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  1. Hello all! It has been a very long time since I have written a review. I decided I would type up a quick one since my homework (I recently went back to school) is giving me the blues. This review will be short and not picture heavy. I would like to make up for my last unfinished review. So, lets get started. On this trip was me, B. My mom....Mom lol and My brother C and his girlfriend and now as of the first night of the cruise, future wife, S. Yes! They got engaged on the cruise. No big showing however, he proposed in their cabin after dinner the first night. This was his birthday cruise and all he wanted was for them to be engaged:hearteyes::hearteyes:! BTW this was both of their first cruise and they are now hooked! (I get everyone hooked on cruising). Embarking: After an 8 am test I had to take, Mom and I drive from NOLA to meet C & S in MS where they live and drove to Mobile the morning of the cruise. Made it to the port around 12. Our check in time I believe was 1:30 but I wanted to be early to see if they would allow us to check in. I had not dealt with check in times having not cruised in 2 years and found no info on how it was being done in Mobile so I decided to be the CC guinea pig for it. Finding a spot was hard. We ended up parking on the roof. Tip for Mobile .....pre-pay to park because it is a NIGHTMARE trying to pay at the port. They use parking meter machines like you would see at a normal parking garage but only set for the length of the cruise. Make sure you take a picture of your plates as well. Thankfully I am used to these machines because they are the same ones we use all over NOLA. The attendant (the only person I saw at all on any floors) sent us down a floor because she claimed that meter didn't take cash. The next meter lost power the second we went to used it. (they are solar powered and in a dark parking garage....whose dumb idea was that?) We went down one more floor and finally it was paid. It was either $90 or $95 I can't quite remember. So I know you are asking, " Why would you cruise out of mobile when you have a perfectly good cruise port 10 minutes from your house?" I asked myself that same question on the 2 hour drive cramped in the back seat of a pickup truck. SMH, What was I thinking?? Truthfully, I just wanted to experiences another embarking port. This wasn't too fair but I'm not sure I would do it again. It would have to be an awesome itinerary or ship. Any who, getting into the terminal was relatively painless. Now they scan your passport and enter your BC and ID info before you even go through the security scanners. 2 seconds. No one mentioned check in times or early or late only priority boarding. Desk check in 2 seconds as well. Photo and keys at the desk. Then up, up UP the blue ramp to the ship! Total time about 30 minutes. I will be back in a few to review everything else and figure this picture situation out.
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