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  1. You're so kind to remind me. Chef Henry made us special meals because we know him from prior cruises and those were very good. The regular CK menu items for the most part sucked.
  2. Note that CK is not exclusive to Suite guests. Top tier cruisers called Pinnacles who are not paying for a suite are also allowed in. The suite marketing materials make no mention of this fact. If you travel on a cruise with many of these non-suite paying pinnacles you will have limited to no availability for dinner time sittings. They are easy to identify since they all wear large, gold lapel pins with their names on them. Good luck.
  3. I am going to call John, "Butter" because he is on a roll!
  4. We've sailed on Harmony 3x and found CK food to be mediocre on all 3 cruises. Staff was excellent thought.
  5. Surprised that a thread that has so spectacularly tarred and feathered the OP has been allowed to remain. Even more surprised the personal attacks on a person who is merely exploring their options have not been deleted.
  6. Exceptionally rude and pure harassment and an unsolicited attack on the OP. Not surprised the post received 10 likes. The OP has a right to be concerned just like anyone who spends their money has a right to expect value from their purchase. They have already been inconvenienced and are entitled to explore all their options from a refund all the way to just taking the cruise. That is the purpose of these boards - to gather and share information. Unfortunately, for the OP they became just another person on here who gets tarred and feathered for daring to say anything negative about RCI.
  7. Doing a suite on Disney Dream in September for a short 3 nighter. That is one sleepy board compared to this one. Going to do a live review there and stir the pot up some.
  8. Funny you should bring that up... Our 5 year old asked to go on a cruise again so I was eyeballing a couple of Symphony sailings in late summer. The second my wife got wind of it she shot the idea down with a howitzer. The only reason we are doing the December sailing is because I put a non-refundable deposit down up in SL with Next Cruise after several martinis. As far as my wife is concerned that will be it for us as it relates to RCI. The experience of Pinnacle season sailing, competing for space and attention from the staff with NSPPs and crap food put the proverbial nail in the coffin for us. That live review is going to be extra special...
  9. Ha! My December cruise was uneventful. I assume our upcoming December sailing on Symphony will be uneventful BUT if it is not I am going to light this board up like a Christmas tree! NSPPs will eventually be banned from SL/CK.
  10. I am sure you will have a great time nonetheless. Bon voyage!
  11. I can tell you from firsthand experience that children are not welcome in the Suite Lounge and CK and in particular by the owners of the ship (you'll know who they are by the little gold lapel pins). The staff is another story - they will fawn over your children and play with them and high five them. Many of them have children and they see their children in yours. They are real special people. Your family will form a bond with them. Godspeed on Allure in late September. You will be on a ship and time that should be prime for NSPPs.
  12. This tells you most everything you need to know about RCI demographics.
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