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  1. I have to concur. Renting a car is one of the best options if you want to play it by ear. We've rented a car in Juneau a few times and it's been a great experience.
  2. I've parked at both of them and I prefer the Seattle cruise ship parking lot by the Armory over the Republic parking lot. In June this will be our 11 time parking at the Seattle cruise ship parking lot at the Armory, I've never had a problem parking there. On a side note. I did some recon and and there's a new "Total Wine & More" on the street that goes to the Armory parking lot https://www.totalwine.com/store-info/washington-interbay/1411 just in case you need those last minute adult beverages or soda pop.
  3. We've been on 15 Alaska cruises out of Seattle, we do this cruise every year. We've had balcony cabins on both the Port and Starboard sides. My opinion balcony cabins on the Starboard side are the best cabins for viewing the sights. The problem is it's to cold to spend much time out on the balcony, we'll move around the upper deck areas or down on the promenade deck when we are up in Glacier or up in Tracy Arm. With that said now we book a cabin on Deck 8 Emerald deck. Most of the cruise you'll be a considerable ways away from land. We always bring a good pair of binoculars.
  4. I looked at the itinerary for the Star’s shilling on May 19th. Here are some low cost things you can do at the ports you’re going to. It looks like you’re going to be docked at berth #4 in Ketchikan. https://www.experienceketchikan.com/support-files/citymap.pdf This is the furthest berth from the tourist activities. Ketchikan is the place to buy those must have Alaska souvenirs. The Tongass Trading post is the best place for the souvenirs. Go up to the Tongass National Forest Discovery center, it’s free with a National Parks senior pass. Then go over to Creek Street and check out the shops there. Juneau you’re going to be docked at the Alaska Steam ship dock. That’s the closest dock to town. It’s a short walk to the Red Dog from there. The Alaska State museum is pretty interesting and you can go into the state capitol building. I always stop at the Hanger of the Wharf and watch the float planes while we share pitcher. Skagway you’re going to be docked at Railroad pier aft, it’s a long pier. It’s probably a mile into town from that point. I’d head for the National parks building and sign up for their free walking tours. https://www.nps.gov/klgo/index.htm There is a ton of information there. There is also the Skagway history museum not far from the downtown area. You’ve got to remember that the sidewalks in these towns are pretty narrow and with 4 cruise ship in port they get pretty crowded. I’ve found that it’s easier sometimes to walk in the street. The only excursion we have planned for this year is to rent a car in Skagway and drive up into the Yukon, we did it a few years ago and it was all good. Randy
  5. Bolt bus is owned by Greyhound lines, I thought that was kind of interesting. Last year I needed to get back to Sea-Tac airport from a cruise that ended in Vancouver B.C. I looked at the train, I looked at the Bolt bus which left from the train station and I looked at the Quick Shuttle. Quick Shuttle was the only transportation that went directly to Sea-Tac airport and picked up at Canada Place (Cruise terminal). It was an OK experience, the bus was OK, and we got back to Sea-Tac so it was all good.
  6. Just figure on walking about 50 - 75 yards to the front of the terminal building from where you get dropped off.
  7. My DW wife and I are going on cruise to Alaska in June on the Ruby out of Pier 91, we do this every year. We are both elite and have priority boarding. This year we are taking another couple with us who have never cruised before, Blue cards, cruise virgins. I get the feeling that they are scared about the whole embarkation process. Would it be possible for us to be their tour guide, escort and have them check in at the same time we check in and have them board at the same time we do?
  8. You could take the light rail, it'd be about a 4 block walk up the hill on Pine st. to Westlake station.
  9. There a good company to deal with. Are you going from Sea-Tac airport to the pier?
  10. In 14 or 15 Alaskan cruises I've seen it all. I don't think Princess wants to enforce or make a scene and try to tell someone they aren't dressed properly to be in the MDR. I have yet to see someone turned away from the MDR on an Alaskan cruise. I think i might push the envelop a little on our next Alaskan cruise. It's always kind of fun.
  11. We've been on a lot of Alaska cruises and we've seen just about everything on the ship from snow mobile boots to flip flops. We wear the shoes we wear everyday here in the Pacific Northwest. My wide wears a pair of these https://www.cabelas.com/product/footwear/womens-footwear/womens-hiking-boots-shoes/pc/104797980/c/104790780/sc/104383980/columbia-wmn-dakota-drifter-wp-low-hikers/2843772.uts?slotId=7 almost everyday just a pair of water proof walking/hikers or a pair of tennis shoes, when it's not raining. Everyone gets so stressed when they go on a cruise Alaska, they act like it's the end of the world. For a jacket we bring what we wear in November, a 3 season jacket, I've never bought a rain coat or an umbrella.
  12. Eaglecw

    Juneau Dock Time

    The Hanger is one of my favorite places to go to after a long day of excursions and drink beer until my lips get numb, LOL. It's a pretty good walk to the Hanger from the Franklin Street dock, it's got to be about 3/4 of a mile. Look at google maps and you'll see how far it is. The Tram is about halfway between Franklin Street dock and the Hanger. I would go to the Hanger after at the end of the day.
  13. We've been to Victoria many times and I wouldn't advise a whale watching excursion out of Victoria. By the time you dock and get off the ship you've only got about an hour or an hour and a half before it's dark. The place to go whale watching is Juneau.
  14. If you left Ridgefield at about 8:45am that would put you into the Armory parking lot at around 10:45am, which would be about perfect. Catch the shuttle over to Pier 91 and drop off your bags and start your journey. I like to get to the Armory parking lot at around 10:45 or so and get to Pier 91 at around 11:15 or so and be on the ship by Noon and have a nice peaceful lunch in the MDR.
  15. You’re a lucky!! The Volendam berths at the Cruise ship terminal, that’s almost right downtown, it’s berth “D” on the little map and just forward of the Mt. Roberts tram. There is only one other ship in Juneau on the day you’re going to be there. http://claalaska.com/?page_id=1250
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