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  1. I recall there was a rather detailed survey sent to recent passengers about two years ago that asked for opinions about what kind of health-oriented shipboard program would be of interest to a Silversea customer. This must have been in the works for some time.
  2. Correction, the 10% discount for early payment expired.
  3. The fare on that cruise just went up today.
  4. That's been my experience too. You can see the flights but you don't have a confirmation number to choose seats until about 45-60 days out when the confirmation will appear under the "Documents" tab in My Silversea.
  5. According to the new "Information on the Commencement of Travel" posted May 20, SS is expecting to start its Alaska season on July 8 with the Muse. Looks like a pretty confident statement.
  6. Full CDC release is at: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/fully-vaccinated-guidance.html
  7. In May 2018, they used the Sofitel, Liberdade Avenue as their "basic" hotel. Very nice.
  8. When you make your reservation, you will receive a document called "Your Voyage Confirmation" with all of the details, cancellation rules, etc. On the last page, it will tell you when you can start making reservations on "My Silversea" for dining and excursions:
  9. Good for you, Lois! Many people reading these boards will secretly envy you, and we all want to hear about the impression that the stunning new Moon makes in person.
  10. I think we must expect that higher prices are here to stay, at least until cruise competition gets back to where it was in 2019 with all fleets in operation. The cruise lines have few ships sailing, and they may limit the number of passengers even on those ships. There will be more expense in testing and sanitation, not to mention the additional medical care and the plan B's for taking care of passengers who may have to be disembarked. And don't forget there is all that borrowing to repay. For now, however, it looks like prices have not gone up for Moon cruises after the special summer sa
  11. Yes, notwithstanding the statement on the website (updated today) that the Moon will start on June 18, the first cruise listed, if you search for all cruises by ship name, is September 16, 2021 from Athens. That seems to be the inaugural cruise now.
  12. Regarding Travel Agents vs. cruise line consultants, there are are discussions on these boards from time to time debating which is best. I have used both for Silversea and would not say there is a significant difference; both have been responsive and get me about the same deal. I personally think the Silversea in-house consultants are better informed about upcoming drydocks and what cruises are selling fastest.
  13. Just noting: as of this morning, all May departures other than one in Australia have been changed to "Waitlist".
  14. Coincidentally, the Silver Cloud is scheduled to dock at Tower Bridge at 6:30 pm May 16, to disembark May 17.
  15. Our daughter informs us that the Feb. 14 weekend is also known for "Gal-intine's Day" celebrations, where ladies without current romantic commitments (or those whose wish to augment them) have fun lunches, dinners or activities with other ladies.
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