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  1. I've been getting them since the summer. They are wonderful. I can go almost three weeks and even then they still don't look bad. The first time was $150 and the refills are $50. I love not having to take off mascara. I keep them clean with micellar water on a Q-tip. You just have to keep oil away from them.
  2. Does anyone know if Celebrity ships, specifically Reflection carry Tatcha products? I'm running low and thought I would buy onboard if they do. I wasn't using Tatcha during my last cruise so I wouldn't have noticed.
  3. Maybe they remove what's there so they can put a new roll in when they change over the cabin. This way they know each cabin starts with a new roll. We have never had a shortage of toilet paper on the Summit, Reflection or Silhouette.
  4. When we sailed HAL to Alaska, we were advised not to waste money on a veranda because we would want to walk around and get lots of views, not just from our cabin. We ended up with a cabin that was on the promenade deck, next to a door that went to the deck. It was a rarely used area and we felt like it was our own large veranda. Just a couple of steps further from our cabin than a true veranda would be. We were not sorry we gave up a veranda on that trip.
  5. I was on two Celebrity sailings in the last five months. The first was a Mediterranean cruise in September and the second was a Caribbean cruise at the beginning of January. I found the roll call on the European trip much livelier and informative with many people planning their excursions through the roll call. The sail away party was well attended. For the Caribbean, there were only a few people at the sail away and the M&M was just ok. I think the difference is that people on European cruises are more inclined to form groups for excursions where as in the Caribbean, plans and schedules are not as important. At least that's the case for us so there isn't the urgency to meet the people on CC.
  6. We've never done fixed dinner and have no intention of doing it. However, if you have it and don't like it, why can't you just show up for anytime dining and get a pager and eat when there is an availability? Do they not allow it?
  7. Agree. We ate there for the first time on our recent Silhouette cruise. It was one of the best meals we have had anywhere. (And while we have not eaten in every great restaurant in the world, we've eaten in enough great restaurants to compare). We tried for another reservation and couldn't get one until 9:30 the night before we arrived back in port. I didn't want to eat that late on our last night.
  8. Yes, we used it at the beginning of the month on the Silhouette. Ours was non-refundable OBC. Great service.
  9. Not that it matters, since it's over, until next time. Essential workers do not all get paid. When we returned on Jan. 11, there was a delay at customs, specifically because unpaid workers were calling in sick. In addition, TSA and air traffic controllers are forced to work but not get paid. I have lots of friends who are working with no pay.
  10. This was our experience on the Silhouette on the Jan. 2 sailing. They provided coffee and assorted breads and we had a good size crew there. I felt like they appreciated us.
  11. We were allowed to bypass too when leaving the Silhouette in FLL last week. We bypassed the line by having Global Entry. You do need your card with you, however. Fortunately, my husband had his and they let me join him.
  12. Thank you. That was a great explanation. We do select and usually eat between 8 and 8:30. We normally make a reservation for the next night when we leave the dining room and have never had to wait. Such 1st World Problems.
  13. Thank you so much for your review. We booked the Edge in January 2018 while on another cruise and are paying about $3500 for a veranda cabin. I have been considering cancelling and booking a Reflection for the same price but three days longer. This is helping me decide. It sounds like I may switch. Other than the IV, which I don't have or want, the lack of quiet lounges is something I would miss. I like the martini bar but it can get crazy and I don't like that they charge extra for a basic martini. I'm still trying to understand how the four dining rooms work. Do you go to whatever one you want (or make reservations) or do you go to the same one each night? Are the menus different?
  14. Thanks. I thought it was last March that it was done, after our sailing.
  15. We were on the Summit in January 2018 and it was ok but would like to know how the refurbishing has improved the ship. Since then we have been on the Reflection and Silhouette and want to compare.
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