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  1. My flight package was booked through my UK TA. Linda
  2. Hi, just back from a land trip to SD from the UK. We were a group of 7 with luggage. Can highly recommend Danny on +1 (858) 449-1300. Excellent communication. Picked us up from SAN, drove us to the hotel in Encinitas and then was available on request to take us to various sites. Comfortable ride. Be aware that Uber maximum is 6 so this was perfect for us. Tell him Linda with all the boys sent you!
  3. Visiting the Falklands is like visiting the UK. You wouldn't expect to be able pay in USD anywhere in the UK, without prior arrangement. They only have one bank there.
  4. Ouch. Not good. I wonder how they determine which ships get to berth and which anchor. Regarding lines..... disembarking in San Antonio was not fun. They called the luggage tag colours in really good time which gave a false impression as to how the process was running. When we exited the lift there was a massive line snaking down the corridor, back again, along the lobby, down the next corridor and back again. I'm sure the room stewards trying to prepare the cabins for the new occupants appreciated that. It's a bus to terminal affair. ***Get early luggage tags***
  5. Hi. No. We were berthed. Was a nightmare though walking back to the ship. Was incredibly windy and quite exposed. Berth was far from gates. We left several hours late because of the wind. I can see from my earlier post that the pier berths were full with other vessels/cruise ships on this cruise. I missed the snafu. What occured?
  6. Tendering in Puerto Montt. Seven Seas Voyager also in town.
  7. Thanks for explaining. Tenders are out and working.
  8. EnPatagonia tours as mentioned earlier in Chacabuco were very good. Am a tad confused as Marine Traffic shows you heading to Castro and not Puerto Montt.... 🤷‍♀️
  9. Me neither. I'm rubbish at big group/bus tours. In future will likely pass and go independently.
  10. You're heading to the glacier. Am sure your pics will be stunning.
  11. Tenders busy in Punta Arenas You're now in Chile
  12. Tenders are up and running. You're being spared the long pier walk. Was incredibly windy when we were there, the walk back was really bad! Three other cruise ships in port with you. The town is going to be buzzing!!
  13. Here you are in the early hours of this morning, straddling the border in the Strait of Magellan You're being followed by Norwegian Sun and Seven Seas Voyager Have a fabulous day!
  14. Pics of Oosterdam taken by Palmer Station when we were there last month. They were unable to board to give a talk as they were still under Covid restrictions!
  15. I've not looked at how much an itinerary on Scenic Eclipse would cost. The shock wouldn't be good for my heart!!
  16. Any other Brits following here..... Ch 5 has Cruising with Susan Calman in Antarctica. Have watched the first few minutes of ep 1.... want to watch one straight after the other..... she starts in Buenos Aires then flies to Ushuaia to board an expedition ship.... haven't watched long enough to see which one.....
  17. Link to my video of the penguin nesting areas in the Lemaire channel here
  18. Me too. Again and again. @0106 I am soooo glad you echo my experience. I find it so difficult to put into words that day. To describe the view, the wildlife, Antarctica. So beautiful and unrivalled. Let me know if you want me to throw up here my video of the penguin colony on the Lemaire channel x
  19. Oh gosh..... you're in for the most fabulous day today. Charlotte Bay is spectacular!! The Lemaire Channel..... portside is the place to be!
  20. I believe that's you approaching Esperanza Base. Please confirm.
  21. Here you are, 1420 your time. Deception Island, hidden by the pink spot, is the caldera of an active volcano!
  22. That's Oosterdam on the NW of the first image, 0835 their time.
  23. I raised this exact situation with Cynthia, GSM. She said this is to do with copyright reasons. I believe on your previous cruise they may have been recorded for later viewing @TravelBluebird could confirm. Certainly wasn't on ours.
  24. I'm so glad you made it to my favourite port. You're on your way south now for the most amazing few days. I will do my best to track your journey as the further south you go the poorer the signal. I am extremely jealous
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