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  1. Just to clarify ------- It's a snooze fest for anyone under 55 IMHO.
  2. If you don't have a First Watch near you then you should go! It is a chain restaurant but my goodness it's delicious! We love the Cinnamon Banana Pancakes (add chocolate chips)! If you are looking for more of a local vibe then try Datz ! I think the Columbia is overrated - try Ulele on the River!!!
  3. Don’t book a Disney Cruise as your first cruise ever. My face was an unsightly shade of green in every photo taken on Board. #ExpensiveLessons
  4. On my way to Harbor Freight! πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜
  5. Hi! It looks like Carnival Fascination might be the only big ship in port. We are a party of 6 and would like to do a Private Catamaran. The total for 10 is $1045. (more than 10 is $80 additional pp). We were hoping to find at least 4 people who would like to go in with us on an 8 hour day. We just want to snorkel by the pitons and are pretty flexible with the rest. We don't have a roll call - sadly! Message me!
  6. We went to Dominca in September. We took a tour with Levi Barron. He was amazing.
  7. Glitch? I booked 11/15 weekend trip less than 48 hours ago for OV. For the 2 of us it was $1128 with $300 OBC and the classic beverage package (Go Better). Today I checked the price and it dropped $360 dollars! I called Celebrity and got the run around a little. They refunded the $360 but claimed that it is a website glitch that is giving Florida residents an extra discount. I checked a few other cruises and they seemed β€œglitchy” as well. Is is this normal or really a glitch since we are 2 weeks out?
  8. I sailed on Fascination last month during my Bday. I received the $50 spa card. We had a port every day so I didn't have time to use the card. I did however call and ask if I could use the card towards products and they said no. I have read that others have been able to purchase products with the spa card (so maybe at least try if you aren't using it on a service). We did not mention my bday to anyone because we dine on our time. One evening the servers sang and brought a piece of cake with a candle. The cake was... interesting.
  9. Thank you for the tip! We booked this last minute - room 3134 for Nov. 15th. πŸ™ It will be our 1st on Celebrity. 😊
  10. I received $50 spa gift card on Fascination last week. It was the first time that I received one and I'm Gold. It was my Birthday week so I thought it was for that. I called the spa and they said it could not be used on products - only services. I never made it up to check the pricing though... and here I thought I was special :')
  11. U148 last week with Jomar. He was great! :hearteyes:
  12. I agree 100%. I wanted to buy a bar of soap at the pharmacy in port and they had a security person escort us and wait outside.
  13. We came off the ship this morning. We had a great time. ST. Thomas - rented a Jeep and went to Megan's and Lindquist then drove down through Red Hook back to the port. Dominica - Bumping Tours with Levi. He was amazing. He snorkeled with us and swam in the gorge with us. Super nice guy and very knowledgeable about fruit trees. Bring snacks 😁 even though they say you can't take it off the ship. Barbados - Calabaza was excellent and OMG the clarity of the water was incredible. Group tour. St. Lucia - Spencer Ambrose Land, Sea, Beach tour was good as well. Group tour. St. Kitts - rented an ATV from Sunny Blue drove around the island then to Timothy Hill and Cockleshell / Reggae Beach. St. Maarten - rented a car drove to Orient Beach then through the French side to Maho and then Mullet Bay. We were exhausted every night so we didn't go to any of the shows or clubs. Several people we spoke with really enjoyed the entertainment. Rooms were clean and the food was good. We are pretty easy going and are very happy we took this cruise. We met some really nice people 😍
  14. Meclizine is Bonine. The Scopolomine Brand Name patches are about $100 for 3. Hyoscine, also known as scopolamine, is a medication used to treat motion sickness and postoperative nausea and vomiting. It is also sometimes used before surgery to decrease saliva. ... Hyoscine is produced from plants of the nightshade family. - wikipedia Kwells OTC in Europe and is Hyoscine. Try to find some as an affordable option. I found it on amazon.ca but it seems they are out of stock at the moment. There was some on eBay too. https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B001PMLZI8/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Also you can try a compounding pharmacy with a RX.
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