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  1. I haven't been to a buffet in I don't know how long, I know it's been over 20 years. I refuse to go to the buffet on any of the cruises we've been on. We only go to the MDR or find another option.
  2. I think there is a "Golden Coral" buffet in the Seattle area.
  3. In the 15 or 16 cruises to Alaska I've known a few people who haven't gotten off the ship at any of the Ports. Most were older folks who couldn't get around very well. A few years ago I met a couple who spent the entire Alaska cruise season from May to September riding the Golden Princess out of Seattle, they never got off the ship except in Seattle to re-board. He said it was less expensive than staying home in Arizona.
  4. Well do you have an update?
  5. In June when we disembarked from the Ruby there were 2 lines for US citizens and 1 line for non-US citizens. It took about 3 seconds to clear customs for those who were smart enough to have there Passport open to the photo page when they handed their Passport to the officer. Those who just handed their closed Passport got he stink eye and had the answer a few questions. Those who had certified copy of there birth certificate, had to show their drivers license and answer a lot of question. Those who had photo copied birth certificate, like the clown in front of me, who's birth certificate, looked like worn out tissue paper, didn't have his photo ID out and got mouthy with the officer, he was pulled aside and escorted into a side room. We both have Passports and enhanced drivers licenses we use one or the other, never a birth certificate.
  6. There's a huge new "Total Wine and More"on 1550 West Armory Way just behind Whole foods. https://www.totalwine.com/store-info/washington-interbay/1411 We stopped there in June for some supplies.
  7. I would have to say Uber/Lyft or a Taxi would be the fastest to SeaTac on a Sunday morning
  8. The key don't have a hole for a lanyard. I don't know if you can get customer service to punch a hole in the key, I've never tried, I keep my card in my pocket. Wallyj is correct to enter your room you hold your key card up to the screen next to your door and the open door icon will flash to open the door. If you happen to get on the ship before 1:15 don't go to the buffet, it's a wild zoo up there. Instead go to the Da Vinci Dining Room on deck 6 mid-ship for a nice peaceful lunch without the buffet crowd, they have a limited but it's nice.
  9. I've never ordered the canapes. Are they really that bad? On our last cruise there was only 55 Elites and 168 Platinum's on the ship. I'd go for a couple of free drink coupons.
  10. Rent a car from Avis and get out of Skagway, it gets really crazy there, to many tourists. Head up into the Yukon. Stop in Carcross for lunch, stop at Emerald lake, I think we drove about 225 miles. This last cruise on the second week of June there were 4 ships in town. We picked up our rental car and were on the road by 8:15 and didn't get back into town till 6pm. we missed all the people in town.
  11. We just got off the Ruby 2 weeks ago. We cruise to Alaska every year. 1. The pillow were nice, not overly firm and not like a down pillow. Bigger than your average pillow. There were 4 pillows on the bed. The beds have been replace in the last year or so, they are nice also. 2. Yes one person can make a reservation for 8. We aren't big fans of Anytime dinning. We do Traditional dining when we go to Alaska. 3. The Kids club has just been redone. Your 3.5 year old son will have a good time up there. They have a lot of activities going for the kids. On Glacier Bay day be sure to your son up to Skywalkers. The National Park Rangers have a nice program for the kids. I hope this helps you. Enjoy your cruise Randy
  12. I find this very interesting. PLEASE come back and tell us what you do or don't do. Personally I'd get the grand kids Passports and a notarized letter from there father. It's better to be safe than sorry, your spending a lot of money on a cruise and I'd hate to see someone denied boarding for the lack of proper documents. We have enhanced drivers licenses and we just show it to the agent and we are good to go, we also have Passports I only show it when asked. On our last cruise 2 weeks ago in Seattle there were a number of people who had birth certificates and customs checked them over very carefully. The person in front of me had a photo copy birth certificate, a poor copy at that, he was pulled a side and then into a room. He wife was wild.
  13. The Metropolitan Grill is another go to steak house. https://www.themetropolitangrill.com/
  14. My favorite is El Gaucho's, it's the best https://elgaucho.com/dine/seattle/
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