new suite amenities or right after the rollout but the boarding process there was terrible. We waited in an insane line out of the building until we got our keys at which point they realized we were in a Royal suite and the whole process changed. The onboard experience was unforgettable though and we look forward to experience it again! We are fortunate to have 2 Royal suites booked this year but the 2nd is on the Equinox over thanksgiving. Hopefully the rooms get freshened up a bit with the altered drydock schedule.
  11. It is Luminae and Tuscan Grille for us. The burrata, charcuterie, filet mignon, and chicken parmigiana are some of the best dishes on the ship.
  12. We have sailed out of Cape Liberty only once before and my memory is foggy. What is suite class check in like at Cape Liberty? Is there a separate bag drop and entrance or just the line marked for suite class once you enter the terminal? Headed to Bermuda in August in a Royal suite!
  13. I won’t really recommend one over the other as we have sailed on both with family and both are great! Equinox is a beautiful ship and we will be on her again this Thanksgiving but we sailed the Edge over the past New Year and I think it is a great mix for all ages. The Kids club on X always treats our son like royalty and he loves it. The Edge has some unique areas which I think benefit the Kids club as it gives them some great places to play. For the adults, the Edge definitely shows it’s newness and overall feels like a swanky hotel more than a cruise ship. Either way, I think you will love it. We are Celebrity loyalists and have cruises since we were kids and now our kids go and enjoy it as well. You may see mixed reviews but we feel Celebrity has a great blend of activities and the fewer children allows for more staff supervision and interaction.
  14. My wife and I would take him everywhere with us. Dinner, specialty restaurants, pool, etc. We would also take turns if one needed a break. In room babysitting has been hit or miss for us since the first cruise we took him on. When available it is great if you want a date night. $19/hr for 2 staff members in your room. While the Baltic isn’t usually the most pool friendly itinerary we had our son potty trained right around 2.5 and the pool was a good distraction.
  15. We are Celebrity loyalists and our older son (3.5 years old) has been on 5 cruises. The latest cruise was the first he was old enough to go to the kids club and it made a huge difference in our trip. He loved it and we had some nice windows of time where we could do our own non kid activities. Having most recently done the Baltic in 2016, he was only 1 at the time and stayed with grandparents. That itinerary would be a little too long and port intensive for us if he didn’t have the kids club.
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