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  1. You got a really good deal. I just checked again, for my dates in Mid July, the prices are double that for both refundable and non-refundable. I'll keep checking back on the Strand as I would of preferred to stay there as well but the refundable price for a superior King was $620 a night.
  2. Thanks for your views on Earls Court. It was helpful for me to choose this area. Looking forward to Staying there for a few days next summer.
  3. Finally booked a place. Went with K&K Hotel George Kensington which is a 2-3 minute walk to Earls Court Tube Station. Its on the Piccadilly and District line so its only a few stops away from most things we would want to get to during our 5 day stay. It is a good compromise for us based on location to the city centre and what we would be willing to spend and what amenities we would want. Will be paying about $460 for a refundable Twin/King room. Room size will be fine for us. I liked that the hotel has a court yard to venture out into and by accounts should be quiet.
  4. I indicated that i would report back on where we chose to stay. We have not chosen just yet but have come to realize that we will need to spend more to get what we want. I did find a few places that for around our $300 price in the locations we were looking at. A place like the Premier inn would typically be ok if we were spending 1 or 2 nights but were looking to spend 5-6 nights and would like something more. Found places with cute names like shoebox and snug in their description of their room. If we were in our twenty's and thirty's, that would be fine as well but were in our late fifties and want space. Some other things we want are air conditioning, at least a queen size bed and a room safe. Also want to book a refundable room and have found that some places don't offer that. A place like The Strand Palace is now a strong option for sure. In my searching, I have been looking further west of Westminster and Covent Garden. I found a couple of places very near the Earls Court tube stop that would serve our need. The tube stop serves the Piccadilly and District lines so they would travel to the bulk of the places we want to see in London. I wanted to ask your opinions about the Earls Court area if you have stayed there?
  5. If you ever watch the show Border Patrol, there is always some guy who gets caught bringing in non-packaged food and ultimately blames his Auntie or Mom for packing his suit case. Makes me chuckle.
  6. About 40 some years ago, my mom was in bed sleeping when she woke and seen my Dad's Uncle sitting at the foot of their bed. She said she even sat up and asked him why he was there but no answer. She was not fully awake of course and went back to sleep. In the morning when she actually woke up, she told my Dad her story/dream. Later that morning, they get a call stating that my Dad's Uncle had passed away.
  7. Thanks everyone for your recommendations and insights. I'll report back on what we decided to book and why. Your correct Cotswold Eagle, it was previously the Mint Hotel.
  8. Will be staying in London after a cruise in July. Looking for a hotel room that costs around 150 pounds per night which will be in the range of $250-300 Canadian. Several years ago we stayed in Westminster in what is now a double tree hotel near the Lambeth bridge. It was an excellent location as good bus service and pilmico station was a 5 minute walk. The ho ho bus had a stop on the other side of Lambeth bridge. I would consider going back there but the hotel changed from a businees hotel to be more of a tourist hotel and the prices are will into the $500 range. I have started to look and maybe have found one or 2 possibilities but wondering what hotels people could recommend based on my criteria. If its not in Convent Garden or Westminster that is fine, I would still be interested in what you would recommend. Cheers!
  9. Thanks for the video, you did a great job hosting and editing the video!
  10. We were on NCL Bliss in 2018 and they had the best hard rock cover band I ever had the pleasure to listen to ( on a cruise or not). They are a group called SIGLO.
  11. I was thinking the same thing. Thanks for those posting pictures and video as it showcases how comprehensive the "amplification" work is.
  12. Very much enjoyed Saturday Night Fever on the Liberty.
  13. The Soller train is a great experience. However, many stores in Soller are closed on Sundays or at least they were when we were there a few years ago. Check that out.
  14. We used www.autosvilar.com to arrange a private customized tour of Barcelona when we were there for a day on a cruise we took a few years ago. They were very accommodating and the price was reasonable for our group of 8 people. Juan who is the owner was the one who took us out and we could not of asked for a better host and guide.
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