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  1. We are on the Azamara Pursuit. Was to dock yesterday in San Antonio. Swapped us to Valparaiso. Instead of sailing last night, we were delayed due to restocking the ship. Further delay for fueling. Then a medical issue. Eventually sailed about noon today (5 Feb). Skipping Puerto Montt tomorrow and arriving next day in Chacubuco about midday. Rough seas right now. Captain and crew here are fabulous. They’ve done a great job under the circumstances. Hope it smooths out on the “other side” so we can make our port call in Stanley, Falkland Islands! The Costa ship apparently didn’t get into port until wee hours of the morning. Heard Princess was having similar issues!
  2. I understand the port for Glasgow is Greenock which is quite a ways from Glasgow. Anyone have any idea if they provide a shuttle service or should we book something? Thanks!
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    Sorry ... I searched but probably didn’t do it right ... its been a few few years since our last Azamara Cruise ... both older ships were refurb’d supince then. What I am interested in knowing is did they get rid of the awful shower curtain? Oceania refurb’d their same model ships and got rid of them. Sailing on Quest in Feb 2019. Mahalo! FlyDC
  4. Ok thanks in advance for your help .... We cruise alot. Usually Oceania, Silversea, or Azamara. Like small ships and their feel but not sure about 212 pax on the Star Legend. Might be too small. We are a gay couple in our late 40's / early 50's. Well traveled and we like to meet people from all over. We typically cruise with friends we have meet on other cruises but likely will do this one on our own. We are looking at a cruise in January (11 nt). Oceanview cabin. Are they small or feel bigger than they actually are? Sometimes the square footage is misleading. I see that you have to buy alcoholic beverages. How much are packages? Are they worth it or just pay by the drink? Food pretty good? We are kinda snobby with food but not crazy snobby! Are tips included? How much per day? Is it dressy? We hate the dress up nights on Silversea and usually hide in our cabin with room service! How about this ship? We like a little afternoon pool time to relax after exploring port. Anyone ever been on Star Legend? Anything else you have to say? We tried Silversea based on cruise critic info and same for Oceania ... I know these boards won't let us down! Thank you thank you thank you!
  5. Neilio Frank from the Netherlands is the head Sommelier. He will get you whatever you want! Great, friendly (really tall) guy! J
  6. Sorry that some people didn't enjoy the pizza place. We were lucky I guess but were happy each time. We spent time speaking with the hard working server and she was super nice to us. We ordered it extra sauce and well done. It came that way. The server asked if it was perfect or if we needed her to do something else. She couldn't have been nicer. It did take awhile though. Not a quick serve place I guess. As for room service - I ordered via our butler every morning. It arrived perfect every morning. I explained exactly what I was looking for from my butler (Tarik from Egypt). He delivered and did it perfectly every day. Also asked if he could do anything else or get anything else. He took good care of us and we took good care of him. We frequently bring chocolates or pastries or treats from port stops for our butler and cabin steward. They work so hard and seldom are able to enjoy the ports. As for the charity - and I know nobody asked - but I feel I have been fortunate in life, and while I do give to my own selected charities at home - I take no offense to SilverSea's leadership promoting their charity and doing their best to support it. Face it, if you are on SivlerSea - you likely can afford the few dollars here and there for those less fortunate. (Sorry not on a soapbox and certainly respect others' opinions and right to opt out ... I choose to opt in ...)
  7. Just off a 10 day Nordic Highlights cruise on the Spirit (Copenhagen to Stockholm via Denmark/Finland/Sweden). We were last on the Spirit three years ago (or thereabouts). In short, the upgrades to the ship were awesome. They did a really nice job with the facilities. The public areas look great. The cabins are beautiful. (Cabin bathrooms are the same ...) We also found the staff to be friendlier than the past. We've always been happy with Silversea service, but this time found them to be more personal and conversational. While there have been lots of reviews of the updated/upgraded restaurants and food ... here's my thoughts. Not a big fan of the changes. The fact that they don't change the main restaurant (Atlantide) menu daily is a big disappointment. Limits choices. I think they think that since they have added restaurants they don't need the variety. Indochine was enjoyable. The lobster and shaken beef entrees were our favorites. Side of noodles pretty good too. For dessert, the creme brûlée was amazing - and we are very snobby about creme brûlée. La Terrazza was as good as always. Duck ragout continues to be a favorite. They don't change the menu every 7 days as they have in the past. Grill is the grill. No changes. Still our least favorite. La Dame is the new specialty restaurant .... Couldn't get it ... booked full each night. Seishin was also popular. Went for lunch one day and it was just ok. Guess they likely have better options at dinner - but to pay $40 for that would be a likely disappointment. The best addition was the pizza on deck 10. Spana-Something. Really, really good pizza. Thin crust, fresh ingredients. Great service. A nice addition for either lunch or afternoon snack. Had dinner there one night after a long tour. They only offer pizza and a calzone - and ice cream. Would be nice if they could add a salad - but to be fair, they would get you one from the grill or room service if you requested it.
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