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  1. There's a pull-down menu on the search screen for class of service. The default is Economy.
  2. In Alameda, California they have Versailles Avenue. The locals pronounce it Ver-sales. French was not their strength...
  3. Not a wine club per se, but we belong to a few winery’s clubs. Tobin James from Paso Robles is our favorite. Fantastic wines, especially their reds - 2 shipments a year. I also hit BevMo on a regular basis. Our local supermarket also has a good selection of local wines so I regularly peruse their wines.
  4. There’s a pull-down menu in EZ Air for the class of service. The default is economy, but you can also choose premium economy, business, or first class. You can book business class on your own this way and no payment is required until the final payment is due. You can select your seats but it depends. Our upcoming Singapore to Rome cruise in June has outgoing flights on United and inbound flights on American. We were able to get seat assignments on American directly in EZ Air. For the United flights I needed to go to United’s website and provide our travel document information before I could select seats. I can’t speak for Delta since they don’t fly out of our local airport (San Luis Obispo). When you book EZ Air, you do receive the relevant 6 character locator codes for your flights. With EZ Air, if Princess cancels your cruise, the air is cancelled too.
  5. The Kiwanis and Elks may have a problem with that name... 😺
  6. My biggest problem with the medallions is that there is no recycling program for them. Yes they’re small, but they contain a battery and electronics. Where we live neither of those are to be thrown in the trash - they are to be recycled. Considering that Princess distributed hundreds of thousands medallions last year, they need to, at a minimum, have convenient recycling drop boxes at disembarkation to collect them so they can be recycled properly.
  7. Yes, we had Club Class dining on our cruise. We wandering in at the time of our choice. There is no assigned table, so we move around a bit during the cruise. My wife now requires a minimum of Club Class mini-suites for any future bookings. 😼🙀😺
  8. That’s not how I recall it working last year. The Club Class dining ran continuously through both fixed seatings. You sit in a section of the MDR dedicated to CC near the entrance to the MDR. There were menu items specifically for CC too.
  9. Here's a bit larger scene taken from the Sydney Harbour Bridge, including the Opera House and the Emerald Princess docked at the Circular Quay. November 2016...
  10. I won’t dispute that Sydney is spectacular because it is, but San Francisco is also wonderful. Easing out into the bay, past the Marina Green and Presidio and under the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s best sitting on a port balcony sipping champagne. Just sayin’... 😺
  11. This is correct. You will also be required to provide an inventory of everything in each suitcase. The clothing only rule is to make it easier to deal with customs. The shipping company doesn’t want to be the middleman if there are any items which need to be declared. Your personal clothing items would be exempt from customs, so the shipper can avoid paying any duties and having to pass it on to the customer.
  12. Years ago Robert Symons performed on Princess. He’s a steel drummer and quite good. We bought a couple of his CDs and still listen to his music. My DW listens to his music prior to having her blood pressure taken because his calm vibe relaxes her so much.
  13. I recently booked flights on EZ Air on United and American for our Singapore to Rome cruise. I could select seats for our American flights, but could only select seats for the domestic portion of our United flights. I needed to provide our passport/contact information on our SFO-SIN flight before United would let me select our seats. Also I had to use the United website, not their app, to do this. YMMV... By the way, nice upgrade!
  14. There were extenuating circumstances with the Royal Princess (the second one/former R ship). It didn’t have mini-suites so there were certain revenue issues with the ship. We sailed on all of the “little girls” in the Princess fleet and will always choose the Pacific Princess first when it comes to itineraries.
  15. We're booked on the Pacific Princess for a couple of cruises, and she's our favorite ship in the fleet. Generally speaking, it's much easier to get late seating rather than early seating. We've never had an issue with this when we've been waitlisted. By the way, the aft suites are amazing, but be leery of the ones on Deck 8. They're just below the buffet, so you have the noise from it - chairs, carts, etc.
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