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    Welcome bottle of bubbly in the Grills?

    I recently went on a short voyage on the QM2 and was very disappointed to find 2 bottles of Pol Acker in my Princess Grill suite. On Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth we have always had Pol Acker in the Princess Grill but I expected something better on the QM2 because the Cunard UK website clearly states " Bon Voyage champagne and chocolates on arrival" (Our Ships - QM2 - Princess Grill- Services and Amenities). Also the complimentary bottle of water had been opened, contents partly consumed, the ice bucket in fridge was empty and I found a pair of dirty slippers in one of the wardrobes. Not impressed.
  2. Marmaduke

    Livorno to Florence - Best way to do it on your own?

    I have found that the bus and train route, as described by others is the cheapest and best way to do Florence on your own. You can come back when you want rather than having to hang around for the ship's tour bus. Check the Trenitalia web site before you go to print off the train timetables. The bus journey to the station takes about 20 minutes and buses run about every 10 - 15 minutes. Buy two bus tickets ( one for the return journey) that saves you time when you arrived back at Livorno station, as often the bus back to Piazza Grande is waiting. Further information can usually be found on Cruise Critic Ports of Call threads.
  3. Marmaduke

    Flight connection time - Be Aware

    I used to always book the cruise line's ( not just Azamara) package of flights, transfers and cruise, but got fed up with being fobbed off with inconvenient flight times, especially late flights after the cruise (when you have had disembarked at 9a.m.) and being told I can't fly from my local airport even when I know that there are suitable flights available. I now use a travel agent with an ATOL licence who can provide me with the flights I want from my local airport and private transfers (no hanging around waiting for other passengers to get on the coach). This is usually at a lower cost than taking the cruise line's package
  4. I briefly glanced at some P & O literature I received offering past passengers 10% off new bookings. What struck me was that they were also offering new passengers 5% off. Therefore the value to past passengers is only 5% not 10%. More smoke and mirror tactics !
  5. Marmaduke

    Our new ‘My Account’ is launching today!

    What is the purpose of this new "My Account" apart from showing your past cruise history and any future cruises you have booked. As a previous poster confirmed, there is no way to add passport numbers and other required information or access details of your booking apart from cabin number. I had to revert to the old site and use the ' double clicking method ' to enter and record my details for my up coming cruise and to view the excursion programme.
  6. Marmaduke

    New Survey Received

    I also commented on the ever increasing prices. I wonder if the powers that be (RCCL) are considering transferring the current Celebrity Expedition over to Azamara when Celebrity Flora starts next year in the Galapagos
  7. An Espresso Martini during trivia sounds like a great idea, are they on the complimentary list or the premium package ?
  8. Marmaduke

    O Life Magazine

    Do Oceania still send out O Life Magazines to members of the Oceania Club? It has been some years since I received one, despite cruising with them at least once a year and being a Bronze Level member.
  9. Marmaduke

    Bonnie change in itinerary question

    When did these changes occur? Once again I find out from Cruise Critic first, rather than from Azamara or my TA. Whilst I am happy with the visit to the Bay of Islands I am disappointed that in order to gain one port we have to loose two others (Picton and Nelson) and that we now have three sea days across the Tasman instead of two. Please could Bonnie find out the reason for these changes ? I am begining to question the wisdom of booking cruises a year in advance.
  10. Marmaduke

    On board questionnaires

    These questionnaires used to be accompanied by instructions on how complete them and the wording went something like this "If we are getting it right most of the time tick excellent" , which used to annoyed me intensely. To get an excellent score from me you have to exceed my expectations. Also there is very little room on these questionnaires to give any meaningful feed back. If I am scoring low I like to explain my reasons.
  11. Marmaduke

    Pursuit LCV visit

    I believe that all the cruise terminals also have short term car parks, but it would be nice to get some further information. I have done several ships visits in the past and have always had to take a passport as a form of I.D.
  12. Marmaduke

    Pursuit LCV visit

    Thanks Bonnies for the link. We applied and are now looking forward to seeing Pursuit in Southampton. Is this an exclusive LCV event ? I was suprised that when registering that I didn't need the give my membership number and that the email with the tickets was almost instant.
  13. Marmaduke

    Posting letters on the QM2

    Two years running we sent postcards from the Queen Victoria when travelling in the Med. We had on board credit to use up and we thought it would save the hassle of looking for post offices ashore. On both occasions the cards arrived a month after we had got home.
  14. Marmaduke

    Problems with P & O website and My Accoun

    Tried to register today and experienced exactly the same problem. I wonder if it was because I stated that I didn't wish to be contacted by P & O, if so then there is no way back in to change the preferences. We already have accounts within the family so there doesn't seem any point in getting two lots of promotional / sales e-mails. I only wanted to register to secure my Peninsular club membership. Also have the same problem with Cunard.
  15. Marmaduke

    Princess Grills

    Complimentary bottled water used to be available in Grill Class cabins, perhaps someone who has travelled recently can confirm that this is still the case.