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  1. My last cruise on the PG was in 2008. We did a lot of scuba diving, as we had done on the previous 2 cruises. The reefs were beginning to show damage from the invasion of Crown of Thorns. I'm asking for input from any divers who have been on the PG in the past couple of years. What condition the reefs are in? Have they deteriorated even more or recovered? I'm thinking of booking a cruise in the Fall if the diving is worth it.
  2. It's so close now! MsUnderstood is picking us up at LGB on Wednesday. She will deliver us to LAX on Thursday for our flight to Santiago. See you all soon at the bottom of the Earth! Kim
  3. I'll be on the Jan 4 Antarctica cruise. Looking forward to meeting jpalbny and Stumblefoot. I know RachelG from several previous trips together. We will be boarding before we know it after over 2 years of waiting!
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