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  1. Hate to disagree with a host, but we've been on the Explorer since it left Sydney on 29th March and yes, people wearing shorts have been turned away from the MDR, also the dress code in the Diamond Lounge relating to shorts has been enforced as well...
  2. Thanks, I could have written the same myself and added a few more bits. Lol. The telling thing about Epic's design is that the order for EPIC2 was cancelled and it remains a one off. We have sailed 4 large ships out of the 50+ cruises we have taken so far - Epic, Escape and RCCLs Allure and Oasis. Of these only Epic is a no, never again at any price. Even though we didn't think much to Spirit in comparison with Dawn/Jade/Star we would still sail her with the right itinerary/price, But Epic no, just too many negatives and service issues.
  3. That's fine, as you've probably guessed I'm not into computers and complication. To me and many others a computer and the internet are tools to be used to make life easier whether in a work or home context, nothing else. This "upgrade" does neither for me. I get that dinosaurs like me have polarised views though, and respect that others will think differently.
  4. Because the upgrade to all these "really nice features" has lost the easy to use functionality that most of us know and used, especially those of us that used the no longer available app on mobile phones.
  5. So replace with an identical to use new tech version of what was then, so the end user sees little to no difference. Bit like replacing Windows 7 with Windows 10 but keeping the front page the same which is possible when you know how!
  6. Thing is, who wanted all these changes - I very much doubt it was the end users, us!
  7. Well, well. But why not simply text saying like as per the text saying quote on the other side. Plain and easy, also balances the page layout. Thanks. But why not a mass email to all users explaining all the changes and how to's in plain English.
  8. No, it wasn't widely reported for those who used the App on a mobile phone. I receive regular marketing emails from CC but not one about this change, if they can send guff I don't need they should be able to send notice of big important change! Frankly this website has overnight gone from a really useful and informative tool to a PITA. And still no "like" button!!
  9. Likewise, the app on my Android phone used to give me easy access to everything I wanted without multiple clicks and pages.
  10. You still have to do all the safety training, induction and so on. Sent from my SM-J530F using Forums mobile app
  11. Pressing the imaginary "like button hard! Lol. Sent from my SM-J530F using Forums mobile app
  12. Tip bartenders! Nonsense, if I have to go to the bar and fetch/carry my own drinks I'm certainly not tipping extra for that privilege. Different for table service in a lounge, a drip feed of 5 or 10 every few days if a drinks waiter gives good service is what we do. Sent from my SM-J530F using Forums mobile app
  13. Or prebook a transfer on line. In September that was €55 for a van port to airport, I believe taxi runs about €45 dependent on traffic. Sent from my SM-J530F using Forums mobile app
  14. We already matched, and on our first MSC cruise from Southampton to Genoa late October. We shall see... Sent from my SM-J530F using Forums mobile app
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