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  1. Thanks everyone for the quick responses
  2. Two very quick questions (I hope) 1st question: Entered all the info for our upcoming cruise into the SetSail Pass. When complete it says to remember to brink original travel documents to the port. Where do I find these? I don't see them via my planner or a link on the app. 2nd question - we have "The Key" for this cruise. Both my husband and our SetSail Pass show up in the App with the key icon but mine also says "Expedited Arrival", his does not. What does this mean since with Key we get priority boarding anyway and why would his not say this? Thanks so much!
  3. Question for anyone who has sailed Allure and had their itinerary changed to Puerto Rico (because of the engine issue ) with the super early port hours was it apparent the shops and the forts adjust their business hours to accommodate the short port hours or did they operate as normal? Our itinerary change for November was just announced and we will be in PR from 7:00 - 1:00 instead of St. Kitts. While I love PR as a port of call, unless the hours are adjusted by the businesses that leaves very little time. I know if I was a shop owner I would adjust my hours for a 6000 passenger ship. What did you experience?
  4. Sure would like to know which three port stops are being cancelled for each Island.
  5. How did you learn of the drink card? Any limits to the type of drinks?
  6. You can't see the 2021 bookings either for Breakaway. I could last night. My TA and I were pricing different cabins and I went to look at a few this morning and they are gone.
  7. They are skipping St. Thomas simply because the docking situation there requires more thrust power which can't be achieved with the 3rd azipods down. It has nothing to do with St. Kitts.
  8. A member of our FB cruise group for our Nov 10th cruise called RC today and was told that any cruise having changes has been notified either via the travel agent that booked them or individually if you did it yourself. Only cruises through Oct 2019 so far are having this change made as of today. While I understand everyone's disappointment in the change, it is in writing when you book that RC can change a cruise itinerary at any time for any reason and when you book and make the deposit you are agreeing to this.
  9. We don't sail until November and the prices on full and half have dropped significantly. I just called and for $6 I went from half to full day.
  10. I looked but could not find, has anyone posted the Giovanni's lunch menu from Allure now that you have a choice? Would like to compare them. Thanks
  11. We will be cruising with several couples in November on Allure. Is there a way one person can make show reservations for everyone via the planner? What do we need in order to do this? Thanks
  12. My understanding is no one is able to reserve shows starting with April, probably based on RC getting rid of all the Dreamworks based shows. They are reworking schedule, possibly introducing new ones.
  13. Thanks so much. We are sailing out of Fort Lauderdale but this helps to have a more current one
  14. We purchased this Saturday along with several other couples and the verbiage has changed since then on the show reservations. I am thinking they will have the seats set aside, you just have to let them know you are coming via the "reservations" on the planner or on the ship.
  15. How far out on average do those who have flown from east coast booked?
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